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anyone have first hand experience using hang on overflow


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i've heard of disasters just wondering if there are any sae option of adding a sump w/out drilling ? was thinking about adding a 10 gallon fuge underneath my 10 gallon tank.

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formerly icyuodd/icyoud2

i believe i gave you the link to melevs reef. fantastic site.


i've been using a dyi overflow for 14months without an issue. imo the bigger the better.

the deeper your overflow, the less likely you will suck air into the system. the wider/larger the overflow the less likely you'll have a flood.


i made a couple smaller prototypes and they didnt work well at all. over time they sucked in air bubbles causing the siphen to fail once a week if not removed.


the new overflow still traps air in the system, but i can leave it for months before it will fail. overkill is your friend. every couple of weeks i remove the air with some plastic tubing. i found cheato in the overflow also helps alot to keep the air out of the wier.



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in that type of system "amiracle" , if the return pump fails i dont have to worry about sump overflowing right. if that's the case i'm off to make my sump tonight...: )

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i don't personally own one, but i've worked with them when i do maintenance for others. basically, as long as you make sure there isn't enough water loss to flood the sump or tank you're fine. pull the plug on the sump, see how high the water goes, lift the skimmer box out of the water with the pump on and see how high the water in the tank rises. if you don't overflow you're fine, if you get so close you might then run the sump level lower.

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Blind Tree Frog

I hade a HOB overflow using PVC pipe. Works fine. The only problem I have with it is when my sump runs dry and the water in the show tank starts evaporating off. Since there isnt' enough water in the overflow I can run into a problem of the overflow's siphon's breaking, but i've not come across this yet.


There are ways to fix this that I didn't design into my set up.

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Reefer Addict
No CPR!!!


Amiracle or Lifereef or some other type of U-tube, non-relying on a pump overflow box.


Pumps fail, gravity doesn't.

I did a ton of research about this in the past. A vast majority said to NOT get a CPR.


Ended up using a Lifereef on my "Ganja" tank for a while. Tested the crap out if it.

Lifereefs are fantastic if you are willing to pay for it.


Here is there site link..


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