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question Prime HD ( older wifi version not th3 16 )

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How old is this model of AI Prime


Would you grab a used one if you could get a good price


Anything I should look for in terms of walking away or purchasing. 

( Do lenses dull over time / LED's lose light par / etc )


Any problems or issues I should be aware of with this model


I was visiting a coral store today and some random customer heard that I was considering Hipargo light.  told me he had a few unused Prime HD's and I could have one with arm for about half the price of a new model just the light. Since I don't know the guy, I want to make sure I don't pay for something I don't want and grab a lemon.  Could always just wait a big and get a new prime 16 HD later for more cost or course.


Any info you can think of would be appreciated.






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You can hook it up to WiFi, and check led color individually to make sure it’s working. When I’ve sold them locally, that’s what I’ve done, just to show the buyer that each color channel was working. They’re great lights, and sounds like his price is really reasonable. 

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