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  1. This Caribbean reef is my take on the classic ship in a bottle, with a Pirates of the Caribbean motif (featuring rock flower anemones, a Pederson anemone shrimp, gorgonian, and zoanthids). Current Full Tank Shot: 📷 Contest Entry Pic: ☕ Just in case: Equipment: 💡 5 Gallon PET Carboy ($32) PAR38 KINGBO 18W LED bulb ($30) Deep Blue Heat Stik Mini 15W heater ($12 eBay) Livestock: 🦐 Caribbean Rock Flower Anemones Corky Finger Gorgonian Macroalgae Scarlet Reef Hermit ($4) Caribbean snails Pederson Anemone Shrimp ($20) Aquascaping & Themed Decor: ⛵ Spanish Doubloon Pirate Replica Coins ($14) 3lbs Tropic Eden Supreme Tonga Branch Rock ($48) Live Sand From the Gulf of Mexico Key Posts: 🗝️ Tropic Eden Supreme Tonga Branch Rock Live Sand From the Gulf of Mexico Two Gallon Food Container Sump Caribbean Decor Thanks for stopping by! Did you spot the hidden Squidwards in the two Office Space pics? Reefin' 9 to 5 is brought to you by: &
  2. Reefin' 9 to 5 - Office Nano Contest VOTING: There have been a number of great examples of Nano-Reef skill, ingenuity, cooperation and community throughout this entire contest. And now, after seven months, the 🕘 Reefin' 9 to 5 - Office Nano Contest 🕔 has come to a end. We have 13 impressive tanks (out of 25 total entries) which remain eligible to win. We need the help of the Nano-Reef community to help choose the winners. Voting starts today, Friday, May 20th. Each of the following contestants has submitted a summary of up to 3 pictures and 200 words describing their entries. In addition, I encourage Nano-Reef members to check out each contestant's initial journal post (which should contain additional information about their build) before voting. Clicking on the title/link (after the member's name) will take you to the initial post of that particular contestant. Use the summaries and journal posts to decide who to vote for in each category. Make sure to vote for your favorite builds and to support the hard work that these contestants put into these inspiring tanks. Voting will remain open through Tuesday, May 31st. Any ties will be broken by StevieT from inTank. I wish to thank all of our contestants; with a special thank you to our sponsors @StevieT of inTank and our very own @Christopher Marks of Nano-Reef.com! CATEGORIES & PRIZES* Best Office Nano: Nano-Reef T-shirt, a Reefin' 9 to 5 (Champion) engraved acrylic award, and an inTank Tervis® Tumbler. Most Impressive or Innovative Filtration (a.k.a. "Wettest Water"): An inTank filtration pack (including a value pack of world famous inTank Filter Floss, 100mL Bagged Seachem Purigen, and 5 Packets of Boyd Chemi Pure Blue Nano). Exceptional Budget Build: Milton's Red Swingline Stapler, Bill Lumbergh's Nano-Reef mug (see pic above), and inTank surprise "flair." I believe you have my stapler. BONUS AWARDS* - winners to be determined by Christopher Marks (for a Nano-Reef sticker pack) Outstanding Execution of a Theme Best Use of a Non-Traditional Aquarium Most Unique or Biodiverse Livestock * In the event that an international contestant wins a prize category, we'll make an effort to see if shipping is possible, but with no guarantees. In addition, where shipping is possible, international contestants might be responsible for some or all of the additional shipping and/or customs charges. Thanks, seabass Reefin' 9 to 5 - Office Nano Contest has been brought to you by: &
  3. Grundler

