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  1. Clown79

    power outage: run circulation or skimmer?

    Battery air pumps are a good option. I have a few on hand with a lot of batteries plus gang valves so I can run an air stone in my back chamber and display at the same time.
  2. Clown79


    Welcome to Nano
  3. Clown79

    Heater placement IM Lagoon 25

    Yes. You don't want it where the return pump is
  4. Clown79

    Corals on the bottom of Barebottom

    Ya if that is what the worry is, when the tank has been emptied you can use nail polish remover to remove any residue otherwise the coral glue won't harm glass.
  5. Clown79

    .2dkh alk!?! This cant be right!

    Your nitrates are only 2, that's fine but the phos is high. How often is filter floss changed, how often is carbon changed? Do you ever siphon out the ac20. Alot ov detritus builds in them so it's good to remove the buildup every 2 weeks I found. Do you vacuum your sand or Turkey baste the rocks? What are you feeding the fish and how often What media is the rust looking media? Sorry for all the questions but helps to try to figure out where the phos issue is and to help fix the issue. Adding a small amount of phosguard will help reduce it As for alk. I would get a good test kit and then test newly mixed water and the tank after a waterchange before trying to do anything about the alk level. One thing that fan cause such low alk eith RSCP salt is if you mix it not by their instructions or store it for longer than a week, it can precipitate out.
  6. Clown79

    Corals on the bottom of Barebottom

    I'm not 100% sure.
  7. Clown79

    Hammer coral poo

    I guess if you feed often they got to poop often😁 Does it appear to be happy? The only other thing I would do is check that it's not brown jelly disease
  8. Clown79

    Frog Spawn, is this the mouth fully open or an open sore?

    Looks like the mouth. Looks normal to me too.
  9. Clown79

    Corals on the bottom of Barebottom

    Gluing them down with coral glue would work
  10. Clown79

    .2dkh alk!?! This cant be right!

    Ya they can get costly especially if you buy a bunch at once. What I'm using right Hanna for Alk. I also like Salifert Ca and Mag is Red Sea Nitrate is Api but prefer Salifert.
  11. Clown79

    .2dkh alk!?! This cant be right!

    Do you test your own salinity with a refractometer? Maybe they meant 2 meq/l which is 5.6dkh and that is low.
  12. Clown79

    InvertsI or Fish

    I normally start out with a small cuc and then add a fish a few weeks later.
  13. Clown79

    Bristleworm sting

  14. Clown79

    Can Someone Review This Light?

    If you're looking for a good budget light Hipargero, Micmol, or Abi par 38. That Asta has hits and miss reviews. Generally 1 won't be enough for a 10g
  15. Clown79

    Concerned for my clownfish.

    Ya metroplex is a good choice for in tank treatment when used with Focus and feeding the fish directly. Running carbon removes any traces of it.