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  1. Frag Factory

    Does this look like ich? :(

    I just wanted a second opinion, I thought it was Ich. Especially with 2 spots on his Lure... That's the best I can do with my phone. I just set up a QT, time for some hypo-salinity I think, and a new home for mr crab
  2. Hey all, Did a water change yesterday and noticed some spots on my frogfish. I put it down to microbubbles but this morning they were still there. My emerald crab has been a bit of a bastard lately, evicting my frogfish from the rockwork he used to camp out on. I'm worried it's stressed him out. Here's a picture, your thoughts would be welcome.
  3. Frag Factory

    Canister filters on nanos... who's doing it?

    All filters have risks, if you think about the millions used in aquariums over the years the fail rate must be like 0.1% People have had plumbing fail on sumps, tanks crack, stands failing, ATO's flooding... There is risk in everything we do. I've also had issues with a HOB filter overflowing on a freshwater tank I had. I didn't clean it for probably 2 years 😣 (we were all noobs once)
  4. Frag Factory

    Canister filters on nanos... who's doing it?

    I think the high flow and proper set up with filter floss before the LR rubble helps also. I did kind of expect the LR to "shed" that debris that happens when you cure rock but honestly no, it's clean as anything.
  5. Frag Factory

    Canister filters on nanos... who's doing it?

    Worked well for me, actually it's rather "clean" and lots of small sponges seem to be developing in my canister filter. Downside is my nitrate is being eaten up very quickly, which makes my corals look a bit sad.
  6. Frag Factory

    Canister filters on nanos... who's doing it?

    All filters are the same, they are just designed to channel water through or over media. The only difference is some are harder to clean than others... and to be fair canister filters are a bit of a pain to maintain compared to hang on back filters. I use one on my tank plumbed in through the base with an inline heater. They get a bad rep for being "nitrate factories" and they indeed can be if you don't keep on top of cleaning them, see here to see just how much crap they can collect if you're not careful: I don't think they need cleaning every week, but if you go a month without cleaning them you're going to have a bit of trouble with nutrients. For media I was using live rock rubble, filter floss and carbon. I've just swapped some LR rubble for bioballs to try and increase nitrates because they were very low and my corals looked a bit sad, which on a 7 gallon system that houses a heavily fed frogfish surprises me everyday.
  7. Hey all, Literally had this brainwave about an hour ago, thought I would share. I picked up a Jecod SW2 for a quarantine/frag system I'm putting together in my office. The problem was the noise, it was awful. Here is before: I tried tracking down the noise, I took the pump off the mount and just held it. I could not believe how much it was vibrating. Taking the pump apart I was hoping to find a lose part, a poorly fitting shaft or similar. Nothing like the such was found. The only moving part in pumps like these is the impeller, so the I knew the issue was there. The coil and everything else is solid state and just works by electro magnetism. Then a brainwave hit... when I used to race drones I put a lot of effort into balancing the propellers to avoid vibration so I could get really smooth flight, I had to balance the impeller here. The basic idea was to test the "balance" of the impeller by floating it on a steel shaft between two magnets. Unfortunately we can't do that with aquarium pumps because the impeller is attached to a magnetic core... but this was a quick/ghetto solution. I took the shaft out of the pump and balanced the unit on two Red Bull cans on a level surface. The basic idea is to rock the impeller set up and identify which side always settles at the top when it stops. Do this several times to identify this, it's important you get it right or you're going to shift the balance off even further. Once this is done, take some superglue gel and apply a little bit to the out edge of the high spot and test the balance again. Keep doing this until when the impeller is rocked on the soda cans it stops because of friction, it does not rock or settle in one particular spot. It's also worth noting, when the impeller is truly balanced it will settle at any point in a 360 degree rotation. Balance is not the impeller blades settling in the horizontal position all the time. Once this is done, let the glue dry and try it again. Here is my pump after 5 mins of balancing and 2 small dots of glue. This is after: Not perfect, but much much better. I'm going to be getting a 150mm shaft and build a real magnetic jig for this to balance the impeller properly and get it perfect. My current drone balancer is far too short. Hope it helps!
  8. Frag Factory

    DIY Rock Frag Plug **Floating Island**

    Are you sure the magnets won't leach anything into the water?
  9. Changing DI media should drop you to 0. It doesn't really tend to last that long to be fair. Also watch a youtube video on how to pack it, it can make a difference.
  10. Frag Factory

    ADA Zero Equipment Build - Frogfish Kingdom

    Ike just finished digesting dinner and decided to play 😆 This is also a small frag that came off the water melon rock today. It had 5 small polyps on it so I glued it to the plug that the montipora setosa came off today. I didn't want the rack in the tank anymore so I glued it to my inflow strainer... It will come off, I'm sure. Figured it will be fun to monitor how fast they grow, there also a tiny piece of setosa on there with a couple of polyps on the none visible side.
  11. Frag Factory

    ADA Zero Equipment Build - Frogfish Kingdom

    Spent some time tonight on the tank, gluing down corals, getting rid of the rack and cleaning. Snapped some pics, please excuse lack of polyp extension on some corals as they had just been moved a couple of hours ago. I've added a couple of new Acans and some blue shrooms. I've also scored a deal on a 30x12x15 tank which will be a QT/frag system. Just in time as my Xenia has increased in size 5 fold in just 8 weeks. Ike is doing well, put on probably 1/2" in length and is a lot more chunky since I picked him up. The real champion of growth though is my emerald crab, who is now 2.5" accross... Slightly bigger than Ike. He was even caught dragging my Acans to cover the front of his cave earlier. I've been feeding red Sea coral nutrition lately, I think it's making a big difference to colour. Semi Whites: Mostly Blues: RHS: My Acro has coloured up the most since increasing lighting and feeding amino acids, the previous white spots and bare skeleton are recovering very quickly. Top down, my favourite view 😎
  12. Frag Factory

    My Fungia is walking....

    I have been tweaking my lighting... We learn things everyday. I'll let him do his thing and pray he doesn't want to live in a spot I can't see 😂
  13. Frag Factory

    My Fungia is walking....

    I've had 4 of them, none of the others ever did this 🤣 I guess I'll move the goniopora then!
  14. Frag Factory

    My Fungia is walking....

    Hey all, Strange one, I've had a lot of Fungia corals and never had this issue. Woke up this morning to find my Fungia sat right on my Goniopora. It's "been" moved 12" from one corner to another. So I moved it back, figured a snail took it for a walk or something. Walked past my tank a few hours later to find it moved 6", right back to the corner of the tank with the Goniopora again. I watched it carefully and noticed it was "gliding" on the gravel very slowly by inflating and deflating. I've never had a Fungia do this... So I moved the coral back and spun it 180 degrees to see if it's randomly moving or if it's deliberate. A few hours later, it was heading for my Goniopora again. Is this something I can stop? I really don't want it smothering my Acans or Goni anymore than it has... Thanks
  15. Frag Factory

    Tissue receeding on Acro

    Figured it's update time. I don't think I have any pests, dipping bought nothing and I've spent an hour with a magnifying glass looking for critters. I've ordered some Acropower amino acids, should be here soon. But from moving the coral up, it looks better. The green sheen is coming back already and white spots are not growing... So things are steady. I'm going to bump up my light by 1w per week until I hit 35w and see what happens. The montipora setosa frag I bought at the same time as the Acro has gained noticeable mass in the last few weeks. The more this goes on, the more I suspect the crab... My Acan is now looking a bit sad today, I found my crab all over it this morning. 😤