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Coral Vue Hydros

[Custom] Calvin415


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Okay, well the tank is still under assembly but want to get in on the contest as well. I'll have a pic posted tomorrow.


The entire tank's dimensions are 48x12x8 with a built in filtration/refugium. The available display volume is 11.29 gallon and sump/refugium can hold a max of 5.39 gallons. These volumes are based on actual water dimensions as the tank is built out of 3/8". I'll post some measurement pictures when the tank is finished but for now, here's a CAD rendering of what to expect. I figured I'd try to do something never seen before so here is my 4 foot long tank; oh and by the way it will be wall mounted! Stay tuned for actual pics!



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shao-lin nano

Sounds like it'll be hard to work behind the tank. Guess you won't have to though since it's not deep.


Any idea on lighting options?

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Just to clarify, yes it will be on a shelf not mounted directly to the wall... :)


It won't be difficult to work on the tank at all as the black part of the false wall will be removable so I can see directly into the sump if I need to. :D Each each end will spill over and go through a HOB filter cartridge before going through refugiums (again one for each end) and then the return pump will be located in the middle. The pump will feed a return manifold of 6 which will return the water 1" above the bottom of the tank. The returns are angled via loclines, bouncing the water off the display panels creating random flow throughout. The only maintenance should be to replace the filter cartidges which will also handle my carbon. :)


Lighting will be a dual bulb VHO setup which should be more than enough for the zoo's, ric's and occasional LPS planned. :D

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Wow, that could be very very nice. I am loving these shallow tanks!


Calvin, get a picture of your partially completed tank with a beverage in it today so you don't get DQd!


I think the entry pic thing is to prove no one started early, so I don't know if a drawing will cut it. I could be wrong.

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Okay, so I got off work a little early... The tank is far from done but here are my entry pictures...








And with cover removed...




Here's the dimension pics...






















If you do the math (or I'll do it for you) the interior dimensions are 47.25x11x7.125=16.03125 gallons (don't forget to subtract 3/4" for acrylic)

The sump/refugium (outside) dimensions are 36x5.25x7.125=5.829545454 gallons


So that makes:

Display area = 16.03125-5.82954=10.2017 gallons

Sump = 5.12784 gallons (minus acrylic width of 3/8 and 1/8 black)


And here is a couple videos walk arounds. ;)





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*clap clap clap*


woweee. i'm toast. :)


LOL! Don't say that, it's anyone's game, I just wanted to see something different.


wow...I sure am glad I didn't enter custom :P




Good job, great idea, and good luck!


Thanks! I just hope everything works to plan.


wow......makes me want to give up. And the fact it will be wall mounted.........wow


LOL! Please don't give up, the tank only holds the corals... The contest isn't about the tank, it's about what's in the tank and how well everything grows. :)













can't wait to see this full of coral!


Thanks bro, I hope I don't let you down. :)


WOW! cant wait to see it set up.


Me either! LOL!


:bowdown::bowdown::bowdown: Wassup bro!


Hey my friend!!! Glad to see you here! You're gonna have to come over when it's all done and help me plan the rock scape! I've got about 45 lbs of rock in the basement just begging to be broken up and put in this tank. :D

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That will be a fun tank to play with (essentially a five foot long, six inch channel). I like it.


Exactly! I was originally going to do a smaller tank and 8 ft long but decided I didn't want to buy more acrylic (I already had this in the garage.) :D


That's a really nice design. Good luck.




I'm finishing some of the details but the tank is all polished up and really starting to take shape! Just need to finish the filtration work (filter pad holder) and it will be ready for a water test! I hope I have enough flow!!! fingerscrossed

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Well, I just need to let it cure just a little longer before I do a water/flow test... Here's some more pics:


Just the tank...



Tank with return manifold...



With return pump...



With removable cover...


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