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  1. So pulled everything but the skimmer. No reactors no media no purigen ect. Params: Ammonia, nitrates, nitrites, and phosphate all 0. Temp 78-79, pH 8.1-8.3. Water changes with redsea coral pro every 3-4 weeks. Flow is good, lighting is good, nutrient load is low, and yet i have to blow off aquascape and some corals a couple of times a week from cyano/red slime which grows in both high and medium flow areas there arent really any dead spots.
  2. chaostactics

    Help: My coraline algae only grows "underground"?

    Helpful insight and i agree that can happen but i have a radion g4 pro 10" off the suface with lighting that doesn't exceed 50%
  3. chaostactics

    Help: My coraline algae only grows "underground"?

    Still having this issue. Idgi. I water change about 20% water once every 3 weeks to a month with redsea coral pro. Ammonia, nitrates, nitrites, and phos are all 0. pH is 8.0-8.3 consistently, temp is stable around 79.
  4. Took the biopellet out today, used chemi clean to eliminate the cyano, did a 30-40% water change, didnt add the purigen back in, changed mech filtration pad, will take phos ban out tonight or tomorrow. Will consider feeding more.
  5. The cyano itself is not my largest concern, though it is one of them. I may consider ditching the biopellet reactor though... I cant do a fuge as my macros keep dying (i didnt have this issue with my 30 gallon) A UV sterilizer is not impossible but close to as i dont think the ones that are submersible are shown to be that effective and i dont have space to run one externally
  6. Oh no, i wasnt saying that ive just done a couple of 20% water changes in the past month. My last params on reef crystals were Mag 1400, Cal 400, and Alk 7
  7. Someone asked for a pic, its hard to get the white balance correct.
  8. I used Reef crystals for the last 10 years or so switched ro redsea in the last month to see if it would help. Seems to make no diff in my params.
  9. 80-90% of the sand bed gets churned with every water change as i vacuum at the same time. Ive done %50 water changes but not 100% I got the RSCP to avoid dosing.
  10. Its a mix of grey coast calcite and caribsea black sand, most of which has been in various tanks of mine for 10 years. The rock is a mixture of live rock ive had in various systems for 6-7 years.
  11. I have an IM 40 of which all the contents were transplanted from an IM 30 that was doing relatively well. I get cyano blooms here and there, i cant keep macro algae alive at all, coraline algae doesnt grow, and every bta i add to the tank shrinks to almost nothing (baseball size shrinks to grape size but doesnt die off all together)., and my pod population is nil despite adding pods a few times. I did not have these issues with my IM 30. The setup: IM 40 gallon Radion XR30Pro 4th gen 10 hours on, coral lab setting, 30-40% max for about an hour. Vortech MP10QD around 40-50% max flow Tunze 1073.05 return at 50-60% Tunze 9004 skimmer (running faily wet) Biopellet reactor Aquamaxx FRS GFO reactor (running BRS recommended amount of media) Purigen 100 ml bag x 2 Apex controller (tank runs around 79 degrees and 8.1-8.3 pH depending on time of day) Live stock: two ocellaris, 1 royal gramma, 1 cleaner shrimp, 1 emerald crab, misc clean up crew. Corals: rock flower x 2 (lost one recently), maxi-mini (has shrunken considerably but not died after 9 months), BTA x 2 (same shrinking), misc rics, zoa, mushroom, grogornia, euphyllias, acans, duncans I feed 3 times a week and sparingly, change water monthly (20% with redsea coral pro and 0 TDS rodi), and run an ato to keep salinity consistent. The tank has been up for around a year and just isnt doing as well as it should. I can not freaking figure out whats going on im about ready to throw in the towel, tear down, and sell off after 15 years of reefing.
  12. chaostactics

    Legomaniac's first reef

    Looking good so far, I strongly recommend moving that green star polyp down to it's own little rock island on the sand bed. It can and will take over your rocks and crowd out other corals.
  13. chaostactics

    Best Lab for water testing?

    Links appreciated, TIA. I am loosing my mind trying to figure out what's going on with my tank... anems have shrunk to 1/3 their size, LPS growth is stagnant, sps and macros die, pods are nonexistent after adding multiple batches (tank has been up 1yr plus), coraline growth is non-existent... red sea test kits say the parameters are ok, so does apex, and my hanna checkers. I use O TDS water, do a %20 water change every 3 weeks to a month, feed lightly, light bioload. I've got great flow, lighting, and filtration. I'm loosing my effing mind. ?So I want to do a send out lab test looking for things like copper, heavy metal, etc.
  14. chaostactics

    Harry’s Reefer 350

    Make sense
  15. chaostactics

    Harry’s Reefer 350

    What's the diff between this and gfo?