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? on monti


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I got my first monti and not sure what to look for to see if it is happy or not happy?  It is small so I'm not sure how many little polyps it has yet.  I am assuming if the polyps are out it is happy.


What are signs of it NOT doing so well?  Can it recede if unhappy?


Anyone have any pictures of happy vs NOT happy?

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I tried to get a good photo, but it's blurry. The flowers are out now, there are a BUNCH of bright, tiny, yellow polyps.  They are soooo tiny.  Will the polyps get bigger with age?  It's been in the tank about 7 hours now.  

sunburst monti 5.5.22.JPG

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1 hour ago, sadie said:

 I guess as long at it keeps looking nice, it's doing good, right?

Pretty much.  It's not so unlike other types of coral.  It can lose tissue, change color, have polyps that don't extend, etc.  Montipora are some of the most forgiving SPS, maybe more so than some LPS.  Keep an eye on it, make sure that alkalinity (as well as calcium and magnesium) remains stable, and that nutrients (phosphate and nitrate) don't bottom out.

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Xj reefing

Below I have posted 2 pictures of when my Monti was receding and unhappy and a recent picture after it has started growing back really well. In the 3rd picture the centre of the Monti had coralline algae grow on it so the flesh has not grown back in that area.




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