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Stripes when taking photo of my tank?

Frag Factory

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Frag Factory

Hey all,


I've just set up a new tank with a new light and I'm getting weird stripes that run down the screen like this:



Is there a way I can get rid of these? Is this a camera problem (It's a new phone...)



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Christopher Marks

@Frag Factory I believe this is caused by the electronic shutter on your camera (and most digital cameras) actually capturing the 'strobe' of your LED lights. When LED lights are dimmed, actually flicker on and off so quickly that our eyes can't perceive it, but camera sensors pick it up because they're reading sensor data super fast, and the light is strobing while that data read happens.


You might change or reduce this if you temporarily adjust your LED lights for photos only. Reducing the blues and increasing white levels is ideal, even if you change the your settings right back after your photos are done. Increasing the brightness temporarily should also help.

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