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9 to 5 Awkward cube


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9 to 5 Awkward Cube


Hello everyone, this is my second contest. I had tried the 365 day challenge, sadly I couldn't get the filtration system to work so I quietly walk away. I have had this cube for over 2 years, but couldn't figure out what to do with it, and this contest is the perfect excuse to use it. Since the old school reef contest, I have hoarded some equipment, so I will reuse most of it.

Still not sure whether to use the canister filter or just relay on the rock and flow for the filtration. It will be sitting in my living room, but my office is a 7 minute walk from home so I consider it to be at work.

For livestock I will try to stay on easy corals, mostly soft and few invert, nothing fancy, just hope I make them thrive.

Good luck everyone, and the most important, Happy Reefing


Current Full Tank Shot:



Contest Entry Picture:




  • Custom made cube h=24 cm, w=28.5, l=28.3 (inside measurements) 19.36 lts around 5.11 gallons
  • Canister filter (not sure yet)
  • Surface skimmer
  • rest to be defined



  • TBD






Reefin' 9 to 5, Brought to you by:

bc_2021_110x_1616785074__07235.original.png  &  nano-reef1.jpg.fcea84e88e84e22df3df32aeac707369.jpg


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I have reset some rock I had used before; I tried sodium hypochlorite (bleach) method and I am pleased with the result, 5 part of water and 1 part bleach. let it soak for a week, then let dry the rock. After that, I mixed hydrogen peroxide same proportion, and let the rock soak for three days.




I think I will add a third rock in the center, that my significant other and I picked up from the beach, but I will use some acrylic rods to get a "floating" scape




next week will do a leak test and run system for a week with PRIME to be on the safe side.

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19 hours ago, ef4life said:

A canister filter seems like such a good idea for nanos. I’m surprised they aren’t more common 

Yes they work as they are intended to, as with everything in the hobby it is necessary to do regular maintenance to keep them running long term, but they get the job done; I also like the cleaner look

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