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11,750 members here wow!


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If there are so many members here where are they hiding? the ratio of lurkers to posters must be like.05 to 99.95


If your lurking just say hi use this thread to come out of the shadows even just for a moment say hello and go continue to lurk I just wonder how many people actually read the posts and stick around rather than register and split. 11,750 seems like a hell of alot but then again?


and in the poll question I know once is mispelled sorry.

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Wow... hey ebin, if you're asking lurkers to come out, how about you dont get mad at them when they ask questions instead of searching.

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See, ebin...the majority is JUST like me. so you didn't have to single me out. besides, I'm going to sleep now so I'm not on for 24 hours straight.

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YOYOYO - Definate newbie here and a total lurker. but have found answers to all my questions by searching through the threads. Amazing site! Redoing my old 12g Eclipse (dont flame please) that has been freshwater for years. ripped out all the stock now have 96W powerquad, 2 powerheads, and my AC500 to fuge is on its way! Thanks everyone for the help.

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Originally posted by Nateair

Other people are probably on as much as you Tigah, but nobody is as talkative.

I can take a hint. I'll be quiet now. :x

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you cant take a hint, youre addicted. they could arrest you and youll give the guard your username and password and tell him to post for you and read the replys back because you cant get it out of your system. i would say borderline obsessed. :) but very helpful :)

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LOL. blah! you're probably right. And I'll probably become a victim of police brutality for even asking for such a request.


But I'm sure I'll burn out soon enough. *poof* I think I'm developing carpal tunnel syndrome. My hands are starting to hurt and typing is becoming more and more difficult as the days go by. Unless they come up with really good voice recognition software, I might be doomed.

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the built in windows xp software isnt that bad, i have used it. i just think it will be funny when it gets to the point when you start taking vicodin so you can type through your pain and all your posts revolve around bunnies being in your tank. :woot:

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Wow. thanks, dude. It definitely looks funky now tho w/ no background - scwd and algae covered tubing isn't too attractive as a background to corals.


Where's your tank pics? Let's see a thread!

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Some lurkers are able to find our answers, so far.

And we don't have the experience to answer questions.


Be careful what you wish for, somewhere I have a T-shirt that says "Help, I'm talking, and I can't shut up."

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Yep, first.

Read alot now then become the know-it-all later. :)


So far I haven't killed anything and my 10g has been running for nearly 2 months. For that I can thank all of you for. This is a great place to learn.

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