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Koi or goldfish?


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Regular goldfish. Thought it was a comet goldfish at first but fins are wrong. Nice bright color. These guys are usualy sold small and cheap as feeders for other fish. Due to body shape I would say its probly a female.


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7 minutes ago, Dranyam377 said:

Hi everyone, just wondering, is this fish a goldfish or a koi. Thanks very much.


Looks like a shubunkin to me 

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Shubunkin are a color variation. White, Orange/Red and blackish/ blue markings but lack the true strong crisp defined colors in a true calico more of a grizzled appearance. Standard goldfish have stiffer shorter fins comets have long flowing ones.

Often brightly colored common goldfish are sold as comets but they actualy are not. There are also two distinct varieties of comets. Sometimes comet x common crosses occur causing a fish with medium fin length.

This coloration could be sarasa or fancy. Sarasa is orange on white but this fish is mostly orange may fall into fancy category not entirely sure.

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Nice fish, but you really shouldn't be photographing fish that way. It's harmful to their slime coat, which can lead to them getting sick, and is very stressful for them. It's best to put them in a container of water and photograph that way. If you can't photograph it inside a container for whatever reason, gently holding it on its side in your hand, submerged as much as possible, is probably a better alternative than putting the poor thing on a hard surface in the sun. Less chance of it flopping away and hurting itself, too. 

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