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  1. Rock Flower Anemone Issue?

    Anemones move and it will continue moving until it's happy. Trying to move it and force it can cause damage. It's unhappy either due to too little light, too much light, or water parameters. What's your water source? What's maintenance on the tank like? How long has the tank been set up? How often is testing done? What's lighting is used? Is salinity properly maintained with daily top up?
  2. Hair Alage

    In my experience, when you see gha start you have to attack it immediately or it will take over. You have to figure out the cause and eliminate that as well as get rid of gha or it will return. Go through feeding habits, water source, additives, filter media (and maintenance of it), cleaning the sand bed. Something causes it and figuring out what, is the first step. I had gha start on a rock in my 15g. I immediately manually removed the gha and spot treated without hydrogen peroxide and then evaluated my routine. After cleaning my filter, pumps, adding phosguard, changing purigen, doing a thorough maintenance of the tank, my the was gone. In my 10g I had an outbreak on my sand bed. No matter how aggressively I vacuumed my sand, no matter how much I removed, no matter what I did, it returned and got worse. I removed the sand and started with new and different kind of sand. Never had gha in this tank since.
  3. Show off your Freshwater!

    In my experience FW planted has been more difficult to keep than a coral reef tank. My FW has algae issues like no other and nothing I do gets rid of it and I can't get my plants to flourish. I foresee this betta tank becoming an sw
  4. Nah. Don't worry. All in one's are easy. Everyone here will help you, just ask
  5. what kind of media is this

    It looks like some kind of Bio media.
  6. seabass's contest pico

    I have to agree. I think that's where my issues are...a 24w bulb even 20" I think is too much.
  7. Clowns Pico contest build

    It's very strange as my salt has been consistent
  8. Clowns Pico contest build

    Normally 8 Did a waterchange on Friday on all 3 tanks. Alk. Ca. 10g 8 425 25g 8 425 Pico 10 370
  9. Clowns Pico contest build

    I've had an ammonia badge in there. No ammonia. I used liverock from my existing tank. I have a hermit and a pom pom in there that are doing fine. That's why I'm baffled.
  10. Clowns Pico contest build

    I would think it would work. 12w on a 5g fluval spec. It's a longer tank but still not very big. My cheap 24w par38 worked on 15g. Let me know if you sell the tuna blue.
  11. seabass's contest pico

    How is your tank handling 23w of light and how high do you have it?
  12. Clowns Pico contest build

    That's what I was thinking too. I'm working on the alk issue. I was thinking of ordering the abi tuna blue but I plan to upgrade this Pico to a 5g fluval spec and want to be able to use the Abi on that.
  13. Clowns Pico contest build

    That's the odd thing. My alk in both my other tanks are not that high. Average tests for both my tanks are 420 ca and 8 alk.
  14. Clowns Pico contest build

    For sure Nitrate 5 Alk 10 Ca 370 Sg 1.025 Temp 78