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Almost a cube! In the midst of beautifying......


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Thanks for all the kind words and compliments :happy:

Okie, will show my FTS taken yesterday. But abit blur and not so nice as is taken by my handphone. :happy:

Camera spoil :angry:


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WOW that is a great snail butt photo too! I like how the background is out of focus just enough to still allow you to ID what it is. That is a great picture.

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:bowdown: Thanks everyone for your kind words and comments. I feel that there is still lots of room for improvement for my tank. :happy:


Toomin- 9 fishes : 1 Yellow Tang, 1 Blue Tang, 1 Bicolor Blenny, 1 Arc Eye Hawkfish, 1 Whitetail Pymgy Angel, 3 Blue Chromis, and a Green Spotted Mandarin. Don't think i will stock up anymore fishes.


Matty1124- Some of my zoas started as a small frag and they grew bigger, some other were already quite big when i first got it. :happy: Not all are growing well all the time, i had afew pest encounter like snails, worms in the past and lost a small amount of zoas. But was glad that is now under control and hope that it stays that way forever :happy: If only i got more space for them to spread and grow more -_-


Apache- 65cm x 60cm x 60cm / 1000 = 234litres

Litres to gal= 234litres x 0.264= 61.776gallons (hope i did the correct calculation) :happy:


TJ_Burton- Looking at your tank, my is nothing comparing to yours. Frankly speaking, your tank is even more stunning :wub::blush:


Will post more pics this weekend. :happy:

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probably one of my favorite tanks i have seen in a while.

wow! 60 gallons? i guess i can see that in perspective now. it seemed much smaller at first. but now that i see how tiny those zoas look in comparison to the tank, it makes sense.


this guys is like the reverse fishnemo.

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My enormous red mushrooms! Open up to more than 3 inches in diameter :huh:

Don't know what's the reason makes them to grew so huge that it even cover part of my zoas and my fav seafan :angry:


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Absolutely beautiful! Wonderful job!




Thanks Diane, :happy: I have looked through your thread. I didn't really read, but I did drool at the pictures of your tank on every single page. You too have a very nice nano tank! Think yours is far nicer than mine :happy:

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