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Lifegard 4.1 AIO Pico


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I originally started this tank in a Fluval Spec III in 2020 and was moderately successful until the tank had an unexpected and still unexplained decline in Dec 2021. I think it was chemical warfare with a dying BTA but all that to say I never figured it out and then rebooted the tank in the Spec III on October 3, 2021 with the existing rock and clownfish. I then added the Toadstool and Zoas and things were very stable for a 6+ months less some coral frags that didn't make it, like some SPS birdnest. Then the Spec III developed a leak in the rear, bottom part of the tank and I moved everything into the Lifegard 4.1 as I liked the AIO design, the profile of the tank, and it was available at my local fish store for a very reasonable price. The tank has been in its current form since then and I am slowly adding corals again.



Tank is sitting on a small piece of furniture that originally had 4 drawers that I modified to be 1 drawer with a generous area underneath for electrical and ATO storage. The drawer holds the day to day maintenance supplies like the refractometer, tweezers, etc. Underneath storage has enough room for a gallon bucket of RODI top-off water and the electrical components: Power cords, power strip, light timer, Inkbird controller, and a Reef-Pi. Photos below.


Inhabitants (Dates added)

  • Green Toadstool (Oct 30, 2021)
  • Green Star Polyps
  • Green Hammer (Jan 14, 2023)
  • Green Zoas (Feb 12, 2022)
  • Green Ricordea Florida (Dec 29, 2022) 
  • Pink Pulsing Xenia (Dec 29, 2022)
  • Two blue leg hermits
  • 4 astrea snails
  • 1 tank-raised clownfish (Marlin)
  • 1 Peppermint Shrimp (Jan 14, 2023)


Equipment & Chemicals

  • Kessil A80 Blue Tuna (full power, color @ 50:50 line)
  • Inkbird 308T temp controlled with an Ehiem Jager 25W heater
  •  Sicce Syncra Nano return pump
  • Lifegard 4.1 AIO tank
  • Smart ATO (optical sensor)
  • {Beta} Reef-Pi with single sensor for temperature running on Rasp. Pi 3A+
  • Chemipure Blue and filter foam
  • Established Live Rock from prior tank
  • Established ceramic bio balls (not sure what they are called) from an established tank at the LFS
  • Salt: Currently using Instant Ocean Reef Crystals
  • Reef Buddy 75GPH RODI unit



  • 1-2 gal water change every 2-3 weeks depending on schedule
  • 5-7x times a week frozen brine shrimp feedings
  • Monthly clean of filters
  • Scrape glass and clean outside surface of tank glass as needed



  • Tank oscilates between 79 and 80 deg F 
  • 1.023 SG is my target
  • When I measure Phosphate, it's generally 0.05ppm
  • I don't have tests for anything else...Hanna checkers are on the wish list! 🙂



Full Tank and Stand.jpg

Stand Internals.jpg

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