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Pink Carnation Coral

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This is one of the newest additions to my 10 gallon...along with the starpolyps that came with it.

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Are you worried about that coral? I have heard they are very hard to keep in large aquariums and you have a 10gal. If it does fine then great, they are a nice coral and cool to have if you can keep them alive. I wish you the best of luck with it and hope it lives. It is a nice color and looks good in the tank. Good luck :)

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Yea I didn't realize till I got it home that it is supposed to be an expert only coral. The book at the fish store made it seem easy to keep and it was a decent price. It's at the entrance to a cave and should have good flow from the powerhead at the bottom of the tank...I'm using live phytoplankton to feed it.

From everything I've read since though, it seems like it's going to be difficult to keep....but I have it now so I guess I'm going to give it a try.

It's beautiful and the starpolyp hitchikers are nice looking too.

Hopefully I'll have good luck with it! :)

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