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IM 10gl AIO 20L-->60cube-->10gl AIO journey 🤣


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 I figured I would move the cats paw up to the top and see how it does. I'm about ready to give up on it. 😑 Moved it from top of rock to the top top of the tank and centered with good flow. I guess we'll see how it goes.



And another of slinky.



I think slinky is keeping the tank too clean. I also feed him  every day or two. He has shed 2 times already so he must be getting enough food.  Trying to get my Zoa's to take off but still sluggish.  Seeing if letting tank get little dirty does anything. I usually change 2gl every week but occasionally every other week.  Gonis are doing fine and seem happy. I still would like to dose all-4-reef but I'm not really into testing. Id have to get like two testing kits unless someone knows a better way.  I'm definitely a ULM guy this tank is just cruising along so far. I'm open to suggestions.

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