    9to5 - The Drop-in Reef

    Contest Journal Title Hello Nano-Reefers! I've been a mostly-lurker since 2004 (with a different account name). I'm a huge fan of this site and always look forward to seeing the next Tank of the Month. I've been keeping mostly nano reefs on and off since that time. I've always wanted to enter a contest but it has never worked out for me...until now! Full disclosure: I've been delaying entry into this current competition because I already have an office tank! I've had a 7 gallon desktop reef that has evolved from a 2.5 gallon pico that I originally set-up for my wife. The inhabitants have been moved around across several tanks over the last 3 years. I intend to leverage the below quote from @seabass: I will be dropping much of the contents and inhabitants of my current tank into a spare tank of the same make and model! I'm borrowing this spare tank from a friend for exactly this purpose. There's a chance, judges allowing, that I'll transfer everything back into the original tank soon after the contest has begun (I prefer my tank which lacks the LIFEGARD logo in the bottom right corner, which can be seen in the contest entry photo below). Judges, please let me know what, if any, additional steps I might need to take to satisfy entry with what is an already running tank. Of course, I will be altering the aquascape and improving the look of this reef. In addition, I will be adding more corals and inverts to the tank to engage in the progression aspect of this competition. The general theme of this reef is meant to take full advantage of the "gimmick" that the aquarium possesses: an inwardly sloped front glass panel. The visual effect that results is a slight forward rotation of the aquascape's viewing angle, showing a bit more "top down" than can normally be seen in a standard tank. I have (and will continue to) stocked this reef as predominantly a zoanthid garden. Stocking consists of zoanthids, rock flower anemones, and various other round-shaped corals and inverts that both take advantage of the aquarium's visual gimmick and are low maintenance in their care. At one point I had considered a "binary" theme, with round and straight corals filling in for 1's and 0's (that might be what I pursue for this contest). There are existing fish, but they will be juggled around for the contest run. Alongside my empty tank contest entry photo, I have included a photo of the "before" incarnation of this reef such that I can sufficiently establish a baseline to transform over the coming months. Current Full Tank Shot: FTS 12/27/21: FTS 12/27/21 (with Night Sight filter): Contest Entry Picture: The established aquascape that will form the basis for this contest: Equipment: Aquarium: LIFEGARD Full View 7 gallon AIO Light: AI Prime HD with a hanging kit on a reptile lamp stand Wavemaker: AQAMAI KPS Return Pump: Hydor Pico 300 Heater: Aqueon 150 watt Filtration: sponges, activated carbon, ceramic bio-media Algae Magnet: Nimble Nano Livestock: Tentative list. To be updated upon "dropping-in" the old aquascape as I will be rehoming some corals. Coral Zoanthids Blastomussa Sarcophyton Acanthastrea Pachysepta Ricordia Yuma GSP Frogspawn Fish Yasha Haze Shrimp Goby Banggai Cardinalfish Yellow Clown Goby Inverts 1x Candy Cane Pistol Shrimp 4x Rock Flower Anemones
  4. Sponsored by inTank and Nano-Reef.com. & @Christopher Marks, @inTank, and I are pleased to announce the Reefin' 9 to 5 - Office Nano Contest. The following memo outlines the rules, dates, and entry requirements. Refer to this thread for future contest announcements. Have you ever wanted a reef tank in your office? If it's alright with your boss, this could be the perfect time to start one. However, since aquariums aren't allowed in everybody's workspace, and because many of us are working remotely, home tanks are also welcome. If you haven't participated in one of these contests before, they are primarily about the fun, comradery, and bragging rights (but mostly the fun and comradery). The rules are simple. You see, there's a mat which you put on the floor, with different Conclusions on it... Just kidding. Actually, there are a few RULES & IMPORTANT DATES that you need to be aware of: Entries can be any system capable of holding a total volume of saltwater between 5 and 9 gallons [US, liquid]*, including: any tank or multiple tanks, or any container or containers, with any filter(s), closed loop(s), sump, etc. Saltwater systems only. No freshwater entries accepted. Contest tank journal threads MUST have the tag: 9to5. I'll be using this tag () to verify all entries. Contest threads should be started in the Nano Reef Journals forum. To help identify these contest threads to other Nano-Reef members, it would be nice if thread titles also contain "9to5", "9 to 5", or "925" somewhere in the title. An entry photo MUST be posted in your contest tank journal, taken of your empty/dry tank or container, containing: a coffee mug, cup, or tumbler (for example: a novelty ceramic mug, travel mug, paper Starbucks to go cup, insulated cup, or tumbler). Post of picture of your mug/cup/tumbler inside of your empty/dry tank or container; if it doesn't fit, post of pic of your mug/cup/tumbler in front of your empty/dry container. This contest starts on Friday October 1, 2021, and ends on Sunday May 1, 2022. In order to qualify, all contestants must be properly entered BEFORE Wednesday December 1, 2021 (with a journal thread tagged with 9to5, and an entry photo containing a coffee mug/cup/tumbler). All eligible contestants MUST send me a contest quick-view pic/summary by Sunday May 15, 2022 (details of the summary will be disclosed in this thread prior to the end of the contest). Refer to this thread for any future contest announcements. Voting will begin on Friday May 20th (with polls closing on Tuesday May 31st). Any ties will be broken by StevieT from inTank. * The total water volume is to be determined by the capacity of the system (NOT the amount of water used), rounded to the nearest US gallon. We will accept the stated manufacturer's specifications for capacity, OR the calculated capacity by entering the inner dimensions into this tank volume calculator, OR by using measured amounts of water to determine the capacity of unusual shapes (like vases). Standard aquariums, all-in-one tanks, carboys, buckets, external filters and plumbing are all allowed - as long as the total volume capacity is between 9 and 5 US gallons. In addition, there are no equipment, livestock, or budget limitations. However, while bragging rights are worth a lot, spending a bunch of cash on livestock in an attempt to win a contest doesn't always impress the judges. I encourage contestants to post pics and updates frequently. You should try to include at least one Thread Post Status (TPS) update each month. I'll be posting monthly TPS reminder memos in this thread. Nice mug Bill. I wonder how someone might get one of those. However, I don't intend to bump individual contest threads with reminders each month. Lack of journal entries will likely negatively affect how many people will follow your thread and will vote for your entry; however, "the Bobs" (Christopher Marks and I) won't let you go because of it. Your office nano can have a theme if you'd like (they can be quite popular). Maybe you'd like to setup a macroalgae dominant nano, or even light your tank with just sunlight. This is