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I did some rescaping on the left side this past few weeks... fragged the torch to make room for some new sps... maroon porites, purple pocillopora frags and purple stag. Other new additions include several plating monti frags, encrusting green acro (attached it to Millenium inlet pipe), pink birdsnest frag and blue tip acro frag.


Previous thread with setup info and specs,


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Looks awesome Dan. Love the new SPS frags. I would love to see that shot in full res so I can get a good look at it (so I can use it for inspiration, or to simply copy what you're doing ;)).


Where are you getting all those nice SPS frags? And are you using super glue gel to get them to attach to their bases?



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Thanks Jeff... I've got to keep raising the bar if I'm going to keep inspiring others like yourself ;).


I got the blue tip frag from a local reefer. The rest of them are from various LFS... I hunt for small specimens and frags when new stock comes in. The purple pocillopora was actually a 4" colony that I fragged in three when I got home... now I've got three small ones :).


I've been using 3M super glue gel... don't know what I would do without it. You can even attach frags in the water with it... just twist/hold it in place for about 10 to 15 seconds. Once attached, SPS seem to encrust quite well/easily over super glue.

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very very amazing. i can only hope my 5 gallon will turn out half as nice. hopefully ill be able to keep some of the same stuff in my tank

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Thanks all... ;)


Korbin... :D... I've got 3 maximas, a derasa and 2 croceas... about 2 - 2.5 inches each.


SLO... I wouldn't recommend keeping most of the stuff I have in a 5g, except for maybe shrooms, zoos/buttons, softies, LPS and one or two small fish... unless you have a 10g or larger refugium. I virtually "sleep" on my tank caring for it... while extremely rewarding, it takes a huge commitment to ensure a stable and conducive environment for the corals and clams that I keep.



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Just out of curiosity, I know with SPS its commont to glue the frags to larger rocks..but I am curious how you jammed so much in there...alot of glue or your aquascaping?

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The tank looks amazing but a couple of points to consider:


the close proximity of the corals might lead to coral warfare


The ammount of calcium needed for all those hard corals because from the pic you dnt seem to be gettin much corraline growth on the glass


but looks great



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Awesome! I really am heavily considering getting a clam. Between you, Brooklyn Johnny and others pics I have caught clam fever!


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Originally posted by sammy33

Between you, Brooklyn Johnny and others pics I have caught clam fever!



That line made my day. :D

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Appreciate the feedback y'all.


3twenty5... I would say both, I used lots of super glue and put a lot of thought into the reefscape. I created a wall on the far left, a mound on the right half and a reef flat in between. Also, I hunt for small specimens and frags.


digitallinx... a little crowded?... most certainly... do you know of any other reefer that attaches coral to their hang-on fliter inlet pipe? :D... which is why I am now planning to setup a larger tank, 24"L x 18"W x 16"H or something along those lines, plus a 10g refugium. I expect that many of the sps and clams will outgrow the current tank within the next 6 to 12 months.


tufty... I monitor the corals very closely... for example, my pink tip acro's encrusting base made contact with my yellow cup coral several weeks ago... out came the hammer and chisel... I now have four tiny and healthy 1/2" pink tip frags.


I clean the acrylic front and sides weekly, hence the somewhat clean appearance. I do have some coralline growth on LR but my reef crabs seem to like chomping on it. Besides, more than half my reefscape consists of porites (x'mas tree rocks) that calcify (build new layers) continuously. I am able to maintain Ca levels at 450ppm and alkalinity at around 8 - 9 Dkh with daily manual dosing and water top off.


sammy/Guy... I had clam fever a while back... have a strange feeling it may return after I setup and fully cycle my new tank. Oh well...



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Originally posted by digitallinx

Beautiful colors, but don't you think a little crowded.


This cracked me up. Crowded in reef tanks is normally considered to be status quo, and even then when you look at featured tanks and tanks of the month, you'll see tanks full of coral and life. That's what makes them so awesome. When you look at the best tanks here at nano-reef (Dan's, Brooklyn Johnny, LiQuiD for example) they are all packed full of coral and healthy as he**.


Great shots of the SPS Dan. Love that Monti Cap. :)

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Danano... what type of pump do you have for your piccollo skimmer? And what type of maintenance do you do?? Just want to follow in your steps if possible :)

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Dennis, you can find my nano specs (including maintenance steps) a few posts down in the following thread,



My piccolo is connected to a generic/standard air pump.


Jeff, how are your new corals/frags doing? Have you stocked up on super glue yet... once you get started, fragging and gluing is almost addictive! :D Best part is super glue gel works on porous surfaces and will work u/w.

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Originally posted by cjm033

yay u got a cannary wrasse man i love those things. nice lookin tank too. i like ur frogspawn n clams


hahaha. Nice avatar. Don't you mean to say, "Yaaay you got a canary wrasse, Yaaaay you got a canary wrasse, Yaaaay you got a canary wrasse"

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Brooklyn Johnny

Looking good Dan! Break out the calcium and buffer! I was looking through my old post and remembered this comment you left.:D


"Johnny, you're a "bad" influence... I just picked up 2 more clams for my 10gal, making it 3 in total. Wife doesn't know about the new acquisitions (yet). Perhaps they could be an early anniversary present


As you're also married, I thought I'd share this with you. For Valentine's, instead of 2 dozen roses, I gave my wife a pink tip acro colony




You must have told your wife that clams are fraggable or something! I could just see it now... "Honey I got you a new crocea for President's Day!":D


Keep us updated man... as always love the chrysus wrasse...




PS- your wife doesn't read this board does she? :D;)

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