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  1. this is horrible news, since i became a member Jeremai has been here and a lot of us have all looked to him horrible news, may he rest in peace
  2. you probably already know this, but i remember learning that white mangroves are less salt tolerant than red/black mangroves. could that be a factor?
  3. hahh exactly!!! i never understood the asian obsession with arowanas. Some of them sell for thousands of dollars, it just doesn't make any sense.
  4. If I was looking to sell a used Nikon D80 w/ AF-S DX 18-135mm Nikkor Lens f/3.5-5.6 G IF-ED with a tripod and camera case, what is a fair price?
  5. I was skeptical too, had a 70w MH running on a tank and switched to a single NC's par38 12k,, but I really do love my Par38. I love that it fits into so many different fixtures, I went to home depot and got a shop light, suspended it above the tank ended up spending like $8+ the cost of the actual bulb.
  6. Is it the same thing as a shame-faced crab?
  7. Any reason why you only plan to get one seahorse? They're social animals and they do better with their own kind.. plus they arent very active. Id imagine you'd get pretty bored of having a single seahorse hitched all day nd hiding in the macro
  8. Happened to me! I Mixed two species from the same breeder (erectus and kuda from seahorsesource.com) ) and they all wound up dead. BUT for anyone looking to get captive bred seahorses you need to go that site. I've visited his breeding set-up and it really is impressive. Very healthy seahorses!
  9. what bongo is saying is correct. Although many people have success keeping tropical seahorses @ temps of 76-78, it leaves a higher chance of your seahorses getting a bacterial infection. I used to keep seahorses and lost them all to an infection (introduced a seperate species trying to beat the odds. I lost all 6 of my horses. 6 x $70= $420. yeaaah bad call. but it is possible
  10. http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=199695 lots of people have octopus tanks,,, tonmo.com is a forum dedicated to cephalopod husbandry
  11. I'm currently keeping a Potter's Angel in an 18" cube.... feels small.
  12. http://liveaquaria.com/DiversDen/ItemDispl...amp;ddid=107775
  13. IIRC the tank must be set up for a year or more but I could be wrong
  14. They are actual kreisel systems (basically what you need to keep most jellies properly). Google what a kriesel tank looks like and you'll see the difference, although it seems to me there is a HUGE mark-up on these tanks haha good luck! I'm sure this system will serve you well. Jelliquarium is a much more legitimate company and they've been around for a long while now too. Jellyfish art just re-sells biorbs as jelly tanks and marks up the price. fvckers.