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Biocube lights problems


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Can you provide us with some more details?  Like, are these the original stock lights, or are they a retrofit?  They look more like grow lights.  Did they previously appear blue, and just recently turn purple?  About how old are they?



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Are they bulbs or leds? 

if bulbs, when did you last buy new ones? They should be changed every 12 months imo as bulbs can degrade. 

If leds then might be some of them are not powering on. 

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This looks to be the led modle. I think it has violet or uv and blue that come on together for the blue lights I cant remember maybe, maybe not. It looks like the blue isnt coming on but the other is. 

Try turning on all the lights not just blue and see if the blue will come on at all?

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I would call the company.  I had a problem with my lighting and didn't know it.  I lost many coral by the time I realized there was a problem.  they were great to deal with, sent me out a new hood right away. (I had my receipt).

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