your workspace to do whatever you want. I anticipate seeing some very creative entries; and judging them all might be as difficult, and fun, as aquascaping a narrow mouth carboy. CATEGORIES & PRIZES, winners to be determined by a Nano-Reef poll: ** Best Office Nano: Nano-Reef T-shirt, a Reefin' 9 to 5 (Champion) engraved acrylic award, and an inTank Tervis® Tumbler. Most Impressive or Innovative Filtration (a.k.a. "Wettest Water"): An inTank filtration pack (including a value pack of world famous inTank Filter Floss, 100mL Bagged Seachem Purigen, and 5 Packets of Boyd Chemi Pure Blue Nano). Exceptional Budget Build: Milton's Red Swingline Stapler, Bill Lumbergh's Nano-Reef mug (see pic above), and inTank surprise "flair." I believe you have my stapler. BONUS AWARDS, winners to be determined by Christopher Marks (for a Nano-Reef sticker pack): ** Outstanding Execution of a Theme Best Use of a Non-Traditional Aquarium Most Unique or Biodiverse Livestock ** International entries are welcome; but we aren't able to ship prizes everywhere. In the event that an international contestant wins a prize category, we'll make an effort to see if shipping is possible, but with no guarantees. In addition, where shipping is possible, international contestants might be responsible for some or all of the additional shipping and/or customs charges. Once you are sure that you will be participating, you can start your contest tank journal. But don't fill your display until after you've taken your coffee mug/cup/tumbler entry photo. Qualified Contestants: aclman88 - Aclman's 9 to 5 Contest Tank allesluge - 9 to 5 Awkward cube chipz - 9to5 Diminutive Desktop Distraction: Breaking Rules Left and Right Chowder's Reef - 🌿9to5 Acro Jungle🌿 New Outboard Motor Cryolath - 9to5 The World Turned Upside Down empresto - Empresto's 9to5 5-Gallon Cube System fenderchamp - nine2Five micro-reef 5 FishI - My 9to5 Reef pond growsomething - 925 contest tank "Why Be Normal" Grundler - 9to5 - The Drop-in Reef Hasted - 9 - 5 Live Feed Tank - Lifegard 7.4 Jaren45 - [9to5] The "free" Nano kekke1082 - Reefing 9to5 Keke's first nano reef contest kimberbee - The "No More Dinos, Please?!?" IM 10 (9to5 Contest) kimdawg - 9to5 Tybee Island Tank M. Tournesol - 9to5 Cubicle Maas101 - Reefin' 9to5 - Welcome to the machine MainelyReefer - Milton’s Basement Carboy Bommie 9to5 Merthynia - 9 to 5 No more heatwaves! Murphych - cube of nothingness NoOneLikesADryTang - 9 to 5 Goniopora and Alveopora Forest Ratvan - Ratvan's Reefing 9to5 - Tidal Action Tank Robbie_Maxwell - 9 to 5 Montipora Cube seabass - 9 to 5 - Reef in a Bottle 🏴‍☠️ Caribbean Carboy Tamberav - 9to5 budget build You can also use the following tag to access our current contestants: Finally, a big thanks to @StevieT of inTank, and to our fearless leader Christopher Marks for bringing us this contest! &
  5. Aclman's 9 to 5 Contest Tank - Middle School Mayhem This is going to be a budget build all the way around. The current plan is to cut down a 10 gallon, turning it into a lagoon peninsula all in one, using an acrylic false wall with glass baffles repurposed from the glass cuttings. As a back up, I have a 5.5 gallon tank that I can fall back on. Current Full Tank Shot: Contest Entry Picture : Equipment: Ten Gallon Tank (Cut to 8.5 inches tall - This will create a tank volume of approx. 7-7.3 gallons Aqueon 5.5 Gallon Rimless DIY Acrylic False wall with 3.5 in Acrylic Baffles Hipargero LED Light Repurposed Waterbox 10 Pump (replaced that waterbox pump with a Sicce) Aqueon Preset Heater Inkbird Temperature Controller Manual ATO (To be replaced with DIY ATO using float switches Highlight Links: Building False Wall Building Canopy Painted Canopy and Egg Crate Media Rack Aquarium Trim DIY Auto Relay ATO Meet Wasabi! Cyano and Rip Clean Current Livestock: Yellowtail Damsel Orange Rhodactis Green Star Polyps Nassarius Snail Livestock Evacuated to Safety: Finger Leather Coral Long Polyp Leather Coral Green Hairy Mushroom Xenia Sympodium Reefin' 9 to 5, Brought to you by: & Reserved!
  6. FINAL FULL TANK SHOT There are shots at the bottom from different times in the contest. Here is a tank shot of my tank in early May. It shows all of the growth in the tank, but the tank had not been cleaned in a couple of weeks. December tank shot. 12-24-21 ENTRY PHOTO---No longer using the containers. SeaBass said with glass thickness it would be in range without them. TANK INFO Upaqua nano L series 9.6 gallon tank Hydor Koralia pump Aqua Knight light changed to Chinese Black Box REASON FOR STARTING CONTEST This tank began life after the old school janky tank grew up. I basically just added its contents in here and let it run wild. The uglier the zoas were the faster they grew. I love Nano Reef contests because they give me a reason to start over and fall in love with my tank again. I dumped the tank pictured above in my 75 gallon wild child' This was a zero budget tank for equipment, sand, rock, and clean up crew. My birthday is Christmas day and I will take all of my gift money to buy anything live I want for it. PLANNED LIVESTOCK CHOICE I want my tank to focus mainly on the Caribbean look. I plan to include Rock Flower Anemones, Ricordea, Gorgonians, red Macroalgae, and of few colorful Zoanthids. I have been going bare bottom in the last few tanks, but this one will have sand to create a more natural habitat for the inverts. I have a clownfish in there now, but I could move him to the larger tank. I know I want a porcelian crab and maybe a cleaner shrimp. Also thinking about adding a barnacle blenny. LOOKING BACK Looking back through my thread, I see a lot of changes. I am glad I did not have to use the boxes after Seabass said I was within the requirements without them. I was not planning on fighting a major algae bloom, bubble algae, or hair algae. I had issues with all three, but I think the tank and I both survived them. I had to remove one of the gorgs, a bunch of riccs, tons of red macro algae, several frags of zoas, and 4 rock flower anemones. They grew too big and multiplied very quickly. I think this tank has been my most successful contest tank. The gorgs, red macro, and porcelian crabs were all things that I had never had in a tank. I never got a barnacle blenny because I added a second clown to the tank and a cleaner shrimp. I do not think I will change anything about this tank. It is very stable and full of life. I can change the water and dose it by myself and it keeps me entertained at night while I use my lympha press machine. MEETING TANK EXPECTATIONS. I wanted to be able to overcome any pests that were encountered. I think I successfully met that goal. I wanted to run a clean sand bed and it not be covered in frags. This was made difficult because the RFA decided they wanted to be sand anemones. I like them on the sand and they even are trying to breed there. She just released her eggs to early I think. I think I achieved the look of a Caribbean tank. I had success with all of the things I tried and ended up fragging or moving some of them to my 75 gallon wild child tank. I have learned how to dose two part and test on this tank. The following is some of pictures taken throughout the contest. They sum up what the tank means to me. I have this tank on a weird light schedule. It comes on a 5pm and goes 0ff at 5 am. after midnight is when I do my arm treatment and these are the things I see every night.
  7. Merthynia

