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Christopher Marks

How many aquariums do you have?

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29 gal African Mbuna tank


29 gal Neo. Brichardi Tanganyika tank


10 gal. Tanganyika shellie tank


10 gal. FW planted


New 2.5 gal Pico Reef (only 1 week old)

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1-55 gallon brackish water Stonefish and Greenspotted puffer tank.

1-55 gallon FW community tank.

2.5 Pico for contest.

20 gallon tank for goldfish that I have had for seems like all my life sucker wont die. Have to love him though he is old.

10 gallon clown anenome hex.

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I have a 125 reef and a 12 gallon nano. The 125 is lit by 4X55 pc's and is predominantly a softie tank with alot of fish and inverts It has a combo refugium and sump.. My nano is a 12 gallon Uniquarium with a Bak Pak skimmer and 2x32 PC's. It is mostly zoos and Florida Ricordea. It has 1 percula clown and a gorgeous yellow/purple angler that is about 2 inches long. The angler ate my neon goby and a clown goby (not unexpected) but has left my percula alone even though the perc constantly swims right in front of it.

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Technically, I have 6 tanks in my house, but only 3 are aquariums ;) The other three are reptile vivs. Here they are:


37g reef (in progress)

12g FW South American dwarf cichlid tank (planted)

12g FW mixed community (technically my husband's :) )


29g Brazilian Rainbow Boa vivarium (juvenile/outgrow tank)

20gL Leucistic Ratsnake vivarium (juvenile/outgrow tank)

approx. 20g heavily planted Gold Dust Day Gecko vivarium (in progress)

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2.5g minibow- shrooms and lr

6.5g bookshelf tank cycling

empty 30g

empty 55g

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29 hex reef and sump/fuge

2.5 pico

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10g- dorm room

FUTURE~ 300g fw from glass cages, for pacu's then 150g will be SW

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I have 6.


one 5gl, two 10gl, one 29gl, and two 55gl. Always wanting more of course!

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1 gal pico reef since 1 month

10 gal nano reef 9 month

75 gal reef tank 5 years

225 gal reef tank 1 year



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20H f/w planted tank

.5 gal. betta planted tank


7 gal. nano reef

20L frag system with 5.5 fuge

20H q/t tank

soon to come 1 gal. pico reef


custom 110 gal. chinese water dragon cage with 10-15 gal. pond in bottom

29 gal. vivarium w/ madagascar day gecko and poison dart frog

75 gal. desert terrarium with bearded dragon

40br. desert terrarium with uromastyx pair

soon to come 10 gal. vivarium for fire salamander


......paciently waiting for my own place and a 120 gal. reef....

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3 aquariums


2.5 gallon

15 gallon with 29 sump

5.5 gallon frag system

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Current Tanks:

18 gal Via Aqua 80 watt Orbit

6 gal Eclipse 26 Watts

2.5 gal MB 20 watts

2.7gal Lighthouse Pico 26 watts

10 gal AGA 70 watt MH

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That all depends on how many drinking glasses it takes to put all of my creatures in when I am cleaning my tanks. Let me tell you keeping all those flashlight pendant lights running is a tough task.

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29 Reef (co-op with friend)

15 tall FW

5.5 Nano

24 Aquapod (on the way)

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let's see


155g malawi haps (second home)

55g malawi mbuna (second home)

55g lake tanganyika (home)

40br soon to be reef (home)

30g sump for 40br(home)

30g neo multies-lake tang (home)


10g and 5.5g(haven't decided on these yet maybe a salt water set up 10g displayy and 5.5g sump for my second home)

Edited by scarf_ace1981

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I have 3


2-20 gallon high mini-reefs (at home in my room)

1- 10 gallon mini reef (with me here at college)


I'd like another tank, but then again most of us would

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2 Aquariums


10 gallon nano: Currently in limbo, but soon to be upgraded to a 15 High.


60 gal Living Room Show tank: This tank went up last spring, so its still kinda 'new'. Its definately still in progress (not completed sump design, and a few details). But its up and running and pretty cool. Everyone that comes over walks straight to the tank. Once this tank was up, all the inhabitants from my nano went into it (thus my nano is in limbo currently).


Fish: 1 yellow tang, 1 Hen. Black and White Butterfly, Mated pair of O.Clowns, 1 sixline wrasse, 1 orchid dottyback. 1 spotted watchman goby.


Inverts: host BTA for clowns, (only a few corals so far: Xenia's, GSP, shrooms, gorgainian, yellow star polyps, all taken from my nano); 6 shrimp, mix of pep's, fires, cleaners, 1 tiger tail sea cucumber, 1 Blue linkia (hitchhiker, still small), 1 serpant sea star, and many more interseting creatures.


As you can see, its quite overstocked...its running on a huge EuroReef skimmer that keeps everything in tact. Once the sump is just the way I want it, I'll start adding alot more coral. The plan is to have it as a mixed reef.


happy reefin'

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40gal Breeder w/ 2 false percs and a RBTA, mixed reef


12ncdx w/ PearlyJawfish and Firefish

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well the least ammount I've had in a long time....right now I have 4 tanks up and running


20l reef (of corse)

55 cichlid (mabuna)

46 BF cichlid (peacock,hap)

20l turtles 2 RES's (yea there still small enough for the tank)

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Three tanks for me! Two salt and one fresh. Wish I only had one though.

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