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  1. Pretty much. Ppl cut them in 4 to frag them. I've literally ripped them off rock and gotten new ones.
  2. Any phos reducers should be used as needed, in smaller quantities and frequent testing. Stripping phos is easy and ends up with bad results. I use Kent carbon and I use less than stated and change every 2 weeks.
  3. What I do is start mixing my water with heater and pump about an hr before I start waterchange, by the time I'm done the water change and need the water it's fine.
  4. Generator is allowed for those in houses.
  5. It looks dead/dying. How old is the tank, what are your parameters, and what light is being used?
  6. You can chop up mushrooms and multiples will grow. It's just ticked off.
  7. If you have a tank without coral it is a fish only tank. Fish need no special lighting. You can have a fish only tank, you can do macro tanks, coral tanks, anemone tanks, non photosynthetic coral tanks. How they are run and cared for will all be different. Here are some abbreviations that will help FO- no liverock, just fish, will need other biological filter methods FOWLR- fish only with liverock
  8. It often means 2 watchman gobies (ex.) will become aggressive with each other because they are same shape, possibly same colour, use the same territory. Whereas a clown goby and watchman which have different shapes may get along fine.
  9. I have personally found api nitrate to be pretty similar to salifert. Any chance some of the skimmate spilled into the tank? That would cause water to be green and an algae bloom. If it's an algae bloom, which can happen either way in a new tank, your test results won't be accurate since the algae is using the nitrates.
  10. I'm sorry for the losses. I have not seen any aggression with my nassarius. It is odd though that this all happened consecutively. Is there enough oxygen in the tank? Is it 100% cyano?
  11. We have no idling laws here. So if the car has to keep running, that's an issue
  12. Reusing old dirty sand leads to mini cycles. Your bio filter is mainly in the liverock unless it's a dsb. I have washed new dry sand until its completely clear in tap water, last rinses with Prime and rodi water. I have also done the same on washing existing sand and replacing in my tank. Never had a spike. I have used this method for tank transfers and overhauls.
  13. What AF salt are you using? The reef or Probiotic? Probiotic can be stored for 5 days only the reef longer. You can store the salt water with a sealed bucket and the next day heat it and add pump again. The water should be clear when used. With no heater or long enough mixing, that may be why it was still cloudy. The salt was not fully dissolved. You also want to check salinity at correct temps before use. I always mixed mine for 30mins with heater and pump before use. It was always clear by the time I needed it added to the tank. I never really follow the amount they tell you to use. I add the salt, stir with my reef spatula, check salinity. I continue adding and check until it's at the correct SG. As for storing, you don't need to keep it heated but when you go to use it, definitely add pump and heater. I normally only make enough at one time but I often have some left over and I just keep it in a sealed bucket. The amount of waterchange depends on the system. I normally do 15% but it changes with the tanks needs.
  14. I thought there was going to be an official announcement this week?
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