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Maritza The Vase Reef - June 2016 (Top View)

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Peace All.


Here's some of the Corals that can be top viewed in Maritza The Vase Reef.

Corals are growing and coloring up nicely.

Pachyseris Unchained was moved to the upper back reef, to provide more growing space.

The Blue Lobo Coral has changed colors. From Green to Blue..

The Stripe Acan Bowerbanki has taken over the bottom section, looking like a Scolymia.

Green Scolymia is still in there but on the bottom right. Not pictured.

Purple Montipora Digitat is really branching out nicely and with a deep purple color.

Prism Favia likes it's new spot.

Blue Ridge Coral taking over the left side with all it's Tentacles out feeding.

Purple Photo Sponge plating like a Montipora Cap...interesting...

Green Branching Psammocora took over the whole right side and grew unto the glass..hmmmmm.

Purple Bonsai hasn't grown much but it's still deep colored.

Tri - Color Acropora grew a bit and has maintained it's colors.

Xenia's growing wild onto the glass (yay!!!) and frag monthly.

All Zoathinds and Palythoas have grown and some have been frag.

Acan's, Orange Cyphastrea, have grown and colored up well.

Green Trumpets are a Toxic Green. No new heads yet.


We are still here and enjoying our journey.

We were featured in NANO20G YouTube Channel as TOP 5 Reef Tanks.

We are grateful and appreciate it.

Thanks All!!!

Here's the link.

Enjoy...Any Questions and or Comments, Please Let Us Know.


Blessings All...


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