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Just getting started.


I love my little tank. Everyone seems really happy. Just getting new additions a little at a time.

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Nice Sun Coral! How do you get them to open during the day? Mine only opens during the night.

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The store I bought them and all my coral at said you just have to train them too. You squirt some food in the tank to get them to open...and you feed them...over about an hour's time. (I do it that long so the mean crabs don't pull the food out of they polyps mouth.) After a while they find that the light isn't hurting them and they only get fed during the day. I also found my polyps were food snobs. They only liked the mysis shrimp at first. I also found out they LOVED garlic. I had to treat my tank and food because of my clown fish. Anywho, they LOVED the garlic. So now, after i put any food in the tank whether it's feeding night or not for them they open and stay open until morning. Wow, sorry for the book. Oh bye the way I'm so excited!: my sun polyps had babies all over my tank. I've counted at least 15 new ones through out the tank.

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amored - no, it's a reef safe starfish. The store I use did say however, they normally do not live very long. For that star fish no one is quite sure what is or is not present in certain tanks to make them thrive.

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I just lost my red star fish this week. I've had it for about 18 months and it thrived. Not sure what happended.

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alex0725 - That's what I've heard about them that they just don't live that long even if they are thriving.

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Thanks! Yeah I may get another star fish again here, I sure do miss seeing him around.

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