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Suggestions on cool zoas that are reliable and not super pricy?


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I'm looking for one or two fancy zoanthid species to add to my tank. Some of the flashy ones that have a lot of contrast, patterns, colors, all that. Rainbow Incinerators are a good example, as are God of Wars. You know, the ones that get sold for tons of money per polyp when they first become available, then go down to more reasonable prices but stay relatively high. Long tentacles are a plus, as is that growth habit with the tiny polyps that have no stalks whatsoever. Stripes and patterns are cool. They need to look nice under relatively white lights, not just neon colors under intense blue.


I'd like some suggestions on species that are reliable growers. None of that "seems okay for a bit, grows a little, then melts" nonsense. Nothing fussier than average. I'm also not looking to spend more than $50 on a frag, and by "frag" I mean "two established polyps, bare minimum", not "one tiny baby polyp". I am willing to hunt Black Friday sales for something that's normally over that price, if it's really cool. 


For that matter, what are Rainbow Incinerators like? They're neat, and seem to be hovering at or slightly above that price range. 


Grand Master Krakatoas are pretty dang cool, but nowhere near what I'm willing to pay. Are they a hardy enough zoa that I should consider reserving a spot for when they inevitably get down to reasonable prices? Or is there something similar, cheaper, and hardier? Seems like some of these fancy zoas have much cheaper versions where the difference is just "lacks a nearly-invisible ring of another color". 

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I haven’t had my GMK’s long enough to know if they’re hardy or not, but it’s been my observation, that they prefer lower light. Unlike the similar looking Predator zoas, that seem to love high lighting. 

With that being said, there’s tons of reasonably priced beautiful zoa frags out there. I love blue/red/rainbow hornets, and I usually sell frags to locals for $20 a piece. Utter Chaos is a nice zoa, that will vary how it looks depending on the amount of light it receives, and is usually reasonably priced. Your best bet for pricing is to find another hobbyist in your area.

If you’re willing to spend around that $50 mark, for just a couple polyps, koala eyes, fairy farts, acid reflux, queen strats and stiggy marleys are beautiful zoas. 

For what it’s worth, in my experience, the more expensive zoa, the more likely it is to melt. 


If you ever make it to the Phoenix area, I’d be happy to send you home with a handful of different zoas we’ve been growing for years. I’d give you NanoReef discount of free. 

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I really like my Rainbow Implosions, Purple Monsters & Tubbs Blue (back when I had them). The Purple Monsters are very quick-growers in my tank. Rainbow Yodas, Butt Munchers and Pink Hippos are quite nice too.


If you want very cheap but hardy ones, then the more common varieties like Eagle Eyes, Orange Bam Bams & Watermelon are quite good. 

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