    9 to 5 Fat and sassy GBGs!

    Fat and Sassy GBGs! Hello! Welcome to my little tank contest entry! This tank is starting on the heels of a recent crash I experienced in my 3 gal picotope. I have two separate heaters malfunction and cook that little tank to an excess of 90 degrees. I’ll be putting what may be able to be saved into this tank, but it may melt before it recovers. I hope to go lower budget with this tank, possibly moving some trimmings from my big tank, bargain frags at the store, or trading what survives the crash for additional frags. So far this tank has been fairly easy going with a few hiccups here and there. It survived my absence of 1 week with my fiancé’s care. Sadly we may have lost a green banded goby during that time period and the resulting issues led to the death of my little scoly. After recovering from the chemistry issues ending the scoly, I I have slowly been adding small frags from my main tank as coral grow off their individual plugs. The zoanthids and palys really have started to flourish on the rockwork and the mushrooms are some of my favorite coral to place in my tanks. The green banded gobies are very personable and spend most of the day bouncing around the tank and eating micro crustaceans as they find them. The coral banded shrimp also periodically explores the tank and no longer just hides behind the rockwork all day long. I hope to continue to maintain this little reef and let it grow in densely. The overgrown look of picos has always been my favorite. I love how the tiny gobies and shrimp appear to dart amongst the jungle and may stop to perch on a mushroom to peek around. Current Full Tank Shot: May 12: May 10: April 30: April 27: April 16: March 31: February 28: January 30: December 31: November 28: October 22: Contest Entry Picture: Equipment: PicO 5 gal aquarium (Oldie, but a good tank!) Nanobox Tide with Storm Controller(Seem to have some hard to find equipment!) Hygger HG-916 heater (Please don’t explode) Smart ATO micro Inkbird Temperature Controller IM Spinstream A very old return pump that the labels have disappeared on Flipper Pico glass cleaner/scraper Livestock: 2 3 Greenbanded Gobies 2 tiny blue hermit crabs Blue coral banded shrimp Many snails including baby trochus snails & nassarius Purple photosynthetic sponge Mangrove Zoanthids CC Alien blueberry zoas Pikachu zoas Unnamed zoas Palythoas Grandis Palys CC Fairy Fart Magician Palys Halle Berry Palys Purple People Eaters Unnamed Palys Aussie mint chocolate chip torch Photosynthetic gorgonian frag Spacecakes Favia Unnamed Acan Unnamed lepto frag Birdsnest or Stylo Purple polyps Green polyps Mushrooms Three different rhodactis morphs - Purple with blue rim, green with orange rim, orange and blue with yellow rim Two purple Disco Purple and green Yuma with yellow mouth Two Leopard spot Disco - very small Note that all of these went through two different heater malfunctions, each resulting in temps >90 degrees. These may all melt. 😞 Pests: Spaghetti worms- I know that they can be great cleanup crew, but there are way too many of them in such a small tank and they irritate the coral (and me). VERY large bristle worms-this tank could handle small bristle worms, but there are at least two giant worms that I have been trying to catch and remove. Bubble algae- This is just annoying in such a tiny tank. It is hard to remove them in the limited space without accidentally popping them. Future Plans: I want to continue adding small bits of coral to get most of the rockwork covered. I would also like to continue propagating the mushrooms until they cover most of the sand bed. In my older 3 gal tank, there was an entire corner of the tank covered in the large rhodactis mushrooms. It looked lovely, the fish prefered to perch there, and it really added a wild look to the tank that was perfect in such a small space. I would love to try some sexy shrimp someday, maybe if I can get a much larger population of plays/zoas and mushrooms they wouldn’t pick on the zoas enough to damage them? I am not sure if I could fit a mini-max carpet anemone in here, but that would be another option to give them a place to hang out. Maintenance Routine: Maintenance is fairly low-key. I have been doing regular massive water changes on my 30gal tank which sits only about 7 feet from this small tank. After I change the water in the big tank, I then take the remaining 3ish gallons and change out the water in this tank as well. I use a turkey baster to stir up the sand bed a little and to blow any detritus off of the rockwork and out of the back of the tank. Any easily accessible bubble algae is removed as carefully as possible. If I can, I’ll remove whatever it is on to put the bubbles off, if one happens to pop I rinse the frag off with some clean saltwater before putting it back into the tank. Spaghetti worms are pulled out at regular intervals to keep the population down. Frags are moved around or glued down after I have cut a little off to make a second frag, or they have been verified as having no pests attached. Filter floss is changed in the back at the top of the second chamber. Chemi-pure blue nano is changed as needed in the lower part of the second chamber Feeding: Reef nutrition R.O.E. Reef nutrition Oyster feast Reef nutrition Tigger Pods (added at least once a month) Reef nutrition Mysis feast Red Sea Reef Energy AB+ Seachem Shrimp Flakes Aquaforest LPS food Sinking pellets for the shrimp Summary: This little tank has done very well for me over the past several months. It is very satisfying to see the growth in the coral colonies, and how fat and happy the gobies are. The gobies and the coral banded shrimp have become much less shy as the months have gone on and I really enjoy having this tank right beside me as I finish out some of my homework for my masters classes. I have always been a very tiny tank lover and this tank is no exception. It is amazing how the growth from a tiny frag really fills in the tank quickly and makes it feel like a lush underwater rainforest. The tiny inhabitants complement the tank nicely and are almost always visible. I tend to stick to easier coral in such a small tank since the water stays a bit dirty from feeding the fish and shrimp. This really helps the mushrooms and the zoas/palys thrive. This was my first time putting a favia into any tank and I was initially extremely worried about it stinging everything to death! Surprisingly it hasn’t acted aggressive in any way the entire time that it has been in the tank. The tentacles that I do see on it occasionally are very small and appear to be little feeders instead of sweepers. I hope to continue this tank at least for the remainder of the year to let it fill in as lush as possible. What I would do differently in the future: Make sure that I am not introducing bubble algae into this tank. Or take care of it VERY aggressively in the beginning. Maybe I should have ordered 4 Green Banded Gobies to help spread the aggression out a little more. I don’t have any proof that is what happened to the third goby, but that is the most likely scenario. Place more trust in my fiancé that he could have fed something else other than flake food the entire time I was gone on my trip. Although this tank didn’t suffer as much, the scoly certainly died because of a HUGE spike in phosphates that I have been working on since then. Probably mount the chocolate chip torch up somewhere higher before placing all of the other frags on top of the rockwork. At this point I’m not sure where I can put the torch without it stinging everything. Reefin' 9 to 5, Brought to you by: &
  8. 9 to 5 Goniopora and Alveopora Forest Current Full Tank Shot: Contest Entry Picture: Equipment: Tank : ADA 60F Lighting : Nanobox Duo Flow : Vortech MP10 25w Heater Livestock: Alveoporas Gonioporas Bernardopora Duncans Trachy Cluster Dusters Highlight Links: The Tank Keepers bare bottom! 😍 Check out Seabass trying to convince Spectra to participate in the 9 to 5 Contest! Micro Brittle Starfish Gang Bang
  9. Tamberav

    9to5 - A box of oddballs

    What kind of tank can we make with Milton's budget? Contest Entry Photo: Equipment: Aqueon Rimless 5.5 gallon ($15) Deep Blue Heater, 30 watt ($12) Inkbird Heater Controller ($25) Seachem filter ($50) Live + dry rock ($15) Glass top ($5) Used AI Prime 16 ($150) Livestock: Trochus Snails x2 ($0) ORA Tuxedo Urchin ($25) Stomatella snail ($0) Hermit crab ($0) Asterina Stars ($0) Lightbulb Anenome ($0) Mystery hitchiker corals ($0) Emerald Crab ($5) Sharknose Goby ($20) Saron Shrimp ($15) Rock flower x 1 ($0) Various majano nems ($0) Borneman anemone ($0) Green Nepthea ($0) Reefin' 9 to 5, Brought to you by: &
  10. fenderchamp

    nine2Five micro-reef 5

    I'm gettin' better at sneaking up on you like this. 9to5 I saw the little micro-reef tanks (somebody else bought one) and then I had to have one. Current Full Tank Shot: Contest Entry Picture: Equipment: micro-reef 5 gal AIO sicca-nano return inkbird WI-FI temperature controller AI Prime HD16 ioaoi 50 watt heater (it's too big and will be gone soon) hygger 50 watt quartz heater with controller Inverts: Halloween hermit crab (Ciliopagurus strigatus) Scarlet hermit crab (Paguristes_cadenati) Blue Leg hermit crab (Clibanarius tricolor) 2x banded trochus snail Corals chili pepper montipora (bleached) orange montipora flame boi favia purple and green (joker) favia pinkish lavenderish and green favia hammer coral rainbow acan frag yellow brick roadish zoas candy apple-esque zoas fire and ice zoanthids striped mushroom coral rhodactis mushroom ricordia mushroom jack-o-lantern leptoseris (could be a pavona for all I know) fireworks leptoseris freeze factor leptoseris Misc: added 8oz tigger pods 12/4 Highlight Links: Cycling 11/29 cloudy water, diatoms and micro bubbles (1-2 weeks in) 12/7 still kind of cloudy, a little green algae, no more bubbles, tigger pods swimming around added a gob of frags added a few more frags, pictures as of 02/07/22 Conclusion, summary, or thanks... Reefin' 9 to 5, Brought to you by: & Dry tank:
  11. M. Tournesol

