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  1. Clown79

    15 column new build

    The prime HD has a par of 100 at 24" depth. Now that may drop depending on the percentages you use but if you keep all low/mod light corals on the bottom it should be fine.
  2. There is a journal section on the forum. Its just like starting a thread but basically documenting/discussing your tank. Reading journals is great too. You learn a lot from them.
  3. Hi The tank looks great and the corals look happy. I personally think the chemical media is over kill. Both chemipures are carbon with added resin. 1 is a resin that does the same as purigen, 1 reduces phos. This can lead to stripping the tank of available nutrients. What other media are you using? For Reed roids, I'd suggest feeding 1 time a week in a new tank because it can lead to nutrient issues- your tank is new and the algae periods aren't over yet. I like to add a pinch to some tank water and broadcast feed. You can spot feed it as well.
  4. Clown79

    20H what would you add next??

    If it was me, I wouldn't add anything to the tank because it adds bioload to the 20g. I would first get the new tank then transfer everything over and use the 20h as a quarantine for the new additions. I wouldn't add a tang to a 40-50g.
  5. If you aren't interested in sw you could just trade the clown in to a store for credit or find a home for him and then convert the tank to a planted fw. Here are some examples of macro reef tanks
  6. Clown79

    Pico Draining Alkalinity

    Just remember, as alk changes, so does ca As one drops the other increases and vice versa. That's why certain products are better to use because they keep alk and ca balanced.
  7. The lights you have are fine. They are designed for corals so you don't need to spend money on upgrading those. You can do a macro algae tank(sw plants) there are lots of beautiful macro's. You could add some cool mushroom corals and they are simple to care for. A good clean up crew that will bring life to the tank are: Scarlet and blue legged hermits Trochus and nassarius snails
  8. Clown79

    Biocube 16 Set Up

    I can't say on the chemipure switching. I stopped using chemipure. I use other media. Skimmers can strip nano tanks of available nutrients. They aren't necessary on small tanks. For certain set ups they are needed.
  9. Clown79

    Pico Draining Alkalinity

    Each tank is different and alk consumption changes frequently. In a new tank with rocks and sand you may see big fluctuations. My tank has gone from using alk every day to dropping from 8.8-8.6 in 4 days. That's why testing is essential with alk because its consumption changes.
  10. Hello and welcome As of right now the care is pretty simple but it does get further in depth as you start adding corals. An anemone, I would wait on till you are more experienced and do lots of research on that. Corals require certain needs and I would stick with easier corals but do a lot of research before getting into them The evo light is good for soft corals and lps. This hobby is not cheap, just a heads up. There will be things you will need if you plan on keeping this tank. First piece of advise, do a lot of research. 1. Maintenance 2. Water chemistry 3. Lighting 4. Coral needs 5. Nitrogen cycle Go through lots of journals on here to get an idea of what others do and whats necessary for SW. If you reused the old sand I would test ammonia levels in the tank or have an ammonia alert badge in place and seachem prime on hand in the event there is a spike. Here are a few things to get you started Maintaining proper salinity level - You will need to top up daily with fresh water(rodi or distilled- tap not good for saltwater) The chamber where the pump is, it evaporates. It needs topping up to the same level every day, so either put a piece of tape on the outside glass to mark the full level(top up to this every day), or have a visual in the pump chamber. Weekly Waterchanges Doing weekly waterchanges is most common. 15-20%. Using Distilled or rodi water you will need to mix salt water. - add water to bucket, add powerhead, add heater, slowly add salt and stir with new spatula. Check salinity. Continue adding salt until it reaches correct salinity. (1.023 for fish only 1.025 or 1.026 for full reef) Water must be clear to use before adding it. During waterchange - scrape glass, use a new Turkey baster to blow the rocks of detritus, and vacuum sand. - back chambers need siphoning every other week. Not empty but to remove poop, food, etc. - filter media needs taking care of(sponges need rinsing etc etc) Refill tank with new salt water and check salinity. Unfortunately if you want a reef, changes will need to be made for the tank. Filtration- stock media is not good for SW. Buying or making a media basket is the first upgrade. Media upgrade: get rid of the current media. The sponge should be cut and reduced each waterchange since it's now a form of bio filter(no need with liverock) cheapest is buying filter floss which needs changing 2 times a week. It can be purchased in bulk to make it cheap. Buy a good carbon in larger containers and media bags. Bag your own carbon. Use smaller quantities. Dump the carbon out of bag every 2 weeks and add new carbon. What you will need on hand: Buckets, small containers, gravel vacuum, Turkey baster, tweezers, an extra cheap powerhead and heater for salt mixing, salt, rodi or distilled water, filter floss, carbon. Filter media, seachem prime for emergencies. For corals, you will need a powerhead in tank, upgrade to refractometer if using hydrometer, test kits, Definitely do a lot of reading and ask lots of questions. Good luck.
  11. Clown79

    My BTAs mouth is super puffy

    That just detoxifies chlorine and ammonia/nitrites. It doesn't remove tds, nitrates, phosphates, and all the other stuff found in bottled drinking water. Bottled drinking water is only 1 step above tap(studies here have proved our tap water is better than bottled "spring" water)
  12. Clown79

    Cutting Mushroom Advice

    Most cut it in 4 to frag them Check out YouTube videos on fragging.
  13. Clown79

    My fiance's reef coral ID

    Looks like a Duncan. Looks like something landed on it. Pics too blue to really see the spot clearly enough to identify
  14. Clown79

    Low pH, Low DKH, High Nitrates, can I survive?

    Do 100% waterchange and definitely siphon any left over decomposing fish and even the sand. Nitrates won't reduce on their own, you need to export them
  15. Clown79

    My BTAs mouth is super puffy

    Drinking water as in spring water? That's not really safe, it's pretty much treated tap water. Distilled or Rodi is the purest water and best to use.