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9 - 5 Live Feed Tank - Lifegard 7.4


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Contest Journal Title


Hey everyone! I decided to dip my busy toe into the 9 to 5 contest. My idea is that the tank will be shown as a live feed in my class for my (and maybe some students') entertainment. How the tank looks outside of frame means NOTHING! All that we will focus on is what I can see with a Wyze cam or two. 


The tank is currently tucked next to my frag tank's sump. Tight quarters so not much viewing anyways!


I am a traveling teacher (no room) so I can't set up a tank in a classroom. This is the next best thing to be able to enjoy my tank while at work. 


Current Full Tank Shot:




Contest Entry Picture:





  • Lifegard 7.4 Peninsula (side filter)
  • Heater
  • Stock Pump (hope Sicce upgrade works)
  • Wyze Cam + filter
  • Reefbreeders Lumi Pro 8" ?
  • Hydros power strip (C2 controls frag tank)



  • TBD


Highlight Links:

  • Future


Conclusion, summary, or thanks...

 Soon (tm)


Reefin' 9 to 5, Brought to you by:

intanktemplate.jpg.858bfcd66a6d01fbb99cbe6d0beff090.jpg  &  nanoreeftemplate.jpg.4ff4c41570f99dd79c0198de114ce5e1.jpg

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Picked up most of the bits I was missing for this build. 


Here's a breakdown of what I can think about. Wall incoming!


Full Equipment for this tank:


- Lifegard 7.4 Side Filter peninsula

Pretty tank with a flaw. They made a hole in the 1st chamber into the display. Makes everything wonky. I plan to plug the hole, but have heard it nearly overflows the display. I have been trying to find a way to snip half the grates on the overflow, but I am scared that I will just shatter it all. We shall see what happens.


- Reef Brite Lumi Lite Pro 8"

I wanted to try something a bit different with lighting. I have a Kessil ($$$), AI Prime HD ($$), and a Viparspectra ($) over my other 3 tanks. A big variety! Love all 3 of them for different reasons. I wanted to test out lighting a super small tank with JUST these strips. There are 3 options to choose from. The Pros are the only ones that come in 8", so that was my choice.


XHO shortest - 24"

Lumi Lite - 12"

Lumi Lite Pro - 8"


The regular Lumi Lites were a decent length to barely work. If you look at the pics, they actually have a dead zone at each end without lights. I do think they would work. The Pro, however, appears to already come with dimmers and everything I need to work the lights (other than timer). 


My other option was to use one of the XHO add-on kits for Hydra, Radion, Kessil. They are designed to have one of these lights mounted between the two strips. Since I couldn't find much info on the capability of JUST the add-on, I decided against this. I can still waste money on this adventure later and rig my 8" Pro in the middle. Ha!


- Stock return pump

I COULD run a Micro pump off my Hydros C2's drive port. This pump is ~100 gph while the Hydros Micro is 75gph. Been asking around to make sure the Micro is fine to run 24/7, but haven't found many answers. I will test fit the pump next week, regardless. 


- Finnex 50w analog

- Inkbird heater controller

Replacing frag tank's Inkbird with a Hydros Cx2 with a probe, so this tank gets the Inkbird. Probably. 


Hydros Power Strip

I control all my tanks with the Hydros power strips. Even tanks that don't have a Hydros controller. Since the strips are wifi, you can place them anywhere. Heck, you can even run your Christmas lights off a Hydros (don't actually do this... especially outside).  Really all the strip does is run feed and water change modes. Nothing fancy. I will probably be controlling the lights with this one, however. All my other lights have built in timers. I have another strip coming, so good to go!


- 2 month to 1 year seeded rock from sumps of other tanks.

I have a decent amount of rocks in various tanks and sumps that should be great for this tank! 


- Sand?

I haven't decided on this... I went sand on my main tank. BB on Frag and 15g nano. Love the BB, but recognize the added difficulty. May not be best for this tank to try BB again... 


Equipment from other tanks to use:


- 5 Stage RODI

- Red Sea Salt (Purple)

- Hanna Checkers 

   + Alkalinity, Nitrate, Phosphate, Calcium, Salinity

- AF Magnesium


What I need and want.


Need - Small Powerhead

- Just something simple to keep everything moving. My next smallest tank is 15g and has a Nero3. Thats a lot more than what I need and want to spend. Going to need to find something less powerful 


Need - Wyze Cam

Almost forgot the most important piece! Can't stream my tank to my tablet without cams! Going to test out the Wyze V3 for the first time. I like to use the Flipper filter, but i am sure there is a cheaper option. Example:


Main tank, Wyze Cam V2, Flipper Filter. (Old pic)




Want - ATO 

Who doesn't! Realistically, I could get another heater controller and use my Hydros as an ATO for frag and this tank. Uses one sense and one drive for each ATO kit. We shall see. Manual until then!



I am sure there's other bits here and there, but I will cross that bridge in another post!

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Got a few more pieces in during the sale! 





Can't really see much, but there is "lite!" A Lumi Lite! 


It definitely is not as strong as I would have assumed, but thats fine. The color is nice, so it does have that going for it. I can always throw on another strip or two, also. 


I have a bit of wire management to do, now. Frag tank is above this tank, so lots of wires. They were halfway decent. With this tank and this light (TONS of cords for this one light...), it is now a mess. On top of that, I picked up another Hydros Control for the Frag. Should clean up a lot just with that! 


Next thing is scaping and fill it up! 

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  • 2 weeks later...
35 minutes ago, seabass said:

Let me know once you have changed your tag to 9to5, so that you are included in the contest.


Sorry about the confusion.  Looking forward to more updates.

Updated! I knew it would be something silly like that on my end. I would have never caught that. Thanks!

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