    9to5 Cubicle

    The Cubicle Description: It's a glass container with saltwater in it. Project goals: My goal was never to try to win the contest. During the period of its debut, I was in need of a new house for a supposedly killer mantis shrimp obtained in a bundle with live rock. This contest was the event that made me pull the trigger. Moreover, this was an opportunity for me to try keeping (for the first time) Micromussa lordhowensis and mangroves. Current Full Tank Shot: Contest Entry Picture: Full summary of the project: Keeping this setup in my office ended up being very easy. Its position next to my bed means that whenever I lay in it, I can get a really good view of the nonsense going in the cubicle. The Stomatopoda, which ultimately happens to be very peaceful, has been a real delight to observe. The most notable event during the last 6 months was 'bob' building his house. Other than that, nothing really interesting happened during those 6 months. I could maybe talk about: A false start due to the first aquarium having a chip on its lower part. The introduction of the Gonodactylus smithii (Purple-Spotted Mantis). One of my micromussa lordhowensis dying then starting to regrow a head from its last remaining tissue🤷‍♂️. My trachyphyllia dying (and still dying) 😫. And my goby having a swim bladder problem which will result in a surgical operation (in 2 weeks I should be ready)😷. Maintenance routine: My maintenance simply consists of 2x15% water change a week using instant ocean reef salt, a daily 1ml of Easybooster Nano (phytoplankton in gel form), a feeding of the stomatopoda and hermits with frozen food every day and a feeding of the LPS with frozen food every 3 days. Note that I do no use carbon nor chemical filtration in this setup. Things I learned or what I wish I had done differently: This tank have given me numerous opportunities to learn new things. My main learned experiences are: Mantis shrimp can be peaceful inhabitant (not like @Ratvan mantis). Mine is living in harmony with four mantis snacks (blue legged hermit crab) and a mantis steak (a yellow clown goby). What venting a swim Bladder mean (I am still preparing for the operation). Mangrove propagules are slow to grow leaves 🥲. The joy of keeping micromussa lordhowensis. The benefice of having two tanks (ie, when one isn't doing well, the other keeps you involved). My only true regret is that I didn't buy developed mangrove when they were available. At that time,I didn't know if this project would lead to anything. LPS can be very costly 💸. My only true regret is that I didn't buy developed mangrove when they were available. At that time,I didn't know if this project would lead to anything. Equipment: 25 liter 30cm blau cubic aquascaping Nero3 Sicce 25w heater Sylvania 17w plant growth E27 kessil a80 Tuna blue Livestock: 4 Clibanarius tricolor hermit crab (dwarf blue leg) 2 astrea sp 3 sabella sp Gonodactylus smithii Gobiodon okinawae 13 Micromussa lordhowensis Trachyphyllia (dying) 5 mangrove propagules Aquascape: My aquascape can mostly be described as a pile of rocks with sand. It was mostly inspired by pile of rocks in the sea. This scape is made with CARIBSEA Ocean Direct Original Grade sand and 5~6kg Indonesia live rock. During its realisation, my foremost thought was that the mantis would be delighted to have a good amount of cavern. Maintenance routine: My maintenance simply consists of 2x15% water change a week using instant ocean reef salt, a daily 1ml of Easybooster Nano (phytoplankton in gel form), a feeding of the stomatopoda and hermits with frozen food every day and a feeding of the LPS with frozen food every 3 days. Note that I do no use carbon nor chemical filtration in this setup. Future plans: The tank is pretty much complete. May be, if the trachyphyllia survive(very very very slim possibility), try other trachyphyllia. If all goes according to plan, the 9to5 should be dismantled in 6~7 months and all livestock moved to a 15 gallon tank 15.7" cube (that may or may not be part of a multi-tank system). Reefin' 9 to 5, Brought to you by: &
  12. Robbie_Maxwell

