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  1. fewskillz

    got2envy's 40g long Kessil lit Mixed Reef

    Looks good Maria. Glad you're liking Texas so far.
  2. This! Give me a front or back pane, I want to try a plywood tank build.
  3. fewskillz

    fewskillz' 180 gallon adventure!

    Ordered new filters for the RO unit. I'm having a cyano problem and the blame is currently falling on my RO water. I'm not registering any TDS or Phosphates, but SOMETHING is feeding this cyano. I don't necessarily trust my Phosphate test, either. I haven't ever replaced them, so it's time either way. The flame angel and royal gramma will get moved from QT to the display as soon as I can get a break from work. We've been working overtime for 6 weeks now trying to hit a January 7th deadline. We haven't really gotten to enjoy the holidays and my tanks are suffering, I'm definitely ready for some down time. Once the QT is open I'll be shopping for it's next inhabitant. I'd really like some anthias again, but we'll see... Happy New Year everybody.
  4. fewskillz

    lgreen's Ultimate Guide To Nano Fish

    Just be prepared for them to potentially outgrow the tank. Some maroons stop at 3 or 4", some grow to be over 6. A pair of 6"+ maroons would not be happy in a 30x12x12 tank.
  5. fewskillz

    HalfPint's 40 Breeder

    Nice job HP. I wish I had your patience.
  6. fewskillz

    fewskillz' 180 gallon adventure!

    ...and of course flame angels are a part of liveaquaria's black Friday sale.
  7. fewskillz

    fewskillz' 180 gallon adventure!

    The lemonpeel was gone and the bicolor didn't look perfect. Plus he offered me Friday's 15% off tonight. So I couldn't pass him up for a 2nd week in a row.
  8. fewskillz

    fewskillz' 180 gallon adventure!

    Thanks. The monti cap is a very pale purple. It's supposed to be Idaho Grape, but he said it never colored up for him even though it was growing well. We'll see what it looks like after awhile under my 14,000k's. I will probably let the individual fish determine which one I get, which one looks healthiest, is eating best, etc. I've never had a flame, so that carries a little weight.
  9. fewskillz

    fewskillz' 180 gallon adventure!

    Just clean-up-crew and fun inverts from the Build Your Own page on LiveAquaria, there's a list a few posts ago. I do need more fishies, the tank is not nearly active enough for my liking. I'm hoping my LFS has a black friday sale, my QT is empty and ready for a guest. They have a nice McCosker's and a couple of dwarf angels I've been eyeing. Lemonpeel, Bicolor, or Flame is the question. I like the new leather, too. You don't see many yellow corals. It can't decide if it likes being under the 250s or not. I'm going to try to find it a shadier spot.
  10. fewskillz

    fewskillz' 180 gallon adventure!

    *on FedEx vehicle for delivery* One of my favorite phrases!
  11. fewskillz

    fewskillz' 180 gallon adventure!

    FTS I hate my sand, but Lalani's ricordea is finally starting to grow. It's even spit off a couple of babies. Skunk cleaners with new Frogspawn New leather Monti Cap Monti Digitata Monti digi top, candy cane middle, birdsnest bottom Favia
  12. fewskillz

    365 day photo project

    I think we decided against the DSLR for right now, but I'll still give it a shot with the ol' P&S.
  13. fewskillz

    fewskillz' 180 gallon adventure!

    Time to replenish the ole CUC...and order some cool inverts because they're included in the Build Your Own Reef Cleaner category with free shipping! Liveaquaria rocks. I'm excited about the cucumber, my sand looks like crap. Astraea Turbo Snail, Qty:10 Nassarius Snail, Qty:5 Mexican Turbo Snail, Qty:2 Cerith Snail, Qty:15 Peppermint Shrimp, Qty:3 Porcelain Crab, Qty:2 Brittle Sea Star, Qty:1 Snapping Shrimp, Qty:2 Sea Cucumber, Qty:1
  14. fewskillz

    Coralife 29 Gallon BioCube

    Foster and Smith has the BC29 on sale for $231 right now.