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Coral Vue Hydros

IM 10gl AIO 20L-->60cube-->10gl AIO journey 🤣


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Place. Holder 


Stock: everything taken from 60 cube take down.

Blue damsel ( only temporary)





Eagle eyes



Mind blowing Paley

Nucular green Paley













Jager 50w heater

AI Blade Grow

Tunzie ATO

 IM Mighty Jet DC pump

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So it seems we are getting back to our roots which is smaller than our first tank.  

 We had talked about downsizing from our 60 over the last several months.  Two main reason was the cost and we honestly needed more room.  When I Saw salt spike up to $75 a bucket for instant. Ocean for a few weeks I know we had to dow size and I didn't like the idea.


Found this on offerup and made a trade.


I had seriously  been looking at the 15gl but wanted to see if we could make this work. The tank stand was bit rough but spent about 3 hrs cleaning it up, as I took the whole stand apart.

  Been trying to unload the blue damsel but had no luck.  It's smaller size but it's going to have to go after we figure out our rock.  Had to cut out the RBTA so it got it's own mobile home.



 Threw everything else in with no sand.






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This is from Sunday just after I got it setup. We put an inch of sand in. I washed  the sand out of the 60 cube till it was clean.  It is still cloudy, so I am going to do a 4 gl.  Water change. Lol Definitely more than 10%.IMG_20230910_201224682.thumb.jpg.a821e2ebd3c0e2f300f824bbcdf62c87.jpg


I'm using the Saxby AI signature series settings.IMG_20230910_201224682.thumb.jpg.a821e2ebd3c0e2f300f824bbcdf62c87.jpg


What I really like is there are not much shadows.  With the he HD 26 it was pretty prevalent and I would get shading on one side of corals.


Ok on to the mount. I wanted something sleek and close to same thickness and form factor. I was able to make an aluminum bracket that bolted on bottom of the top channel.




Unfortunately there is no room to hide the power cord 😭 inside as I used .75 square tubing. The Blade says .70 but I think it's actually thinner.




Overall pretty happy with how it turned out.  It's boxy and sleek . I was going to use 1/4 aluminum that I bent at work but it looked unfinished. I really need to repaint the mount but it's really easy to take off, and maybe a winter project.  

 In the future I can add more lights if needed with a single bar that holds two or 3 lights.  Not sure I am going to need that though.  So if you are on the fence about the blade I would give it a go. No fans and Mobius app is way better than the OG app I was using for the hydra 26.

 More to come as we still need to get the rock back in there very soon.


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My son and I got around to doing the rock . I would say it's more difficult than you think with a smaller tank.  Probably spent a few days thinking about it. We ended up with this. We ran out of time so we just dropped it in.




I was able to spend little time moving things around. I wish I had a par meter.





I'm sure it will change soon but it's slowly looking a lot better. I'm interested to see how long the RBTA stays in it's mobile  home. I only  glued the Stylo on top and the smaller dunkin.  Any suggestions post up. All for now.




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I like the rock-work!  I think I personally would have centered more, maybe lean the high arch on the back wall?.  In these nanos, less is more IMO.  I put too much in my 14, I've got no room to work and really don't love the viewing angles one bit. 

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We tried that but it doesn't look right. Also I want to be able to get my hand behind there for cleaning etc.  I don't think you can see it but I glued GSP to the back wall.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Well the blue damsel has been given a new home in my buddy's tank from work.


 Going to take it slow for now with adding fish down the road.


Glued the hammer and frogspawn down they seem to like those spots.IMG_20230921_193810206.thumb.jpg.0d7bd83185ca2e499fa9154fb2ef484e.jpg


Trying to get the flow down printed lock-line to test it out. I only had white PETG so used that temporarily.



Ended up ordering some black PETG and reprinted them. 



Probably going to move some more around and try to free up the sand bed for a Lobo or Rock nem. 

 Wires are a mess and probably going to fix some of that . Need to mount a dj switch panel and the industrial temp controller.

  My son and I were talking about the tank size and we are really liking this smaller size. It's a lot more manageable and less time consuming. The ATO has lasted about two weeks on a gallon and a half. The 60 would go through about that in three days.lol   All for now.



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Hopefully if tomorrow goes well, I will be adding some new stuff.  I have been trying to clean up the sand bed from clutter.



Did some moving and stuff.IMG_20230929_155735245_HDR.thumb.jpg.34fb43538c7bb9b2268a0cbfb03d01ce.jpg



I also glued the Acans to the back wall.




They seem to be doing ok, but I'm probably 15 days into acclimation with the light.  I will start it over again hopefully everything won't be so stressed. Did a 3gl water change, but I need to find a pump to fill and drain from a 5 gl  bucket.   Trying to keep this ULM  just to water changes.  Anyone have any suggestions for small inexpensive transfer pump?





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Well got these on trade.  I have always wanted a  Goni.



I also got Marvin Martian, has not opened up all the way.



Forest fire Digi, the orange is amazing.



This one no sure orange and blue.



Green Favi, but different than my current 



I also go some blue hornets but they have not opened up yet. There is another bright blue that I don't know the name of.

Hopefully I did ok on the trade. 👍 I'm pretty happy so far. I will post up when they are opened up.  Need

 To figure out a Zoa garden.

