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  1. So we all no 0 phos is not optimal and there are instances when phos/nitrates aren't in balance which can cause issues in our tanks. My experience since I started my tanks - I always get 0 results for phos. I have 4 Reef tanks and my phos tests are always 0, from the beginning. With or without phosguard use my phos is always 0. I even stopped testing because it was useless. I use salifert to test. Anyone else have this experience?
  2. Refresher course on cycling tank

    Nitrates don't process to 0 on there own and 0 nitrates isn't beneficial. Most do a waterchange after cycling to reduce the high nitrates to a more acceptable number like 5-10
  3. Crushed coral I wouldn't recommend. It's huge, it's sharp, it gets clogged, and difficult to clean- time consuming. Black sand- did that too and it was a big mistake. The grain size is almost the size of FW gravel. In an sw it trapped tons of detritus. I spent 7 months trying to get rid of the gha and cyano that developed. After all the work, I ripped apart the tank, got rid of the sand and replaced with white. Never had a problem again. Sand looks natural but does come with it's downfalls.
  4. Rhodactis mushroom help

    Corals do weird things. They move move around, its probably the flow.
  5. upgrade ti bigger system

    I did a tank transfer. I documented the process step by step in my journal.
  6. Aqua One 35 Nano Tank

    I can't say for certain that's 100% true. T5 is a great lighting option but most leds cn be adjusted to certain spectrums.
  7. Algae ID help needed

    I am not certain if that's bacterial, cyano, or dino. @seabass @brandon429 Can you help?
  8. Smallest powerhead?

    That's the one. It's the smallest powerhead available. Not sure why no one has designed an even smaller one since so many reef tanks are now even 1g.
  9. Biota mandarin; the pairing journey begins

    Poor thing. I hope all turns out well. Man clowns can be real mean! Mine haven't bred (that I have seen) but boy oh boy if I or the shrimp go near the frogspawn, all hell breaks loose. Funny though, they could care less when my blenny hangs around it...odd fish. If worse comes to worse, the clowns should be fine in the 10g, just don't forget their frogspawn.lol
  10. Algae ID help needed

    I've had a reddish brown web like algae develop on my sand. It never went further than that and no one could help identify it because it wasn't stringy with bubbles like dino and it never was thick and slimy like cyano. Just looks like webs wrapping around sand grains. I had it in my 15g and now in my 25g. I worked on it like any other algae because I never could 100% identify it. In my 15g to get rid of it I Tested nutrients I reduced photo period by 3 hrs Added small quantities of phosguard, started using purigen, cleaned all pumps, hoses, filters etc. Removed bits of sand every week, washed and replaced it. Fed corals very lightly if at all during this time Did bigger water changes. After a month or so it was gone.
  11. Clown's 25g Lagoon Upgrade

    Is this the work tank? It's really cool and obviously many gravitated to it😊 Reefs are so fascinating and relaxing.
  12. Smallest powerhead?

    The smallest powerhead in size is the hydor Pico.
  13. Help with torch coral flow?

    I like to point my returns to the surface/straight out on an angle and use the powerhead for flow to prevent dead spots. There are ways of aiming your powerhead towards the glass to allow it to bounce off the opposite panel to create a nice flow. Your rockwork doesn't appear high enough to really block the flow but maybe pulse mode isn't enough. You may want to try a random flow which changes.
  14. Fungia Plate Coral (Orange)

    Use a water bottle to cover it when you feed it.