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Another Cracked NanoCube And Glass Measurment Pics.


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Actual Glass Thickness Link


As per the above link, as a follow up to the replacement of my cracked nanocube, below are the pics of the damage via UPS shipper. the box appeared to have been handled roughly and the contents did not fare any better. A call to jbj resulted in another shipment, this time 3 day air, (no charge). this should arrive this friday. There customer support was very helpfull. I was originally charged for the price of the tank by mistake, and jbj is in the process of rectifying this with me now. It did cost for the shipment of the cracked tank at $28.50. I dont know for sure if the replacement tank is of the new thicker glass 2006 models as there was not any "date sticker" on the back. as the pictures below show, it appears to be the 4mm thick they claim in there website for the new models.


I stained the edge of the glass for clarity of the edge.





not a good vessel for holding water.


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Measurement! as the title should be. I hate spelling mistakes. <_<



LMAO.....you must be mad all the time reeding fourums... :lol:

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Looks like UPS damage to me! Trust me, the Nanocubes the 2006 ones that is, are thicker and better than the older models, I have one now. UPS dosn't care about fragile packages, for real. I know this cause I used to work there, everything gets thrown, the workers do not care! Maybe JBJ should start shipping these a different way or not at all! Good luck, I'm now a happy customer with JBJ, only after their customer service dept. helped me out and let me pick up a brand new tank at my LFS instead of having one shipped that probably would have ended up broken and cracked like yours. Wish you luck, you'd be much better off getting one through your local LFS, call JBJ and they'll work with you. Good luck, tkudlik

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actually it looks alittle less then 4mm too me



The shot with the ruler appears to be a little less than 4mm, but the shot with the calipers looks like its spot on 4mm.. maybe we can get a closeup of the caliper measurement?

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below pics represent a more accurate measurement of the glass thickness. using a xcelite 90 degree micro square to set the actual edge of the glass as opposed to my thumbnail edge. (not so accurate)




veneer caliper close up.


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