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10Gal Restore Point


Just a picture to remind of what the rocks are laid out like... I tinker alot and I always manage to forget how it looked when I liked it.


The larger piece of rock on the left just got put back in the tank, was cooking in the closet for a few weeks to clear off an INSANE GHA problem. Looked clean enough to reintroduce and with the chaeto now I think it'll be able to be controlled. Chaeto will be going in a soapdish here shortly because I get nervous with macro algae touching my rocks... don't want to trade GHA for a chaet infestation. :)


Still looks a little off, but I am curing a new piece of rock (right out of the box it was shipped in new) in the back room, should hopefully be ready in a few weeks. I went through some 6 boxes of LR, 300+ lbs to find this piece... it's absolutely perfect if I do say so myself. I'm not much of one for the whole cave look, I like shelves, and this thing will tie the whole tank together. Then I can FINALLY say that I'm done with adding rock. Corals on the other hand... ... we're never really done. I don't want this tank to end up like my last tank to were you could barely see the rock through all the coral... I want a nice, sparse, natural look. ... so, here goes.


Yeah, corals are a little pissed to, so don't bother commenting on how they're closed. Had to take my pumps out and the lights off to get the rock in. They got a little upset when I put everything back it and turned it on... cry babies.

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