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  1. Clown79

    What is this on my leathers ?

  2. Clown79

    Minimalist Cube Build

    Awesome aquascape!
  3. Clown79

    What is this on my leathers ?

    Looks like red planaria
  4. Clown79

    What is this on my leathers ?

    I'd dip the one and determine what flatworm species it is. Some species are bad and a complete tank treatment is required.
  5. Clown79

    Keeping track

    I document it but then add the info into an online app
  6. Clown79

    Shrimp molting

    I've personally never waited. Your parameters should be the same when mixing salt water. You should test the water to ensure it's the same
  7. Clown79

    Tips for new ''underaged'' reefer?

    Do you want sand or bare bottom?
  8. Clown79

    Blenny's are funny

    My bicolor is in a 5.5g. Tons of room in there. Look at the face😁 I used to have one. They are adorable. Mine was not shy. He would lay in my palm while I worked in the tank. The colour changing is so cool on them too.
  9. Clown79

    Blenny's are funny

    Just wanted to share some odd funny behaviour my bicolor blenny has. I've had a few different blenny's and have not had one who is so odd. He digs holes like jawfish and gobies After 8 mnths, its realized he's a grazer Its beyond skittish. I swear, he's never out swimming and if you go near the tank when he is out he jumps into one of his holes. Because he is so skittish(worse than any firefish I've had), my tank looks empty. Lol.
  10. Clown79

    Anemone questions

    Anemone's can move any time they want. It may be happy today but move in 2 weeks if they decide they don't like their location. https://m.liveaquaria.com/product/619/?pcatid=619
  11. Clown79

    Help, Fish Suffering From Lack of Oxygen

    If there is no ammonia present, I'd direct powerhead at water surface and either add another powerhead or an airstone to increase oxygen levels.
  12. Clown79

    Having some issues with macros

    I can't help with the one macro but dragons breath does go a bright orangy colour on the tips when it's in high light, this is normal. It's not a problem. If macro is melting, going white, falling apart it could be due to lack of nutrients
  13. Clown79

    IM peninsula 14 impulse buy

    I think for $25 that's was an awesome impulse buy😁 I would have gotten 2. Lol Tank is looking great. Really like the rockwork
  14. Clown79

    Brown Algae?????

    I figure diatoms since it's a nee tank but its definitely the uglies. I use trochus, ceriths, nassaurius, spiny star astrea in my tank.