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Coral Vue Hydros

new pics of my 20g reef


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Beautiful tank Cal. Love the coralline. What do you think has attributed to such great corraline growth in your tank? Oh and how long has your tank been up?

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Tank's been set up a little bit more than a year and a half, I think the actinics really bring out the coraline, I've had explosive coraline growth with the new 55w pc actinics. You can't see into the tank on any sizes except for the front.

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Awesome dude.


Guys if you think this thing looks good on the computer then you gotta see it in real life. Its so kickass.

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BTW on swf.com I left you a message cause you said you were looking to get some lr, if you still need some and wouldn't mind the drive feel free to lmk if you are interested.

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You noticed coraline growth just from new bulbs? Thats interesting, what do you use? Besides actinic obviously.


I ask because I just got my new bulbs from hellolights last week and noticed my coraline has started growing more to, but I just figured my ca went up or something(dosing a little more kalk than norm). I have a 20 with a 10000k and a 50/50(55w) for a little more 'white' light, before I had 7100k and 03 actinic.


Personally, its a little too blue but the whites are crisp, and it beets the yellow my 7100k gave me. But the corals I have seem to like it. My capnella isn't so streched up and neither is my colt. I will get my first sps at my local tcmas meeting next thurs and hopefully I will have a tank as beautiful as yours in a few months.



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Coraline will grow at almost any light. Spectrum isn't that important. Calcium and Carbonate hardness are the two important factors that make coraline go good. Another factor is your live rock. Your live rock has to have a good base of coraline before it will grow fast. The more there is to start with the faster it grows.


I would be careful and really think before sticking a SPS or a clam in the tank with only 2x55 watt lights on the tank. That really isn't enough. Maybe a helide or 4x55? but you have to pack the watts in there to get any kind of color out of those animals.


Even more important is your water quality needs to be right. Not saying its impossible but you will need the proper amount of light. I would NOT try to grow SPS if coraline isnt growing well for you. they will probably just die. :(


Just trying to save you from losing your new corals.


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I have had my tank up for almost a year now. I have no problem with keeping up my ca and alk levels. Look at my tank(pic below, sorry about the quality), does it look like it has a problem with coraline? The one rock that isn't covered(yet) is a new one I threw in there, but is already turning purple. Look at the back walls, it looks just as good as any sps and clam tank except there aren't as many corals. My sides would be covered to if I didn't chisle the stuff off every week. I was in school last winter and didn't have the time(or money) to care for sps and worry about water quality. But now I got my sh*t on lock down.


As far as 2x55w pc not being enough, I say bullsh*t.


Did you not even look at cal3v tank?! His is pc NOT mh(atleast I think he mentioned his 03 was pc).


But here is another tank, this is Brooklyn Johnny's tank. http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/showthread...&threadid=11234 He has 2x35w pc! Does it look like the sps and clams are doing bad. In fact read the 3rd post in hte thread for me. He says it all.


Here is CodeToads tank.http://reefcentral.com/forums/showthread.p...threadid=203655 He has 2x65w pc, again does it look like the sps and clams are unhealthy.


I'm not try'n to get defensive here Joe, just pointing out to you and others that you DO NOT need MH to grow sps and clams. I hate to see people saying this when it is untrue and misinformative.


You need alot more than a small (250-500w)sun hanging over your tank to grow sps and clams. You need great water too.


My tank doesn't look this dirty in real life though. Crappy picture.

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I always had 2 x 28w actinics, and growth was great, but now with the new 2 x 55w actinics the growth is markedly faster.

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