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I'm Back in Business!!


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The tank is up and running and looking good. Unfortunately, I didn't do the saran wrap over the sand so well and I have a minor sand storm in the tank but there isn't much in there to see and my lobster has taken a rock in the front of the tank for his home so he is out in the open. Unfortunately he is without a claw as he got a bit tangled in the net.


Now I need to clean the 7 out and make sure it is stench proof so that I can store it until I either sell it or set up a new 7 in my office after we relocate.


A big thank you goes out to Satchmo for dropping off more than enough southdown (can you say deeeeep sandbed?) and to both Satch and Kennerd for putting up with my long winded and way too frequent pm's regarding my plans. Sadly, neither of them were around for the set up but once I am ready for livestock I will have them over for a viewing of the tank and a few rounds of their favorite beer.


I'm off to submerge my arms in water.

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hehe southdown from that construction building? is possesion of stolen goods still in effect if its in your fish tank? could they take it away fromy ou?

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I dare ya to come battle my one armed lobster for the sand.


Ok, an update. My wife and I spent a solid hour positioning the tank and then another 45 minutes trying to get it as level as possible. Years ago my apartment had a massive flood and the cheap landlord let the floor warp so my livingroom is kinda like a funhouse with everything slanting all over the place (you get what you pay for). Anyway, I filled the tank and posted the previous message without noticing the insane tilt of the tank. So, one side of the water is clearly higher than the other but it isn't noticeable from the front so I will live with it.


As I was sifting thru the old sand (crushed coral) I started finding so much stuff that I tossed most of the cc back into the tank to let the livestock work it's way into the southdown. THere were over 50 mini stars, hermits, snails, clams etc. I even found the purple tunicate that Satch forgot to snag when he cleaned me out of livestock.


The cc is horrific on top of the southdown but I will scoop as much of it out as I can. I set up the picollo but I was getting too much foam and water and decided to wait until I get the rock before I tinker any further.


The tank is mighty nice and the cabinet is an ecxellent addition as I can hide what amounts to a ton of tank crap. Sadly, I have way more crap than I can fit under the tank and I am still putting a bucket of supplies and a large bag of extra salt in my closet, right under the suits. I'll be sorting thru the stuff and unloading what I don't need as I cycle the tank.


All is well in nano land here, even if my 26 is slightly un-nano. Perhaps I'll have to leave the boards and head off to the sister site.


Nah, y'all can't get rid of me that easily.

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Nice to finally have a tank that doesn't threaten to overflow when you put yer mitts in it.


FWIW: The sandstorm is not completely avoidable: there's a LOT of very fine stuff in the SD, which is one of its best attributes. Key is to keep it to a tolerable minimum where only the finest stuff from the top layer is blow about. I've read some pretty funny "week of skim milk" from folks that just dumped the water in, basically throwing a lot more of the fine stuff up into the water column ,since it churned up the bed down to the glass.


It should calm down considerably by tomorrow, and a lot more once your rock is in there (less sand bed surface exposed to current)


Well, I spent the day transplanting vintage shrubbery from my sister's new place to our yard in the rain all day. I'm a gamey feller tonight.

Keep us posted...Kim & I may take a day in the city next Monday and pop in with some sand. Maybe bug you into an early dinner if you ca bribe wife and nanny.



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skim milk is a fairly accurate description and mine ain't that bad. gonna be a pain in the rump removing my crushed coral but there was way too much life in there to dump it. Now, the life in the fuge sand was 1000 times greater but the smell was something I hope to never experience again. My wife walked into the bathroom where I was cleaning the fuge and she asked if I was feeling ok. apparently she smelled the stink from the baby's room and thought last night's mexican feast was taking it's toll.


anyway, the tank is looking real nice and my wife, who usually shows little interest in the tank other than to complain about the mess or the algae (isn't she just great?) asked me if this meant more fish and if so, can she help pick them out. I went out to get a few more gallons of water and came back to her and the baby in front of the tank checking out Lefty the one armed lobby.


tomorrow is the rock order. I think I will order from aquarium arts simply because the rock looks awesome and the amount of care they put into describing their rock on their website (and the responses on other boards regarding the rock) makes it sound real nice. The tank is tall so I will be making a tower of rock, with room on the sides and, hopefully, a cave or two.


