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Awesome Tank



I'm Jealous....I have had my Max up for 3 months and while my rock looks as good with the coraline I do not see any hope of it growing on the back or the Koralia. I'll take a pic tomorrow and post it. I've been adding one capful a day of PurpleUp.

I have not upgraded to the Tunze yet but I have removed the ceramic media, that made a huge diff in the water quality. I'm just now at weekly water changes. I was doing 14g twice a week prior trying to keep water quality decent. I only run the skimmer at night with the lids open because of temp issues.

Just went through a red slime algae problem all is well now.

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Well, first let me apologize for being away for so long. I have been finishing of school and I just moved and started a very demanding job. But that is already getting ahead of myself. I promised you all pictures. I need to get those up on photobucket asap. The tank has changed a lot since I last wrote. Mostly livestock changes. When I moved I did have some deaths. Mainly my mandarin and my blenny. Not sure why they didn't make it, but none the less they only lasted a few days after the move. I presume the food supply of the mandarin was impacted ans who know with the blenny. Anyways I've moved my Damsel into the hospital tank to keep it going leaving me with just my clown and bicolor psudochromis and cleaner shrimp. I'm sure I'll add a fish or possibly two in a month or so. The rock scape has changed since I moved for obvious reasons. I'm not done or happy with it, but haven't had time to really toy with it. But for now it works and everything is running well. Here are two quick pics of whats going on.




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nice, I never noticed how far away the rock was from the wall before.

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well it didn't used to be. The first scape I had was enough to barely get a hand around. Then I redid it when I still lived at my old house and it was basically against the back wall. Now that I moved and redid it I was able to balance it all and keep it in the middle. Given that it can now be viewed on all sides (before it was just from the front really) I think it works.


A few more






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