    9 to 5 Montipora Cube

    9 to 5 Montipora Cube. For this tank I aim to keep it Montipora only (or at least close enough to it), being made up of different species and morphs of branching, plating and encrusting Montis. The plan is to try and keep as much of the equipment outside of the tank as possible, so that the corals are the main focus. To do this I have a have ordered some glass lily pipes to create the minimal equipment look Im going for and a fluval 205 canister filter with a hydor external heater I have lying around. Current Full Tank Shot: Contest Entry Picture: Equipment: Tank: 12” Cube. Stand: Ikea Eket. Lights: AI Prime 16HD. Heater: Hydor inline heater. Temperature Controller: Inkbird ITC-308-Wifi. Auto Top Off: DD H2Ocean compact ATO. Flow: Jebao SLW-5. Mechanical filtration: Fluval 205. Dosing: TBD. Livestock: Coral: Various Montipora species. Fish: TBD. CUC. Highlight Links: Reefin' 9 to 5, Brought to you by: &
  13. 9to5 Diminutive Desktop Distraction This tank will be a coral/invert QT system. At least, that is the official and spouse-sanctioned purpose of this tank (since I've already got two reef tanks and a planted freshwater tank). I'm going to try really, really hard to stick with that plan...unless I cave and add a fish because I'm a sucker for tiny little gobies. I am also going to try really, really hard to keep this a buy-nothing tank (or at least a shoe-string budget). The goal is to only use supplies I have on hand or had already purchased with the coral/invert QT in mind. Background: For a while I was running a Fluval 13.5 as my desktop distraction tank, but I've since moved, upgraded my home office situation, and thus upgraded that tank. Just under a year ago, I introduced some snails and corals from my LFS to my two tanks without doing any QTing, and ended up with ich in one tank and flat worms in the other. Ugh! I picked up the Fluval Evo V to serve as an invert QT system. I never got around to setting the tank up, though, so I figure I might as well get it going as part of this contest. Current Full Tank Shot: Contest Entry Picture: Equipment: Fluval Evo V Stock Light Stock Pump Heater: Aqueon 50w preset JBJ OceanStream Nano...not sure if this works, it's in my box of extra supplies and must have come as a freebie in another tank ATO: Tunze Osmolator 3155 (woohoo! just realized I also have this guy lying around, too) manual🙄 Yeah, no, manual didn't last more than a week before I caved and got an AutoAqua SmartATO Lite Aquascape: Live sand (extra I keep on hand for QT of shy/sand-loving fish) Live rock (I've been curing a bunch for a rescape of my big tank) Livestock: TSB Corals (lookin' at you, upcoming TCMAS Frag Swap) Sexy shrimp? Candy cane pistol shrimp? New home/time out for my bruiser tiger pistol shrimp? Highlight Links: TBD Reefin' 9 to 5, Brought to you by: &
  14. Most recent top down FTS: taken May 14th↓↓ Good morning Nano Reefers! This the official start of my reefing 9to5 nano tank. Its also the first nano reef contest I've ever participated in! Im super excited! Mini Macro Mansion My goal with this tank is to use it for macro and coral QT. The main focus of this nano will be the macro algae species i can acquire. I fell in love with macro algaes thanks to wonderful inspirations from nano reefers like @Tigahboy I've also been inspired by @billygoat's florida/carribean themed tank and most of the macros will be ordered from Gulf Coast Ecosystems and live rock will be coming from either gulf live rocks or other Florida based aquaculturing facility. Current Full Tank Shot: Sorry guys I'm uploading a lot of this from my crappy LG cellphone so cant insert pics where i want them to be yet 😅 Contest Entry Picture: Please see above 😅 Equipment: Tank: this tank is actually a second hand tank i bought from someone who built it themselves. Dimensions are 11in W x 11in L x 12in H making the volume of the tank about 6.3gallons. Filtration: the tank is actually built to accommodate a canister filter so I'll be using a hydor professional 150 with a total capacity of .84 Gallons (3.2L). Outside of the live rock and macro thats going into this litte box of water the canister will only be for mechanical filtration and water movement. It will contain mainly just filter floss and possibly carbon or chemiclean if needed. 5/14/22: some things got tweaked. I ditched the canister a few months into the contest due to the inconsistency of the flow provided and an excess of noise emitted from the canister I used. I switched over to a makeshift sump instead and it has worked out (except for the flooded living room floor a few times when power went out or I forgot to lift the return nozzles above the water level before cutting the power for maintenance 😅) the return pump is a lifeguard quiet one pump ant it's been amazing! Heater is a fluval preset 50w. Circulation pump is a aquami kps. Lighting: I'll be using either a kingbo par38 bulb suspending if from a floating shelf above the tank (if my fiance allows me to 😂) or a aquaknight clamp on led. 5/14/22: so malot of the DIY aspect I didn't get around to unfortunately. My fiance began having some concerning medical issues as the contest progressed to the point where I considered rehoming most of my aquariums and equipment in order to be able to focus solely on her care and treatments, however, after some lengthy and ongoing medications and specialized treatment plans I've been able to maintain most of them including the contest tank. That being said, the aquaknight light somehow melted one day and I was fortunate enough to catch it before any fire or other issue had happened and changed it out for the kingbo par38 bulb instead. Power heads: an additional pump for water movement may become necessary in which case I'll be putting the aquamai kps to work to keep the tank from harboring detritus. Livestock: Various soft corals most likely ricordia and other mushrooms, gsp, xenia (?), zoas, but its mainly about the macro! Im going to try and get my hands on some blue hyp. @Tigahboy has me going gaga for his carpeted macro display. Coral: palythoa colony, pulsing xenia, Duncan, goniapora, GSP and a leather coral (can't recall the type) one rock flower anemone. I also attempted a sun coral which did great for a while and then faded fast, fungia, favia, month none of the Stony corals did well for me at all I think that was mostly my own fault due to lack of knowledge but I've learned a lot from the mistakes I made and will be trying to keep them again in the future. Fish: ? Suggestions welcome i have no idea yet if i want any fish in this nano but I'm open to recommendations. I'd love to keep it to theme and go with a fish that will not pose a threat to the macro but also wouldnt feel cramped in the space this little box allows. 5/14/22: the only fish in this system is my baby black Darwin clown from Robert Kings clownfish. And it will stay that way until this tank is incorporated into a larger system (details on that at a later date 😉) Clean up crew: there are about 7 blue legged hermits, about 5 or so dwarf Caribbean hermits (that's what the LFS called them idk, they kind of look like tiny red leg hermits to me but they've stayed tiny) about 8 dwarf cerith snails, 4 margarita snails, and at least 5 bristle worms that I've seen. It is loaded with pods of all sizes. Highlight Links: Nothing yet 😊 in the midst of this contest I started a YouTube channel. it is more for myself then for others but I hoped it would help me with keeping up with all the little projects that I plan to do with my tanks. I'm going for both unique and budget build when it comes to thia nano. Having just moved at the end of august into this new place, and having several other projects both reef and non reef related going on too I'm going be doing this with materials i pretty much already had in my storage unit or purchased second hand. Besides the macro from gulf coast ecosystems all other live stock including corals will be purchased with gift certificates i won from a local reef club event. There will be a combination of live and dry rock. The dry rock for this tank was all free, I'll probably go the bare bottom route, and attach the macros to rocks or do small enclosed containers (mini clay pots?) With course sand or crushed coral substrate still undecided. Alright time to get back to work!! Contest summary: I absolutely did not stick to almost any of my plans 🤣! This became a go with the flow tank in every sense of the word! It was so enjoyable just to watch it develop and grow vs trying to be super rigid with the planning. In the end I let it do its thing and only made tweaks when necessary. I finally got passed a lot of the weird brown algae stage, and my snails keep up with a lot of it much better now that the lighting schedule is intermittent instead of constant. I started with a ton of macro in this tank, way too much for it's size. I ended up trimming a lot of it back and trading it in at my LFS for store credit. That is one of my biggest regrets. Things died back on its own after a bit and began to balance itself out. The hermits mowed dow any dying bits and kept the living macros clean of debris while also completely rearranging everything 😅. Going forward I'll probably skip the hermits in favor of more snails or have fewer hermits then what I have in the tank currently. This is my first nano reef forum contest and it's been a doozy! I started this contest with encouragement from my fiance and from nano reefers alike. I've lurked on this forum for the better part of a decade and never got my feet wet. So this contest was my way to take a dive. The concept was to create a macro haven and along the way I have learned so much about the needs of macro algae compared to corals and other livestock. I initially hoped to prove a therapy that using macros at the very beginning of a new tank would help "speed up" the process of checking, and boy did that teach me some interesting lessons! I almost quit multiple times, I dealt with a lot of losses that were unfortunate and the result of mostly my own lack of knowledge or proper precautions taken, and yet here we are several months later and the Mini Macro Mansion has survived through all odds. My little clown fish Eeek has made it through it all with me even after her other half Meek took a long ride on the hardwood roller coaster and wasn't found in enough time to keep swimming. I learned that me and Stony corals still have a long way to go before that relationship can be tested again 😅. The biggest lesson I learned was to have more faith in myself and my abilities, and to never stop learning, never stop trying and to ALWAYS have a lid on your aquarium! If there are any questions I didn't answer I'm sorry I'm a bit scatter brained lately 😅. Feel free to ask here and I'll answer whatever I can ☺️ Reefin' 9 to 5, Brought to you by: & FTS February 28th. Entry photo Day 1: October something 😅
  15. The World Turned Upside Down Current Full Tank Shot: Oct. 31st Contest Entry Picture: Equipment: Tank: Aqueon Rimless 5.5 gallon tank (16 3/16 x 8 3/8 x 10 1/2) Light: ABI 23W Tuna Blue Par38 LED Heater: Aqueon Submersible 50W heater Circulation: Jebao SW-2 AutoAqua smart ATO Lite Powerhead from my 20 gallon, I don't remember the brand Livestock: TBD So I am a long time lurker very intermittent poster in my tank thread (I have been lax on maintenance recently so it is not looking quite its best), but I already had the tank, light and heater from a planned coral quarantine tank that I never ended up setting up. So I decided that since I had most of the equipment already I may as well put it to use. So I bought a powerhead, some extra base rock and am going to join my first ever nano-reef contest. My attempts to put together the aquascape over the next week or so will determine if the current tank theme will work or if I will need to think of a new theme very fast! I figure that it has been a very topsy turvy couple of years, so I will attempt a topsy turvey aquascape, hopefully unveiling soon, however neither my construction or DIY skills are that great so we'll see how it goes. There also remains the problem of structural integrity, I may be able to accomplish what I am hoping for, but if it falls apart later then there will be an entirely new set of problems!
  16. Empresto's 9to5 5-Gallon Cube System A 5 gallon office closet budget build (yes, the second tank in my office closet). Current Full Tank Shot: Contest Entry Picture: Equipment: Tank: 9.5"x9.5"x9.5" (Internal Dimensions) 3.7 gallon Cube Filtration: DIY Sun Tea Container Canister filter (1 Gallon) Cobalt Aquatics inline pump for water movement Lily pipes for in/out/surface skimming HOB Filter (holds about a pint) Heater: 20W Cobalt Aquatics heading element installed in the canister filter and controlled by the Arduino Lighting: AquaMaxx Nemo Light DIY Arduino Aquarium Controller More equipment TBD... Livestock: Coral frags from my other two tanks TBD... Highlight Links: TBA... This tank is basically a resurrection of my first saltwater tank, empresto's 4gal Cube. My main goal with this contest is to see if I can set up a tank from just what I have lying around the fish room, hoping to only buy things that are consumables (salt, food, additives) with the exception of possibly adding a fish I don't already own, but that's still TBD. Might need to get a couple more snails as well. As for scape, I have two pieces of BRS dry rock I've added to the sumps of my other two systems which I hope to use to make a two mountain with valley type scape. Corals will mostly be montipora sp. along with some mushrooms and xenia for some movement. Might add a pocillopora frag depending on how things go/look. Planning to test out an idea I've had for an Arduino based controller on this tank. I've got other ideas too, but we'll see where this journey goes... 🙂 Reefin' 9 to 5, Brought to you by: &
  17. Jaren45

