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Picotope upgrades?


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I bought a Picotope last week for $40, and I'm just getting around to setting it up today, so I thought I would ask for some opinions. I ditched the 9W fixture it comes with for a 12" 36W Aqualight, and plan on using the HotB filter to grow chaeto. I've got some adjustable flow fountain pumps left over from vivarium building, so I'm hoping to use one as a mini-powerhead. The water and some LR are going to come from my Nano Cube 24DX. I don't plan on having anything really difficult, ricordia, zoanthids, mushrooms, ect. No fish until I see how stable I'm able to keep the water perameters. Anything else I should think about?

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I bought a pair of the flip up legs for the light fixture, but I didn't like the way they looked. The feet took up the entire sides of the tank, and they really were made for a tank that's wider than the fixture, which mine is not. So I decided to just put the fixture directly on top of the tank. The instructions for the light say not to use it over an open top, but since I doubt there's going to be enough splash to reach the light, it shouldn't be a problem. I will need to buy a heater, but I'm hopeful that the HotB filter will provide enough flow to keep the water from becoming stagnant. All the small powerheads I've seen have the intake on the bottom of the pump, and I'm worried it will suck up sand grains. Wish I could find one with the intake out the side like my Maxi-Jet 1200 that I use on the 24NC. I'm thinking about moving either the neon goby or high fin goby into the pico once it gets established. How deep should the sand bed be if I decide on the high fin and a pistol shrimp?

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The Hound

Hey, I just setup a 1 gallon tank about two days ago using an Aquatic Gardens Mini-Life Aquairium. The stock filter it came with was rather loud for some reason so I am using a Red Sea Nano filter which doesn't have as much flow, but is silent.


With live rock and sand it's less than a gallong of water...but close. I am also using a Corallife Mini Aqua Light. It contains a 9watt 10K and a 9 watt Actnic.


I had the Coralife fixture sitting directly on top of the tank, but I didn't like the look and was also concerned it would hinder gas exchange on the water surface and it was causing the tank to heat up pretty good.

So I went to Lowe's and bought thig All Purpose Hang-Up. I will post a picture at some point, but basically I sat the hanger on it's side and the tank fits inside it perfect, I can then place the light fixture on the top...plus the way the Hang-Up is designed it allows room for the water filter hanging off the back of the tank...it's just about perfect and raises the hood about an inch to an inch and a half above the tank.


So far so good!

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