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New 6.5 gal tank Lit with LED's


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This is my new 6.5 Gal tank just started this week. it is lit by 218 superbrite LED's the blues are in the 470nm range and the whites are 10000MCD range they are set up in a series of 4 they are all running about 3.2volts (i was bummed when i saw on ebay i could have 20000MCD whites now :-( )


most people think that LED's dont put off heat but they do but not as much and other typical reef lights.


let me know what you think.

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he said he just started the tank this week, so he's probably had it over his tank for... 1 week. :P


that's a cool setup, i'm interested to see what the results of LED lighting will be in the future with corals.

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once everything was figured out it took me one day to drill and the D@% holes !!! just remember LEXAN !!! hahhha lexan drills much easier. it took me a night to soldier all the series up and umm that is about it ...


the tank has been up for 1 week. what is interesting to note these leds are not running at their full power. they should be running at 3.6v right now they are running at 3.2v


BTW you should see the shimmer these put off. just like MH

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I think the color looks compairable to lights on the market today. the only thing is that the spectrum of a LED is really narrow, maybe this is good maybe this is bad. my hope is maybe with a more narrow spectrum the bad stuff because when your lamps go bad and promote bad stuff alot is caused from a color shift. this is about a 40$ project so far and i like to tinker :-) i am really tempted to get some 20000mcd leds they run 30ma they really have to be bright about twice as bright as these.

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Blind Tree Frog

dammit, now you are going to force me to look up what spectrum everything needs so I can think about doing this. :(



And the only ones that claim to be 10k are $11 each. The cheap ones just say "Ultra White" and don't tell me anything... ****ers.

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just keep in mind that white leds started off as blue. they are just using blue leds with a speical phosphorus coating to emit white. (this is a good thing because everything seems to focus around the blue spectrum) the graph provided above i am sure is based on one brand of led ... just like other reef lighting i am sure they are all different.

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Deleted User 8530

I saw something like this be4 but Dont Know were the thread is... If anyone remembers please post it. I would love for them to see.

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ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


so cool how about some pics of the electrical work?


Do i see a penguin filter. If so i hope you know about the bio wheel dealio.



Whane are you gonna get your first coral?

Are these on some type of ballast?

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i have seen the other thread .... one thing to keep in mind when using luxeon's is that they do run hotter then normal led's that is why every application you will see them on they will allways have a heatsync. i built my whole setup for the price of 4 lux's. i think lux's are great technology but way to expensive for tank applications. the way i wired my set up is in series of 4 led's with out having a picture like this +-+-+-+- as for the circuit .... i really went the cheap route... just bent the end leads over to touch the one in the next row. then soldiered them all together like that this really will make it easy. i really want to find a timer dimmer circuit that will allow me to bring it all up at a timed interval and do the same at the end .... one other nice thing about this kind of lighting is that its all electronics so you can do stuff like this :-)


yeah i do have a penguin attached and its just on there for flow:-)


i am going to take this slow cause i want to do it right .....


i think my next adventure for this tank is to build a chiller for it with a fan and a auto topoff system that will keep the tank level:-) i can drop the temp in this tank really fast with a 120mm fan above it.


any one know where to buy really cheap dosing pumps.. i have seen the $75 ones i want somthing really simple

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