Ken, not sure if we'll be available next Monday. My schedule is a bit crazy again as the employee who replaced my deceased coworker left to take care of his ailing father and I don't have anyone to replace him yet. Plus, my wife is dealing with hell time at her job (check page 31 of today's NY times to see her handiwork) and she is expecting another week or two of late nights. If she works late, I will gladly have you and Kim over for a drink or 5.


I was really dreading the set up but, now that it is over, I am dying to get my elbows wet while placing frags and acclimating livestock.


phreak, you're in for some fun. The tank is only 19 gallons bigger but it feels like I just set up a 72. So much room in there. THe downside is that the tank is tall so you will need to pile the rock pretty high and get some real strong lights if you want to keep a lot of light loving critters. The plus side is the depth will allow us to keep those low light non-photosynthetic critters without blasting them with all that light.

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If your not running the piccolo yet, at least let it soak in the tank. Mine took about a week of being in the water to start producing fine foam. I still get a lot of water in the collection cup, but it is a dark brown color, so the skimmer must be doing something. Good job, good luck, and have 1 or 5 for me (preferebly captian&coke)!!

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I'm going to bust out the skimmer when I get the rock. The airpump that I have makes too much noise and if it isn't producing good dark foam, I don't want to hear it.

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Good deal on the new aquarium. Let me know how that order goes with aquarium arts. I sent them a question about shipping and ordering on Friday, but haven't heard anything back yet.


Their rock looks awesome so I am really interested in how it goes with them. Maybe you can post pics of the rock when you get it.

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I sent an email on Saturday. I expect to hear from them today. If I don't, I will order the rock from the place yup mentioned in Ct. Either way, I'll post pics and a review.


I'm now thinking of getting rid of the 4 small power heads and getting two larger ones (sweeps possibly). Decisions decisions. It's amazing how easily the money flows out when you start digging around the various online stores.

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Boo-yah on the new set up!


Hopefully th ePony express made it's way over the mountain and I'll get my Piccolo today! ;)



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Would someone be able to post the URL for the place in CT? I am new here and would love to find a place this close to NY. I am just starting to set up a 5 gal. nano. I just can't wait, you guys have given me the BUG!!!

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Originally posted by Crakeur

check page 31 of today's NY times to see her handiwork

The Wyeth ad? Does your wife work for them or a PR firm?


I run fine floss to help the skim milk go away. Probably reduces the sand's denitrifying ability, but I could take it no more.

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tank was pretty clear this morning.


yup, the wyeth ad. She is in advertising. Her life was consumed by that advertorial which was a response to a news release last Tuesday regarding hormone replacement and dementia in older women. Man did that thing drive her nuts.

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Originally posted by Crakeur



dickie52 the URL isn't displaying but it is a correct link. This is what comes up on Google when I searched for it. Keep trying the link. They may be down for some other reason.


Welcome to Paragon Aquatics

Paragon Aquatics is your source for healthy marine and freshwater livestock as well as high quality aquarium equipment. Our store is located in Haddam, ...

www.paragonsales.com/ - 2k - Cached - Similar pages

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That southdown is messy stuff. I opted to rinse mine before adding it to the tank.


I just scooped out the crushed stuff you sent me Crak after letting it seed the southdownfor a couple weeks, still a little in there, but it looks good. Not sure if you want a scoop of stuff from my 6 gallon, it's also got alot of crushed stuff mixed in with the sand, so if your'e looking to stay with that superfine sand look you might want to pass. Lots of good worms and stuff in it though. Just found a tiny sea star in the new tank. not sure if it came in the bag of sand you sent or out of the LR or new corals I've added. Cool little guy! :)

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might have come from me. I was sifting thru my sand I found dozens of stars, micro and mini, hermits, baby snails and clams.


I'll take scoops from any and all who want to send to me. IIf the sand itself isn't to my liking I'll scoop out what I can after the tank is seeded.

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I tried the link and it worked fine!!! Thanks again for all your help...I just added the fuge to my 5gal nano today, getting some alge later in the week...

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