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My new nano


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Prior to feeding, I dose my tank with Coral Plankton to entice the polyps to come out. Then they eat like pigs! I use a long pair of medical hemostats to place small bits of Formula 1 on their tenacles. I do this about twice-three times a week (careful not to spoil water quality). I think that some of the polyps are not directly feed that often but they seem to manage from pieces of fish food they obtain from a more general feeding. Later I will post a picture of the polyps out.

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It's a modified Regent made by Marineland. I made a refugium out of a specimen holder and threw away the original filter assembly-replaced it with a Millenium 1000. I also put an Ice Probe in the refugium and replaced the canopy lighting with a Coralife mini PC fluorescent fixture. I'll post pics of the hardware later.

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