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    My 20 gallon "au naturale" tank

    You could try a hammer but you're going to end up with lots of sharp edges and it wouldn't look too natural. I got these from my LFS, they just chuck the rubble from their dry rock selection in buckets. I just bought a bucket for filter media and had 10lbs left over.
  2. Frag Factory

    My 20 gallon "au naturale" tank

    Two reasons for rubble: I already had it 😂 I figured it would give more spaces the fish can't get into, helping pod population. I'm also going to be feeding frozen which they did accept in the shop, and also culturing copepods + phyto (pod food) outside of the tank and regularly harvesting them. I'm a little concerned about them not accepting frozen food in the future when they have had the live thing. I've been watching them all day while working from home and they constantly forage for pods. I fed frozen food twice today in short bursts and it's hard to tell if they ate it. I also think that pod population will sustain itself once the caulerpa really takes hold giving even more area for pods to hide and breed. I doubt I would have the time to raise them if I'm honest. I also think I have two females, this is by no means a breeding pair.
  3. Frag Factory

    My 20 gallon "au naturale" tank

    🤩😍🤩 I got these: They also eat frozen cyclops, and they are tank bred. I love these guys, super interesting fish.
  4. Frag Factory

    Starfish hitchhiker

    Sounds like a mini brittlestar, if this is the case it's a good guy but we need a pic to confirm.
  5. Frag Factory

    ADA Zero Equipment Build - Houston, we had a problem!

    I've had one gripe with this system since I set it up and it's been a kind of regret for not going with a sump and overflow, it's surface scum. This tank will develop a scum very quickly. I could probably fix it by adding more equipment like a powerhead or changing what I feed, but the whole idea of the tank was zero equipment and I like that. I've even considered ripping the ATO out and going and topping up manually so I can hang the AI Prime from the ceiling and you see nothing. The whole "design" and point of doing things this way was just seeing a beautiful box of water with no distractions, just like in aquascaping and the planted tank scene. Currently I have been using paper towel between water changes but after reading @Cannedfish's featured tank article and him mentioning daily water changes it got me thinking. Changing out 2 liters of water on a system like this would take about 5 minutes. So tomorrow, or the weekend or whatever I'm going to go to the hardware store and buy 2 plastic storage boxes and a bunch of plumbing and make a salt mixing station so I always have a supply of heated ready to go salt water and then I will swap my bi-weekly water changes of 5 liters to daily or every other day water changes of 2 liters. Plus a larger water change when I think the substrate needs siphoning or the filter needs cleaning... Most pollutants are held in the top surface of the water. Proteins and fats break down into ammonia and these things float. It's why coast to coast overflows are so effective, it's nothing to do with style or anything like that, the larger the overflow the "thinner" the water is going down the overflow so the concentration of pollutants is higher so they can be processed more efficiently in your sump. If I can remove this scum with a daily water change it should help water quality enormously and even let me feed more without suffering algae, I hope. That's the theory anyway... The more I have fed, the better the tank has looked so far but when I have to scrape the glass twice a day I know I'm overdoing it. I try to adjust my feeding so I only have to scrape my glass every other day. It's a very crude way of measuring nutrients, I know my Nitrate hovers around 5ppm but I've never tested phosphate.
  6. Frag Factory

    ADA Zero Equipment Build - Houston, we had a problem!

    "DUDE WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM? I need your Rics to decorate my cave..."
  7. Frag Factory

    AI Prime HD for 24"X24"X24" cube

    The par they quote is every channel at 100%, most people won't want to do this as the colour won't be what they want. OP, go for a Hydra 26 or XR15
  8. Frag Factory

    ADA Zero Equipment Build - Houston, we had a problem!

    Standard Friday night, water change, reglue new frags down and a few pics. I'm glad I got the goby, he has a lot of character and now recognises I give him food 😂 I've moved a couple of the ricordea, fragged the Kenya tree coral and moved some zoa's. I few got knocked off, stung by other things or looked like they were reaching for light.
  9. Frag Factory

    Les Bon Tanks Rouler - Smourbon

    Awesome reef!
  10. Frag Factory

    ADA Zero Equipment Build - Houston, we had a problem!

    Really love my Ric garden 😎
  11. Frag Factory

    MIcoast's IM30L - one year tank recap pg 27!

    Tank looks fantastic and that growth is great!
  12. Frag Factory

    My 20 gallon "au naturale" tank

    So I've made a move and "scaped" the tank, it's a bit different to my other reef. Scaping consisted of emptying a bucket of dried rock rubble into the tank in a pile and sort of shaping it, I call the method "raining rock" due to the amount of water that ended up on my wall and inside my PC monitors next to the tank. 😂 I also added a handful of Caulerpa Taxifolia to help with nitrate/phosphate control. I also like the look of planed marine tanks, I think they are probably under played. I'm also keeping the Xenia field, I've grown to like it a lot. Once it's fully expanded it looks amazing in the flow. The frags that were in the tank have dotted around the rock pile, they will most likely be staying and I have some more to add from my other tank soon. The only exception to this is the rock of superman shrooms (which don't look very superman like under 10k bulbs). This is in the tank to help seed coraline algae. I also seem to have a bit of breeding going on which is awesome. I have 100's of baby stomata snails everywhere (and flatworms......) Pod population seems to have recovered from the mass extinction of cleaning the tank and adding the DSB. To help them further I'm feeding a cube of brineshrimp every few days (you can see some of it in the water during the video). I'm hoping some of it makes it's way into the rock pile so the pods move there. I'm hunting for tank bred pipefish right now, if I find them those pods are going to be super helpful.
  13. Frag Factory

    Disaster's 80gal + 15gal SPS Reef Tank

    How are you getting on with the aquaforest products?
  14. Frag Factory

    ADA Zero Equipment Build - Houston, we had a problem!

    Woke up this morning, not played with the tank for nearly 2 days as I got in late to find 5 of my 8 hermit crabs in the plastic tub with my loose shroom 😂 I'm a huge fan of these, watching them scale my tank and get in all sorts of crazy places is hilarious. This afternoon I got bored and took a trip to the LFS, they have sadly had a small fire and lost a couple of coral tables which is sad but their fish were fully stocked. They had a huge crosshatch trigger for £650 and a Gem Tang for £1300. I'm blessed to have this store 8 miles from my door, they are genuinely brilliant. I got the wallet out and picked up a redhead goby He seems fairly skittish but I'm sure he will settle in. Looks like a lovely fish, I had one on my wish list earlier in the thread and felt it was an ideal fish for the system. I'm hoping to also pick up another clown when I see the right one, this is a bit much for a 12" cube. I might be forced to think about a bigger tank 😭 I don't like the idea of a social fish like a clown living alone. Plus a peninsula tank next to my sofa in the same place could look awesome. If I stuck to the 12" x 12" height and width and maybe 3 foot long moving things over without losing anything in terms of looks or scape. If I stuck my singular rock structure in a reefer 170 for example it would look very lost. I also need to move my green hammer, it's about 1/2" from touching my Rics when fully expanded. I went to the LFS to pick up some epoxy to hold my corals down, I forgot. I also fragged a couple of small pieces off my kenya tree coral, it's killed a couple of zoa polyps so had to be dealt with.
  15. Check your water parameters, add clean up crew and do manual removal for what you can.