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Stupid little cute little fish... carpet surfing is for naked people.

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I beg to different. Last time I carpet surfed naked I came out with rugburns all over my body. I looked like a friggin leper.

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well, if you don't like carpet surfing naked, jmt, I'll at least say that mouth-to-mouth is now officially only for naked people... man, that saltwater tastes like crap.

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thats really gross yet intresting. i didnt know that marine fish keep their colour that well even when dead. tropicals loose all their colour and go all gross. thats gross too but not as bad...still...sorry for you loss :*(

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Thanks, it was pretty sad to find him on the carpet... they have such a magnetic personality. I agree, though it was interesting how preserved he seemed... probably just the dried layer of salt.

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i found a dry stinky crusty blue spiny lobster under my bed when i had my old tank!


he was one of my favorites and then when i found him like that i was sooo sad !

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yucky! sorry tho.. wish he had been mine.... have a maroon white band nemo in my 10g hex. he's doubled in size to 2 1/2 inches since i got him/her. wish i had got an orange perc instead.. oh well.. when he outgrows i will trade and buy a baby nemo

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