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  1. is my duncan ok

    stock spec v lighting isn't suitable for corals. It's good for low light freshwater plants and algae. The tanks stock pump provides very little flow in the tank as well.
  2. Cobalt Neotherm 100watt in Nuvo 10 gallon?

    You shouldn't put liverock in the back chambers and on a 10g, you don't need a skimmer.
  3. what coral(s) should i get next

    The light on the spec v is not suitable for corals. The spectrum is for freshwater plants and low light plants. You might get away with plain mushrooms. Are you topping up evaporated water with the salt water?
  4. Having a skimmer doesn't allow for less waterchanges.
  5. Fusion 40

    Very nice. Love the corals
  6. Cobalt Neotherm 100watt in Nuvo 10 gallon?

    The heater should go in the second chamber not the chamber with the return pump. The 3rd chamber(pump) is where the water level drops due to evaporarion and the only way to have a heater in there is with an ato.
  7. Aqua One 35 Nano Tank

    There are many factors. Your nitrates aren't overly high but you mentioned your water is RO water with 25 tds. You have no idea what's going into your tank via the water source. Ro is not pure therefore there are many contaminants that may be getting introduced into your tank. Your lighting may be an issue Inconsistent parameters - lps need stable alk. Not sure if it's the powerhead - depends on how strong the flow is
  8. High salinity during cycle?

    Changing salinity now will effect nothing. There is no livestock in the tank so it's safely done. with cycling it's best to test from the beginning because you need to see the ammonia rise and process. Also with liverock, often the cycle can occur very quickly and without testing you won't know. I agree over testing can be obsessive and cause stress but during cycling, it's best to test every other day. Once the cycle is complete, weekly testing of the other parameters is best. This is how you get to understand what's going on in your tank and how things are effected by changes in certain parameters.
  9. High salinity during cycle?

    Welcome Don't stress, you should be fine. Unfortunately for a reef 1.020 is low. 1.025 or 1.026 is ideal. Just top up daily with salt water correct it. Calibrate your refractometer to ensure it's correct. To maintain salinity (If you have no ato) Make a mark somewhere on the tank when it's full at correct salinity. Top up to that level every day. Have you been testing ammonia, nitrite, nitrate during cycling?
  10. Brand new 20 gallon

    Nice looking tank. Liveaquaria.com has a lot of info and compatibility chart There are a few options. Ocellaris clowns Firefish Gobies Blennies Cardinals Orchids dottyback Royal gramma
  11. Is anyone nano-reefing without water changes?

    I slacked on my 10g. I allowed it to go 2 weeks without waterchanges. To my surprise, the tank looked better. I was getting a lot of algae on the glass, when I skipped the water changes it has died down to nothing. My nitrates are at 2. So really it all depends on the system.
  12. Noob RO/DI questions

    I had to purchase an additional piece myself because my faucet has female threads and so does the adapter. It's a double male plastic adaptor.
  13. need inspiration for 36 gallon aquascape!!

    I liked using it to aquascape but not under water.
  14. Noob RO/DI questions

    But the waste line constantly draining, doesn't that drain the membrane section? I was told by spectrapure that the membrane and di must stay full or both get damaged. They advised having the hoses placed upwards but where my unit is, I can't because of my cupboards. I have no other place for the rodi unit to go. Been looking for a solution to cap off the di and waste line.
  15. Impulse Buy

    It needs tlc. First, instead of worrying about skimmers etc I'd get the much needed basics. Salt, water (rodi or distilled) ordering an rodi is a good idea but you will need water for resetting the tank. Refractometer Test kits Additional cheap heater and powerhead for making water Buckets New filter media (filter floss and carbon) New toothbrush and turkey baster Seachem Prime (just in case) Buy new sand and wash it prior to picking up the tank. Have lots of newly mixed water ready for set up To transport: Siphon water into buckets. Buckets with lids. Put livestock in 1 and rocks in another. Remove all sand and throw it out. Transport all items to your home Upon arrival to your home: Put a heater and powerhead in your livestock bucket (an air hose and stone is another good option) Remove equipment from tank and wash it in water/vinegar mix Scrub the tank down and rinse with water and vinegar, rinse well. (Straight razor works well at removing algae and baby bottle brushes work well in the back chambers. Set up tank and stand Add the rocks, then add sand, then fill with new salt water. Add new filter media. Turn heater, pump, and powerhead on Ensure salinity is correct Once temp reaches desired level and you can see to the back wall of tank, add livestock. You should not have a cycle as the rocks are established but testing ammonia is a good idea just in case and in the event, you will have seachem prime on hand.