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Picked up Orphek lense kit it pretty good for.$24. Got mine off Amazon.


I Printed a coral photo booth, works pretty good. I posted this over in the id thread.  So if you seen this already move along.😄









My Goni is still getting adjusted , because it's open then closed then open. I don't think it's fully extended yet.  I'm also curious why the other zoa's have not opened up yet. I will give them another week.. and a 3gl water change.  I'm going to try and just do 3 gl changes once a week till things get settled.  My back chamber is full of rock.  Still have to do some more cleaning up of the sand bed.


All for now.



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Thanks to the help from here we were able to nail this one down! It's called a

Halloween Stylocoeniella. I hope some of you guys find one of these. 🙂

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Everything looks really good.  I had a 150 as my last tank before exiting the hobby for 12 years.  I feel way more comfortable and relaxed about the 24gal I purchased.  I am 2 months in and looking forward to getting some corals.  I have a bit of a diatom outbreak that I have introduced a snail only clean up crew on. 

I agree with the cost part.  I have spent way more on my setup than I had originally anticipated but feel less guilty about buying better equipment and what not as it’s a smaller tank and still seems somewhat affordable for me.  

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My filter floss usage is way down along with my ATO.  Honestly have not really done anything but water changes.   The only cost was the light but I feel that was a good purchase. I have not really messed with it at all either.   I'm pretty happy but I think maybe the only upgrade would be a IM 15gl because they are so inexpensive and I can transfer everything over pretty easily.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Tank update. My Stylo is almost gone.😐 I think RBTA was right next to it a pissed it off and lost a lot of the tissue.  Nothing changed other than that. The Goni is doing great and I love the addition to the tank. This pic is about 3/4 of it's full size.



Trying to figure out what or where to put the zoa garden.



My Marvin Martian is open and doing good a long with Blue hornets.   I have been doing 3 gl water changes every week and I am going to do 2gl.   I'm going to do 2gl for a while and see how it goes. Ultimately I would like to do 1gl a week.  Have not been really doing anything and been great as we have been pretty busy. As for the RBTA he is now hanging out at the the rim of the tank. 


   Just curious what you guys are doing for water changes on your 10gl?


All for now.   

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  • 2 weeks later...

I think I finally getting better at pics.


Marvin Martian



Good news it must be happy as it has two polyps growing.



For some reason I couldn't get this to focus.   Next going to try the blue hornets.

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  • 1 month later...

Acans! These guys I think like where they are at. 



Top view and noob pictures. Still trying to get the colors correct. Along with focus problem.  I'm open to any suggestions 🙂.




Few pics of my favorites.






So far this tank has been very low maintenance. Might move few things around to see where they are happy.  I think my flow is still too high. I have my mighty jet pump all the way down. Might have to split it again and have 3 heads instead of two.





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Also just finished turning up my AI blade. This is my current settings.







I think I want to add another blade.  Either the glow or grow. Not sure and I am wondering if I add a glow that the lighting will be off a bit.   I was thinking two grows on outside with a glow on the inside.

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Why do you think 2 or even 3 lights are needed over such a small tank? Is the par too low? In the last FTS the coverage looks good. The only shadow I see is under the ledge. It sounds like the coral are doing well and growing. Are you planning some new corals that require more light? I was really hoping one would be enough.

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Funny you would say that. I think the prices went up quite a bit when I checked last night. I want to add a glow light but I think it would off balance the lighting.

Just took this few minutes ago. My sticks are not doing well color wise.  If these guys don't make it probably give up on sticks unless they are freebees.lol


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I'm sure it would but where it's at right now it's good for 5 min or less water changes, as it's not in the way. The light  is in a fixed  position and I couldn't figure out a way to make it movable. They seem to be coming back a little as I just finished 30 day acclimation for higher settings. 

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  • 2 months later...

Picked this guy up from a local. I guess he likes to eat fish so he end up in the guys sump.  It was a freebie and I don't have fish. He does seem pretty aggressive when I feed him IMG_20240209_182927826.thumb.jpg.bb5a71a88152cf34e7904a07b535a850.jpg




My Acan seem to not be doing too well. It seems to have started after shrimp was put in the tank. Have to keep an eye out for this guy.




My Marvin Martin is doing pretty good not growing as fast as I would like but seems to be doing good.



Goni is doing really well it's not fully extended but the shrimp has something to do with that probably. Overall I really like it.  


Not much else going on keeping with 2gl water changes every week. Last week I did 4 gl because I moved it into the living room.   Going to feed some reef chilli I got from BRS as a sample.  I only feed that once in a while and turn the flow off and let it sit for a bit.

All for now still trying to figure out a way to clean up the sand bed.




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  • 2 weeks later...

Quick tank shot moved some stuff around. Tanks been moved to the living room hence the foam shade.



My ACans are doing ok.




so I have been looking at doing All-for-reef for my tank. I do two gallon water changes almost every week. My total volume is about 8.5 gallons.  This is supposed to be a ULM and I hate to move it to more things to do.  I think my LPS and Coraline will actually start taking off. Probably going to do an order when I get my DI resin.  If anyone has used this on small tank feel free to share your experience with it on small tanks.

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My RBTA split and I am curious why. Going to see if they just stay in that spot if not will have to re-home one of them. That would have been great in the 60 cube but never happened.lol


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