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  1. Frag Factory

    Minimalist Cube Build

    Looks great!
  2. Frag Factory

    Help, Fish Suffering From Lack of Oxygen

    Do a water change, point the pump at the surface. Get an airpump on the tank if you have one. Oxygen is dissolved through the tanks surface, the more flow you have causing ripples the more oxygen you'll have in the water. Fingers crossed for the angel dude
  3. Frag Factory

    Tips for new ''underaged'' reefer?

    I've got a red sea refractometer and an amazon £15 refractometer... Honestly they are both as accurate as each other and the cheaper one was only a little bit more expensive than a hydrometer.
  4. Frag Factory

    Can I Still Have A Tank?

    You will be fine with a big enough heater, I have a 20 gallon tank in an unheated garage in England. It gets down to -5 (Celsius) in winter. A 200w heater and a few panels of insulation on the tank sides/back and it does fine.
  5. Frag Factory

    Tips for new ''underaged'' reefer?

    Welcome to the forum dude! I started my first marine tank aged 14 (now 28), I had a 8 year break in the middle somewhere but I'm back. It's a great hobby to get into! If you want my advise: Read a lot, you can never know too much and you can learn something from everyone. Plan your system well, seek advice on your plan. This goes for livestock, equipment, setting up... Plan everything, get some second opinions and stick to the plan. Get good quality live rock, this will be the base of your system and the extra critters is very interesting when you're starting out. Keep it simple, avoid all the fancy gadgets/controllers. The beauty of nano tanks is while a $300 sexy protein skimmer would make your water better, it wouldn't make it as good as a 30% water change and that $300 gets you a lot of salt and a lot of RO water. If you can't afford the latest and greatest lighting, a pair of clowns + inverts like shrimp, crabs. snails etc make a fantastic display. You can upgrade your light later when you're ready for coral. I tend to find things run better the more I keep my hand out of the tank. Don't get caught up in the latest crazes. The hobby has a pretty good understanding of what works by now, don't feel like you need to change path because a few threads on a forum popped up to tell you about the latest things Germans are doing. Consider tank bred when available. Fish will only know aquarium life which means they will eat foods you can provide and corals/inverts will be used to artificial lighting already. Use RO water only, and get a $5 TDS pen to make sure your source of RO water is good. I can't tell you how annoying it was previously to be chasing algae issues for months, then finding out my old LFS was giving me crap RO water. Even if you get your own RO unit you need to know when to change filters. Make friends with your LFS, you never know when you will need them and in the future when you're settled in you could be paying for your tank by selling them frags. Other than that have fun, it's why we do it. The move from freshwater to marine is steep, but not that steep. You will be fine.
  6. Frag Factory

    Lugol’s solution as a new coral dip?

    Iodine is better for fungal/infection issues than dipping against pests.
  7. Frag Factory

    New law on fish medication

    Might be a good time to stockpile, especially for clubs. This is terrible.
  8. Frag Factory

    some sort of sponge(?!?)

    Hey all, This morning my emerald crab decided to re-arrange my acans again. Normally I'd be pissed but this time I think he was trying to show me something... This seems to have grown from nowhere. I've never had anything like this grow Is it something i should be worried about? I quite like the Acan... How do I kill it safely? Thanks
  9. Frag Factory

    Rock flower or Maxi mini carpet anenome?

    Mini maxis are pretty easy, very similar to Ricordea in care (tolerant of low light, like to be fed). I've not kept rock anemones, but mini maxis are pretty bulletproof
  10. Frag Factory

    Has anyone ever seen a ricordea that looks like this?

    I want one... ?
  11. Frag Factory

    Please grade these Davinci Clowns

    If you're going to breed them you want to start with the best
  12. Frag Factory

    ADA Zero Equipment Build - Houston, we had a problem!

    Weekly update! I've stopped dosing kalk, the lack of control worried me. Starting today my ATO is back to RO water and I'm going with manually dosing balling salts from aquaforest. I'll get a doser when I feel like I know what my tank needs. I'm struggling with low magnesium and low alk. Both are being consumed at a faster than expected rate. New corals arrived, some utter chaos zoa's, sunny d zoa's and Rasta zoa's I'm also suffering from low nitrates again... I've been feeding 4 cubes of brine a week + red Sea coral nutrition and acropower. Nitrates shouldn't be zero... Anyway, enjoy some pics
  13. Firstly there's no need to.post the same topic multiple times. Bacteria in a bottle products like this work well, but it's still recommended you go through the normal cycle routine before adding livestock. Don't buy anything that lives until your cycle is complete and you've tested your water to confirm.
  14. Frag Factory

    Has anyone ever seen a ricordea that looks like this?

    That's interesting! It looks like it's recently been fragged or split? It could be possible the colour will change as it grows up but I hope not. That looks real cool.
  15. Frag Factory

    Dosing, I've not done this before. Help a noob?

    Yup I agree completely, 11 is too high but I have to factor in Alk will rise when I do a WC also. I could go to doing 0.5g water changes every 2 days. That would take minutes to complete and lower the swing. The aquaforest stuff I have suggests to mix Mg and Ca together and dose as one solution. I'm not sure if it is "true" two part or not, but it seems similar. I was only concerned about Mg as it was low (1180ppm), my fresh salt tested at 1340ppm so water changes were clearly not keeping up. 11 seems too high, I suffer low nutrients. If I increase the alk by too much my SPS will grow skeleton faster than it can grow flesh and that causes issues. I've been changing 2-3 gallon weekly with no issues. I keep SPS/LPS and a handful of zoas/softies. I'm seeing great growth from everything (probably due to heavy feeding). My filtration seems to be super efficient and is causing super low nitrates considering how much I feed. I don't want to drop feeding levels, I could do smaller water changes but if this is the route I take then I need to dose more. Thank you all for the help. I've been doing more tests, alk seemed to not drop overnight, calcium actually increased slightly but not enough to suggest it wasn't the test kit (5-10ppm). I think Kalkwasser might be holding Alk and Calcium level. If this is the case can I just dose the magnesium from to keep levels up for now? Kalk scares me slightly, seems to be a lack of control when it's just in my ATO water...