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High levels of ammonia in my new 10 g


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My new 10 g aquarium is 7 days old. The ammonia levels are near 8. I noticed that my clownfish is not as active as usual.

pH: 8.2

nitrite: 0

ammonia: 8.0

Sg: 1.023


What do you recommend?



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I'll try to do this without being rude so here goes. You can't add livestock to a tank until you have 0 amonia , 0 nitrite and very little nitrate. Your livestock will most likely die. They can't tolorate amonia. I suggest you do a little more reading on the amonia/nitrite/nitrate cycle and on reefkeeping in general before adding anything else to that tank. The reason you're system has high amonia is because it does not have the necessary bacteria to break it down. You have to let the tank cycle before adding anything to it. The only way to save your livestock now would be to put them in a quarantine tank (which you should have done in the first place). Take the livestock out ... wait 6-8 weeks and make sure you have 0 amonia and 0 nitrite before adding anything else. Do more reading there's alot of resources online. I could go on and on on this but then I'd be trying to teach you everything about reef keeping in a single post which is just not possible. So in conclusion .... READ, let the tank sit for 6-8 weeks and if you want to save your livestock setup a QT tank ASAP.



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I agree, more research would have helped your clown immensely.


Give him back to the store while you cycle. A good fish store should hold him for you for a small fee.

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