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  1. Something dying or gases possibly. I've never had a smell in my tank but volunteered at my friends store and the snail tanks were enough to make me gag but we're talking like a tank full of snails. I would try hoodless to see if its the cause as well. 2 snails really wouldn't cause that bad of a smell.
  2. Unfortunately waterchanges aren't enough to maintain necessary elements once corals start using up those elements between waterchanges. In order to have no need to dose and rely solely on waterchanges, a softy only tank is required or multiple waterchanges a week. Sps and lps use up elements and more so as they grow so 1 waterchange a week will not be sufficient at maintaining the parameters. The next progression is what you choose there is no rule but testing alk, mag, ca weekly is the first step and keeping those stable is the next thing before considering more lps or sps, neither does well with swinging parameters.. Unfortunately dosing is part of maintaining the 3 major elements. Alk is super important and the stability of alk is even more important.
  3. why not hide it vertically behind the highest rock on the left of the tank? apparently eheims aren't meant to be placed horizontally, it has something to do with the build of the heaters.
  4. Dead snails and snail waste doesn't smell sweet, its a disgusting smell. Running carbon is a good choice and going hoodless will offer better gas exchange.
  5. Depends on tank size. If 80g plus you are ok with the tangs otherwise anything smaller you can't have those tangs. As for the clean up crew, customozing your purchase is better, the packages often have too many for new tanks, once again tank size is important..
  6. The mars aqua will be sufficient. They have a good reputation
  7. I had a tail spot blenny, I found it very hard to feed. They have super small mouths. I wouldn't put all of them in a 25g.
  8. White cloud is usually a bacterial bloom. I'd also check your ammonia levels. That many snails is too much for your size tank, theres just not enough food for them all. Trochus are great snails. 4 emerald crabs is even too much. I would check on your sand sifting star as they typically die in smaller tanks. They eat everything in the sand bed and then starve. Nano's just can't provide the amount of food they need for survival.
  9. I think your aquascape looks really nice and will give many dimensions when you start adding corals.
  10. Is this an aio or are you planning a sump? A skimmer on a 20g isn't really needed, waterchanges and low bioload is sufficient. Media reactors are personal choice but not necessary. Doing a stupid simple system is the best and easier for newbies. A powerhead for water movement is essential. There are a few good options. Hydor 420 Sicce Jebao sw-2 wavemaker The eheim heater is a good choice. For filteration, simple filter floss changed out 2 times a week and a good carbon like matrix carbon is all you need in the beginning. Filter floss purchased in bulk is $10 and will last quite a long time. Filter socks need washing and replacing. Carbon in a media bag rinsed weekly and changed out every 3 weeks. If and or when you need it you can add phos reducing media in a bag later on. You will need lighting if you plan on corals. The key to reef keeping is weekly water changes, weekly testing, low bioload, keep it simple, patience, and research.
  11. I use esv bionic 2 part doser. I find it easy to dose it manually and the 2 part allows you to have a balanced alk and ca. When you dose only 1 part, the other drops.
  12. Welcome
  13. Sorry, i use the mesh lid.
  14. Euphylia is a fairy easy coral same with most lps. The issue is they don't do well with fluctuations in alk and ca or do they like too much flow. Ensuring you don't have major swings is the best thing you can do.
  15. Using 2 part dosers allows you to keep a balanced alk and ca. When using singular dosing methods as you increase 1 the other will drop. Esv bionic is a good 2 part doser and easy to use. Your phos is a little high. Getting a low range kit like salifert is the best because kits like api aren't low range, by the time you get a reading of phos, its already very high.