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  1. Clown79

    Nano Fish with Small Mouths Feeding Issue

    Flake food breaks easily so it's great for small mouth fish. Frozen cyclops is another small one.
  2. I swear you can just look at them and they get mad. If it's not melting or mushy, it's all good.
  3. Clown79

    Alk demand decreasing?

    Over the years I've seen alk consumption change. You won't have the same consumption all the time. Corals may use more during growth spurts and then it may die down until the next growth period. Even day to day can change. I've seen it where for 2 days my alk drops but then for another 2 days it barely moves.
  4. Clown79

    Do I need a lid?

    I always worry about jumpers because any fish can do it, especially if spooked. You can always make a mesh lid out of window framing. It's very easy and cheap but prevents you from finding fish on the floor.
  5. Clown79

    Pods galore!

    That's cool. Great job🙂
  6. The only leather I have owned that isn't moody is the green nepthea. When it gets upset it bounces back within ours My toadstools though, man anything makes them grumpy. Lol
  7. Canada corals is excellent. Pristine tanks, beautiful set up, and excellent customer service. Fragbox has a great reputation but I have never personally been or shopped with then. Big Al's is good but depends on location. Mississauga has a nice/large set up and good reputation.
  8. I'm originally from Toronto but now I'm in Waterloo Region. Great stores to deal with are Fragbox.com Canada corals Big al's mississauga is great. They have quite a selection and can order items in Dry goods Reefsupplies Petsandponds Jlaquatics Finding specific rock is hit and miss. Most commonly found dry rock here is Marco dry rock Caribsea I prefer caribsea life rock for dry rock. Nice shapes, easily breaks, lots of hole for frags. The regular dry rock by caribsea doesn't break easily (their dry Tonga doesn't break at all. Lol)
  9. Clown79

    I want to start feeding my corals

    You don' want to over feed. If you have fish, 1 - 2 weekly feedings is enough. I feed Aquaforest powder for lps and sps and vitalis lps pellets 1 time a week. Reef roids is good but for sps and filter feeders. My corals love frozen cyclops
  10. Clown79

    Cycling Done - Keep dosing?

    No. If you add ammonia you will kill the livestock. The bacteria is established. It won't die without drying out the rocks.
  11. That's my only complaint. Not enough instructions on the settings. I set up my own.
  12. Yes. They are moody corals. Mine often close up after waterchanges. They also hate being touched. If it happens very often and for long periods it can be a sign that it's not happy with its location. Too much light, not enough light, not enough flow
  13. Clown79

    Aquavitro products???

    I've used fuel and stopped. Every time I used it I had huge algae outbreaks and that's with half the recommended dose. I don't use the other products due to cost. I like esv bionic. 2 part. $20 for both parts.
  14. I had issues with my jebao's and gave up on them. I like the aqamai kps. Awesome wavemaker, fully customizable.
  15. Clown79

    Salt adding nitrates to my water?

    Looks like 5ppm next to 10ppm. Both should be viewed in natural light for accurate viewing.