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29 Gallons


true percula

watchman goby


150mh HQI w/ 2x 15 NO actinics, 2 X 65w PC (fixture mounted in a DIY hood)

various sps (easy stuff- caps, digitata etc...)

blasto merleti

acan lord

couple green brains

gsp, mushrooms, zoos, rics


Green Hydnophora grandis


blackfoot/ turbo snails

1 BIG mexican blue leg

3 small red leg


DIY hood

2 pwr heads

hang on back filter w/ purigen

hang on back aqua refugium w/LR, Macro alge, and tons of pods )2.5 gal)


I add Bionic 2 part suppliment once a day

water chages 1/4 tank twice a month ( trying to get out flat worms)

I don't feed very often maybe once a week



Cyclopeze (sp?)

frozen mysis shrimp

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Thanks for the compliments they mean alot considering the the and prices involved with keeping a reef tank. I edited the above post and put the tank size 29 gallons.. oops

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