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45 gal tank update


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hi sorry its my 45 again as i havent really got a nano at the moment till christmas day n im needing to show u guys. K since last time ive posted ive added new corals, algae n fish.. chromis's. the pics are below...



First picture is a ##### coral lol...


second a shot of the reef from side...


third well duh.....haha

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Hi okay so after three months ive decided to change the tank layout. its actually alot better now, the fish seem happier and theres loads more room to put corals, the coral in the middle is my new one, forgotten its name lol.

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Alas! thankyou someones re-assured me that its okay, i need fish loving people to tell me this as my family really wouldnt know what theyre looking for! haha :)

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Personally, I don't like cardinals ;)


But, If you took out the macro algae and added a few more frag,s it's a pritty nice tank B)

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hey! MACRO ALGAES COOL! so long as i dont let it over run the tank, which isnt too hard i just cut it back now and then.


i also hated cardinals until i saw the emperors, theyre so STAND outty from the rest of the fish its not true, they put my ocellaris clown to shame bless.


I need some kinda different corals now. Im planning on adding a mushroom rock soon, but i need some corals that arent PINK!!! i take it macro algaes the one growing outta the sand? that was the intention...


Any one have any suggestions for corals? im planning on upgrading my lighting as i only have 1 37W T5 and two 18W tubes.


Id like something like a luminaire but my tanks only 20 inches long so its really hard to find anything for me in the UK.. i may have to save up and make my own T5 hood...

perhaps take the lighting units outta the old hood and add three more T5 37W??- any suggestions on that one?


thanks, adam.

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Add some true blue mushrooms and any kind of electric green ricordea, shrooms, LPS, etc. I think those 2 colors will provide some good contrast.


I think your signature banner is the best you've made thus far. very "classic."

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I'm also not usually a fan of cardinals, but they are very "stand outty" in your tank :D I like the rock configuration, and I think the macro in the disply tank is a great way of adding some color and originality.


Also, I was reading your earlier posts about your "##### coral" LOL. Next time you're at the LFS, perhaps you should ask for what's commonly known here in the US as "fanny coral"? J/K

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lol thanks guys... tigah thanks for banner compliment.


UNFORTUNATLEY my female cardinal was found dead tonight, no reason found, all i know is she hadnt eaten for the two days i had her and she sulked at the back all the time. thats 18 pounds down the drain. :(

To get her i had to take my entire rock work apart and re-build it. The water was misty and it looks so poor in comparison to the picture i posted today.. im feeling really down about it as i was so happy with that rock layout in the photo. Now its just like one big column, ill post a picture tommorow for you guys to see.


Once again, thanks guys.

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Lol ive just been away and re-rocked my tank AGAIN! im sure im stressing the fish but its the best i could do and im just gonna leave it at that.. worried tho, i cant see my sixline wrasse, i think it must just be in hiding in the part of rock i didnt move, if its dead i will shoot myself.

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