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Maritza The Vase Reef - June 13, 2016

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Peace All.


Here's another Top View of Maritza The Vase Reef.

We're almost there and We are so grateful that

SeaScope has released this month article

featuring Maritza The Vase Reef, Issue #33.

Thanks to All. Special thanks to Brandon429.

Without Brandon's idea 12 years ago, I would have never

thought of the possibility on creating a Vase Reef with the

simplicity and success we've had year after year. I feel very honor

to borrow his creative idea and push what was once considered the impossible and limited,

documenting and archiving out experiences, and continuing to learn and grow

from his creation, Vase Reef keeping.


Today, Maritza The Vase Reef has made our dream come true, impacting the

Reef world with a little taste that says, "We're here to stay"...


Here's the link to the article released this weekend.

Any comments and or questions, etc... post them, let us know.


Some People Keep Dead Flowers In Their Vase.

We Keep Live Corals And Inverts In Ours..


Blessings All....







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Those are the most savory and diverse corals in any pico reef I know of!

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Maritza The Vase Reef


Those are the most savory and diverse corals in any pico reef I know of!

Peace Brandon.



Over 30 years ago, Julian Sprung was the talk in town with his 15 gal Mangrove Reef. That was a shocker and big reef names were stunned.


30 years later, Brandon429 appeared and Vase Reef keeping was born. Causing his creation, his hard work, his dedication, to be witnessed by so many, including myself. That was a True Shocker!!!


Today, Maritza The Vase Reef is here because of you Sir. It's not the Corals, The Live Rocks, Live Sand, equipment, etc..that's making the news. It's the combination and longevity of Maritza The Vase Reef functioning and displayed in your invention, Reef in a Vase, that's getting the attention. The "how is this possible", or " with only an air stone", "Only water changes??", etc. That's baffling the Reefers and the inquisitive minds of today.


Yes, We've worked extremely hard to keep Maritza going and she's responding well. But just as I would have never thought 30 years ago that it was possible to keep a Reef in a 15 gal., I definitely didn't even imagine that a Saltwater set up was possible in 1.25 gals, and with Corals???


But the journey was made possible by your exploration into the unseen, making all the necessary preparations to encounter what is now known today as Vase Reef keeping.


Now, we're the talk in town. And we're here to stay.


We're In....Thanks Brandon..


Blessings All.

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