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Soft Pink Coral ID


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The yellow is a leather and you don't see yellow often. Looks like a finger leather.


The centre one looks like a kenya leather.


The one to the left not certain but definitely a leather


The one cut out of the pic looks like a long polyp leather

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14 hours ago, JHitch said:

Could be! I extra curious about the yellow one in the back

Wow!  Those are nice!!!!  I may have to take a trip to petco and see if my store got anything new.  I have a few leathers from them in my tank.  


I think the yellow is a colt coral.  I would LOVE to find one of those!!!!

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3 hours ago, JHitch said:

@Clown79 this one was interesting. Super cheap. Thoughts?


Looks like a toadstool thats growing from a frag, it just hasn't grown its stem yet but will, its polyps aren't out but you can see the dots where the polyps should be.


Me personally, i'd go for the yellow and the devils finger.


They are all leathers. The one to the right of the yellow is a devils finger.

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