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Innovative Marine Aquariums



Can't believe it's been 150 days since I started this obsession - I found these boards about three weeks into my adventure and just want to say thanks for all the wisdom I have pulled from these pages! So, Thanks!


Always Symbiotic


JBJ 24G DX stock system plus one nano-Kroalia well hidden in the caves


Fish 1-Ocellaris, 1 -bicolor Pseudochromis (that had I read these threads sooner I would not have since he has killed anything else I have tried to put in the tank)


CUC - 4 Nassarious, 4 Astrea, 2 Bumble Bee and 2 Margarita Snails; 4 Blue and 4 Red Leg Hermits; 2 Emerald Crabs; 1 Sand Sifting Star; 1 Green Feather Duster


Coral - Pink Birds Nest; Montipora Capricornus 1 green and 1 red; Galaxia; Green Star Polyp; 6 palythoa/zoanthids of various colors; Yellow Button Polyps; Pulsing Xenia; Mushroom Rock 3 varieties; Sun Coral; Candy Cane; Closed Brain; Frogspawn; Fox Coral

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