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Fluval V "Tech tank"


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A Fluval Spec / Evo V build! From disorganized Aptasia garden to tech stuffed TOTM  🤞


17-Sept-2020  First Photos



11-Nov-2020 Update PXL_20201112_050955545.jpg


1-Aug-2021 Update


Tech list:

- Fluval Spec V tank.

- Fluval marine 3 LED with Current USA mounting bracket.

- Marineland 606 return pump

-Hygger Adjustable DC powerhead

-VCA Random Flow Generator

- Inkbird ITC-308S

- Hydor 50 watt heater.

- XP Aqua Duetto ATO (super slim power supply)

- Auto Aqua Smart Level Security

-InTank Aquatics water director, plug kit, and surface skimmer

- Artic COV- 44100 8 Switch power strip with custom ICM203 feed delay circuit.


Always wanted to try a proper PICO reef. I love DIY and this one absolutely pushed my limits, the hardest build I've ever done. The biggest constraint was using all UL or other certified products.



*Much of this was already written elsewhere so it's gonna be copy pasta but I would LOVE to answer questions along the way from the N-R family. 


*The tank no longer resides with me in Hawaii, but I get to live vicariously through the new owner.



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The first piece of equipment I got for the tank. A reef breeders prism ATO. 

New gear just showed up! Hoping this will fit. 

And... I hated. It's a great concept but the low level sensor is way too low for a pico and probably many nano aquariums. Just went ahead and spent double the price and pulled the trigger on a XP duetto ATO
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Well back to something I do love. Some pics of the first DIY/mod I've done to the tank.


The tank came with a Current LED which seems to get a lot of hate but tbh I kinda like it and also I don't want to spend any more money on a new light.


I didn't however like the rim/leg mount of the light on the rim. Too easy to knock off, I already sent the light for a swim, and I wanted something that was going to look more sleek.


Step one was to cut the stock mounting bracket off the rear chamber. It was glued on with silicone so a little bit of patience and a razor blade was all it took to remove it.



And then I did a little bit of R&D and some mock-up and came up with a way to mount a stock current tank mount bracket without using the supplied clamp.


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This is really my first time doing this sort of acrylic project. Huge shout out to Avast Marine Works  for having craftics plastic weld on hand that stuff is a pain to find but works so much better than weldon.



I did all the cutting on my circular saw with a 200 tooth blade but it was fairly rusty/dull so I ended up with pretty rough edges. So I tried flame polishing the edges using a blowtorch and although not flawless came out better than expected.


The slot in the bracket is in case I ever want to add a thumb screw to adjust the height of the light. But in order to prevent light spill I plan on having the light as low/close to the water as possible.


After letting the acrylic set for 24 hours I then attached my new bracket to the back of the tank with silicone That way if I ever wanted to remove it down the road it would just take more patience and a razor blade.


PhotoGrid_1600398571752.jpgI have a lot of failed DIY projects so I was pretty happy when this turned out the way I was hoping.

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Happy to report the light bracket is holding. Very very well as a matter of fact.


I actually removed one bracket since the light weighs so little and it can now freely pivot 90 degrees (and a bit more) in each direction. MVIMG_20200917_170847.jpg


This is what I mean by pivot. Gives great access to reach in or feed or whatever else without having to remove the light all together.IMG_20200918_203513.jpg

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On 9/2/2021 at 9:52 AM, Instant_taco said:

This is fire. Loving the progress


Thank you so much!

On 9/2/2021 at 10:28 AM, DevilDuck said:

Great job modifying the light!

Appreciate it! Thanks. Gone through a upgrades since, though we're using the same current bracket throughout. Will post pics soon

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