    [9to5] The "free" Nano

    Entry pic 10/1/2021 Starting this contest tank with the intention to use all* used equipment that I already have. Here's the rundown so far EQUIPMENT: - Tank: IM Nuvo Black 6g (20.8x7.8x7.8") - Sump: Aqueon 2.5g - Circulation: Jebao DCP-2500 - Heater: NEWA 50w - Lighting: 2x 150w equivalent 6500k LED bulb LIVESTOCK: - Red Mangroves - 1x Sailfin Blenny - Rest tbd!
  18. Welcome to the machine I've done a few wreck dives in my time and I find it cool to see nature slowly colonise the old broken machinery and give it new life and purpose. I've wondered for a while whether I could try and reproduce that in a reef aquarium. Well I shall wonder no more although the answer is probably no 🤣. I'm only allowed another reef tank by the missus if it's a coral quarantine so this has to double as a QT but if the corals remain in there longer than is strictly necessary, well I'm just being cautious aren't I? Also I'm trying to keep costs to a minimum but fortunately I do have a collection of bits & pieces that can be pressed into service once more. I have a 30 * 30cm cube aquarium that has previously been used as a QT but has been dry for a while. The problem is I want to keep the display as clean as possible so will need to drill and construct a custom sump from acrylic. Let the fun begin.... 😲 Contest Entry Picture: A 3/4" plywood cabinet has been bashed together. Current Full Tank Shot: FTS 14/02/22 - Rubbish iphone pic, will do better! Equipment: Stuff I already have Tank: 30 * 30 cm 6mm glass Light: AI prime 16 HD Tunze 9001 DC skimmer BM QQ2 Nano 100w titanium heater Aqua Medic mini reactor Too noisy reef-pi controlling ATU & Heater Sicce syncra 1.0 return pump (might need to upgrade, dunno yet) TMC Reef Pump 2000 Need to buy: Acrylic for the sump Pipe, valves etc. AI Nero 3 powerhead Livestock: Coral Acropora Cerialis blue Acropora Millepora green Acropora Millepora blue Acropora Loripes blue/grey Seriatopora Hysterix Green Seriatopora Hysterix Pink Seriatopora bird of paradise Pavona Maldivensis Green Montipora Digitata forest fire Montipora Digitata red (ish) Montipora Digitata purple Montipora Capricornis red Leptoseris hulk Leptoseris oil slick Cyphastrea jingle bells Duncan Fishies Tailspot blenny - Murgatroyd Inverts Cleaner shrimp - The shrimp with no name. Highlight Links: None as yet but knowing me these will be epic fail links! The current design for the pipework and sump bring the total volume over 9 gallons. This will be fixed in the next iteration of the design to bring it to within contest rules. I could've saved a bit of drilling by going for a durso overflow rather than a herbie but I'm wary of dursos blocking and bits of my anatomy are at stake if there are leaks! The height of the sump is dictated by overflow chamber which is that height to allow for a 4" * 9" filter sock. The rest of the sump does not need to be that high and will be cut down to bring it within the rules. Backflow on power off should be kept to a minimum by the non-return valve on the return. Both the siphon and return are valved to balance the flow as the sicce is not controllable. The proposed scape will be 3D printed with plenty of locating holes for frag plugs, it has to be a coral QT to pass the tank inspector.. I'll paint it and weather it with non-toxic acrylic paint. It will probably flake and chip over time but I'm hoping that will just add to the effect and that coralline will take over in time anyway. A render of the proposed scape. I still have changes to make but it's getting close to how I want it. To make up in part for the lack of home for nitrifying bacteria the central pipe will be filled with sintered glass media, probably JBL sintomec with the side vents allowing some flow through. If necessary I can also put media in the sump. This has fail written all over it but hey, I'll give it a solid go...... Reefin' 9 to 5, Brought to you by: &
  19. Murphs_Reef

    cube of nothingness

    9to5 7g Cube of nothingness.. Current Full Tank Shot: [Photo 📸 Coming Soon] Contest Entry Picture: Equipment: Tank 30, 30, 30cm 7 US Gallons. Jebao wp10 pump Fluval 50w heater Livestock: Coffee 3kg Caribsea Moani Dry Life rock, 5kg white 1mm sand..
  20. growsomething

