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wha happan to my clam?


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I "had" a clam a few months ago. The key word is had. Well it was doing fine for a few months then one day I saw it's foot all shredded up. At first I didn't know what it was then when I picked it up, it detached right off the clam! Well I thought it would be alright but I opened up an avenue for my hermit crabs to start munching on him. The little buggers I guess they're just doing their job. Any ideas why my clam felt like dropping off his foot? He looked healthy. Over and out.

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It was a maxima clam. But would it's byssal threads come off of him so easily? I didn't seem like it was attached. Well needless to say my little maxima has gone to clam heaven. Bless his heart. Over and out.

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What was the lighting you had it under?

It was probably already dead when you picked it up, thats why the foot came off so easy.

Did you try to pull it off the rock anytime before it died? If so you may have injured it's foot resulting in it's death.

Was the clam "Gapeing"?, open but not responding or very slow at responding to any light or movement.

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