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Say goodbye to my favorite mille. Hot pink corallites and yellow tips.

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You grow sps out of your sandbed? What kind of lighting do you have? Are the tips bleching (not enought lighting) or is the colony RTNing?

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No... I don't typically have them in the sand (but under 12+ watts/gallon I could) and no the tips are not bleached, yet... they are yellow. I'm fighting some kind of acro disease/pest and the mille was just pulled out to dip in Lugols as I was blaming red bugs for the decline in health. Now I'm not so sure what is going on. Since this pic the piece has been fragged and is still declining. It doesn't appear to be any of the diseases associated with RTN, it is slowly sloughing off tissue (as in STN) but definitely shutting down. Almost all of my acro sp. have been affected, montipora are fine, seriatopora are fine. :/

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