    925 contest tank "Why Be Normal"

    Here's my contest offering, the "Why Be Normal" tank. 6 gallons of pests and strangeness, hopefully attractive. This will be a clash of fw and sw in appearance only. Current Full Tank Shot: [Photo 📸 Here] Contest Entry Picture: Equipment: 6 Gal. Fluval edge with the top removed. 18w nemo light. For now a .5 sicce return pump sitting in the tank, maybe a cheap hob later with live rock in it. Was looking at intank, but they dont carry any. Bdbs from Tractor Supply Dragon rock and other fw type rock. Spiderwood Livestock: Local caught mojano and other oddities, glass anemone, xenia, caulerpa, and one feature item tbd. Not sure if a local caught fish or shrimp will go in it, but probably if I take time to catch something. Today I aske the lfs for a ziptie in their system covered in aptasia. They thought I was joking. What a beauty!
  21. Hey there! Recently, I have reduced this hobby to just one tank in light of life changes and an intense schedule working at an observatory. Although never intending to set up another reef tank, this 9 to 5 contest twisted my arm into setting up this small reef tank 🙈 In all respects though, I think this is going to be my endgame reef and plan to have it running until in 30 years I finally get my 220 or get out of the hobby. Like the title says, my goal with this tank is to have it be a "jungle" of SPS corals, or rather, a dedicated SPS system (but only between the hours of 9 to 5... 😉) This tank will be plumbed into a sump and will have a display fuge if everything goes to plan. I still have to tack down a few items that are going to power this tank, but I look forward to creating a neat little tank to help me get through the work day. Join me on this small adventure for many moons to come! Me in the office waiting for things to arrive... Current Full Tank Shot: Contest Entry Picture: Equipment: Tank: UNS 45L Lighting: 2x Noopsyche K7 V3 75W LEDs Stand: Vasagle Lowell Cabinet Filtration: Penn Plax Cascade 700 Wave Maker: Hygger Mini Wave Maker Heater: Topfin 20w preset ATO: Auto Aqua Smart ATO Lite Livestock: Corals: So much SPS Fish: TBD Inverts: TBD
  22. Milton’s Basement Carboy Bommie Milton is going to be setting this carboy on 🔥. Knowing my limitations, I cannot tweeze together a reef in a bottle, so I will place frags and let them do it naturally. Husbandry will mimick that of my old reefbowl….. air pump, heater, light, 100% water changes. The plan is to fasten small fragments to frag plugs that are inverted so the stem faces upward. This will achieve lifting the frags off the bottom, it will allow me to fit mounted frags more easily through the tiny opening, and it will create a wide base to hopefully offer stability to the frags once set. Perhaps some crushed coral as a bed to help conceal the bases of the plugs and offer further stability in the event the glue loosens from below the plug(I know it likely won’t stick well to the glass bottom). If they don’t stick I might try stapling them in with my trusty Swingline. The initial stocking with frags will hopefully be the only one and they will be allowed to grow into a Bommie. This is a long term project that likely won’t look spectacular until well after the contest. Current Full Tank Shot: [Photo 📸 Here] Contest Entry Picture: Equipment: 5g Glass carboy Cobalt Aquatics 10w Minitherm Heater(likely need a 20w but since it’s a budget build I’m trying my luck, might even use 2x 10w heaters as I have those on hand) Azoo Temp controller(Dr. Fosters score from when they closed) Cobalt Aquatics Airpump w/ battery backup Lift Pipe Carboy Bung(LOL google it) Carboy Jacket w/ Viewing window cut out(if needed) Light spill from my 50g and maybe a kessil a80 or two w/ controller Livestock: Coral Only, excess frags from my 50g lowboy nothing fancy CUC stomatella, micro brittle stars, bristleworms Super excited to be participating in another nanoreef competition, especially one sponsored by Stevie T. Still upset the grand champ doesn’t get flown out to Intank head quarters for a dip in the ping pong ball filled hot tub in the wettest water man has seen. Hookers, blow and all the Swedish fish imaginable included. Reefin' 9 to 5, Brought to you by: &
  23. FTS #1: Oct 1, '21 CONTEST ENTRY PHOTO: EQUIPMENT: IKEA Kallax Stand IM Nuvo Fusion 10 w/ stock (92gph) pump LIVESTOCK:
  24. Tidal Tank: Aka the Frankencube Current Full Tank Shot: Contest Entry Picture: Equipment: Tank (5.5 gallons, 11" x 11" x 11") ATO Container (Tide Machine) Airstone for 40 Litre Tank ASTA 20 LED Marine "Hardscape": Cycled Rock from Mantis Tank Cycled Sand from Mantis Tank Collection Rocks from Beach Livestock: TBD The Idea: Tidal Tank, along with actual tide action.
  25. Contest Journal Title Hey everyone! I decided to dip my busy toe into the 9 to 5 contest. My idea is that the tank will be shown as a live feed in my class for my (and maybe some students') entertainment. How the tank looks outside of frame means NOTHING! All that we will focus on is what I can see with a Wyze cam or two. The tank is currently tucked next to my frag tank's sump. Tight quarters so not much viewing anyways! I am a traveling teacher (no room) so I can't set up a tank in a classroom. This is the next best thing to be able to enjoy my tank while at work. Current Full Tank Shot: Contest Entry Picture: Equipment: Lifegard 7.4 Peninsula (side filter) Heater Stock Pump (hope Sicce upgrade works) Wyze Cam + filter Reefbreeders Lumi Pro 8" ? Hydros power strip (C2 controls frag tank) Livestock: TBD Highlight Links: Future Conclusion, summary, or thanks... Soon (tm) Reefin' 9 to 5, Brought to you by: &
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