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  1. Lots of people saying 1st April start... That's in like 10 days and we don't even have official rules. I'm holding off ordering equipment until rules are 100% sorted, this isn't going to give any time to sort that out.
  2. I've not tried super glue, i been using some Joe's juice from 2012 or so that I found in my parents garage. That works well, I'm seriously thinking about pulling the rock and and blow torching the tough to reach areas. 🤣 I'm still looking for peppermint shrimp, hopefully find one this weekend if I get some time to get to my LFS. Yes I've been doing the daily water changes. It's working really well for me. My acro has green on it for the first time ever. I think the stability really helps! Weirdly though my Monti cap and setosa look awful since I started doing it but I'm not sure it's related. 🤔 Some corals seem to have responded well, others not so much. Can't quite figure it out.
  3. Frag Factory

    Tank Setup

    They look like an awesome light, how have you found the set up? What are the mounts like?
  4. I've been using a DIY mix of Kalk and Caustic Soda mixed into a paste for the larger Aips, it seems to be melting them on the spot! Still lots of smaller Aips left, hoping to find a shrimp for them soon. Both my LFS's have been struggling to get them recently.
  5. So before I go grab some rock and get going, is there any rules stopping me curing rock in a bucket until the start date? Thanks
  6. My tank arrived today 😎 Need a heater, hob and a lid and I'm set.
  7. My tanks going to look so crap compared to these rimless tanks 😂 My tank has been ordered online, sight unseen. 12" x 8" x 8"
  8. The joys of living in the UK.... That's about $60 for a $26 filter...
  9. I really can't tell from the image, there are lots of species that are "brains". It looks bit like a Leptoseris to me. If you can get a slightly better photo someone will be able to help.
  10. You will probably be ok, brain corals are fairly hardy. Keep in mind these things get cut up by band saws and glued down. What you have done isn't too different.
  11. I'm really looking forward to this. I viewed the UK equivalent tank today (12x5x7), it looks bloody awful. The rim on the UK tank is way too big to use any sort of HOB filter or mount a light to. I think using a 12x8x8 tank is cheating, so I'm probably going to make a tank to the USA spec out of acrylic. For someone who has never use acrylic, what thickness do you think is best?
  12. I tried that but it would give me limited room for growth before it would consume my monti cap. Update I've been super busy lately, doing a lot of traveling and been away for 10 of the last 14 days. The tank seems to have pulled through Ok though with 2 exceptions: The fungia died, it didn't recover from it's fight with my yellow hammer. It slowly lost flesh until it was bare. Totally gutted, to go from seeing it regularly spawn in my tank to this sucks. My emerald crab died too. It looked like it got stuck halfway through a molt. I tried easing it out when I found it but it was long gone unfortunately. I seem to be in a little bit of a rut with the tank. Some things are not looking so hot and Aips are taking over. Bad points: SPS look a little rough, pretty normal for when I neglect things. Some Zoas look unhappy, I think it's Aips that is doing this. Good points: I glued a lot of things down Plan of action is handle the aiptasia issue. I'm going to look for a peppermint shrimp over the weekend, possibly a filefish too. I've tried Aip-X, kalk paste, lemon juice... They don't seem to kill the spores, you just end up breeding them. I did a video tonight after a 70% water change. I'll recover the tank but in truth I think I'm probably being over dramatic. It doesn't look bad, just not as good as it was.
  13. I want to run a HOB, but only so I don't need a heater and powerhead in the tank. I would probably run it bare. At such a low volume, water changes are going to be 10x better than protein skimmers or reactors.
  14. News from the UK I've found a tank! It measures 31.5cm x 13cm x 18.5cm This in the inferior inches unit is 12" x 5" x 7" roughly We're losing out slightly on size but it's much closer to the spec of our American friends. I'm not sure it's glass though... I shall have to inspect in person at the weekend. They are available for £15 (with gravel and filter... ?!?) from pets at home: http://www.petsathome.com/shop/en/pets/fish-tanks-and-cabinets/aqua-town-kids-aquarium-with-filter-12-litre?orderBy=3#
  15. Am I the only person in the UK looking at importing one of these 😂 I've been searching for a 12x6x8 tank with no success. I may be able to make one out of acrylic though. We have 12x8x8 tanks, they are fairly common. I know you guys mention prizes. I'm not bothered about that, I would just love to enter something like this.
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