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  1. Youve given me the most useful feedback ivr gotten across 4 fourms and 1 facebook group with 29k members, thank you @banasophia
  2. Next place we move live rock is mostly illegal. I had more or less the same batch of liverock for 15 years and will have to start over and want to start with that artificial purple look. I know there are draw backs especially related to bioavailable space for bacteria im not worried about that. More worried about longevity of the rock, leaching, cycling etc. Help me choose
  3. So im going set up my kalk reactor and want to avoid an OD. I dont want to lose my ATO abilities if my pH goes too high. So normally ATO vessel, to kalk reactor, to sump. But i want to set up a way to have water bypass the Kalk reactor if my tank pH climbs to high (as determined by an Apex). How do i do this? simply, cheaply, and reliably (i know sometimes you have to pick just two of factors. Im guessing something with a solenoid? Two pumps for water supply? What?
  4. The 4" socks from my LFS dont fit and neither do the 4" from bulk reef supply. Anyone have a link to quality 3rd party filter socks that fit in a red sea sump?
  5. Gonna start gluing this weekend. Cant wait
  6. Return, siphon drain, back up drain (left to right) Just fitting issues with the return line as i dont have my pump for mock up yet.
  7. Far ledt is return manifold. Middle is siphon drain for a Herbie and right is the back up drain.
  8. Ive put together a loose mockup in schedule 40 but will use sched 80 for final plumbing. Looking for feedback on fluid dynamics not quality of materials, etc. 1. I will remove the slope from the return line in the final iteration. 2. I dont want to rely on any sort of check valve on my return manifold, so dont worry about that. Thank you.
  9. Varios 4 sold still looking for a reef octopus varios 6 pump
  10. I didnt notice the info on the Facebook group. THANK YOU FOR THE LEAD! Fingers crossed for something hopeful with them.
  11. I have tried contacting the "salt water" fish stores on the islands but no ones getting back to me
  12. A mouse pad is around the same thickness as a yoga mat
  13. Looked at it, looks like you could only potentially catch fish and that's nearly been eliminated
  14. I get SPS being banned. In terms of having stuff shipped there, because of laws or because its cost prohibitive?
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