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What I find especially fascinating, is the number of SPS colonies that are simply just growing out of the sand bed, on the ocean floor, while conventional aquarium wisdom tells us to mount them on rocks. 🙂

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2 hours ago, Alexraptor said:

What I find especially fascinating, is the number of SPS colonies that are simply just growing out of the sand bed, on the ocean floor, while conventional aquarium wisdom tells us to mount them on rocks. 🙂

I think they are still on rocks but rocks are low.  That's why people should stop stacking their rocks high.  SPS need vertical growth.  My rule of thumb is not exceed 50-60% of tank water height. 

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A few more to add to our collection!! I know one isn't a bommie, but imagine a huge shallow tank with the entire bottom covered like the second picture!





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18 hours ago, M. Tournesol said:

8:55 is just waouh

Yes, incredible! I've tried to make some decent screenshots, but you have to watch the video for yourself.


















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Not a bad view from the Red Sea off Marsa Alam, Egypt.3642425.thumb.jpg.103fbf72a692fabbac548d79072f20f9.jpg


And this one, location unknown.-.thumb.jpg.d5e4d57347a8738fcf1c41f9e76e634e.jpg


Jardines de la Reina - Cuba. Love this view, almost like looking in an aquarium.caribbean-coral-reef-jardines-de-la-reina-cuba.thumb.jpg.39190d40309ac90e6fe96b1315de8203.jpg


I love this minimal shot!bridge-of-life-three-spot-damsel-(dascyllus-trimaculatus).thumb.jpg.771708588ab43edceeead8f05f3aa8c2.jpg


Fantastic bommie inspiration.morays-island-giant-moray-(gymnothorax-javanicus).thumb.jpg.f1cb09c76695d7f7ae1668d0c53691fe.jpg




And a 'coral tower'.



Like a coral sculpture.





Great hard coral landscape.hard-coral-landscape-with-giant-moray-(gymnothorax-javanicus)-.thumb.jpg.9ee3a279adbd98a1b314ce7c48c11873.jpg

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Check these out! Snorkeling around Cozumel. There were flashier reefs with more corals in deeper water, 10-20 feet, but I got distracted sticking around the shallows where I could stare at everything close up. 




There were corals and gorgonians, but there was also a lot of macroalgae, and a lot of organisms I couldn't really identify to shape. It's too bad a lot of this probably wouldn't thrive in reef tanks, because it looks really cool, all those warring textures on the rocks. I like this look, all the seaweed and the unknown critters with the occasional larger coral or gorgonian sticking up. 

I'm curious what that orange branching macroalgae (?) is. I think I've seen it sold rarely, described as hard to keep. It probably likes a lot of flow; this was all in areas with the water constantly being exchanged. I almost got swept into the rocks shortly after taking that photo with the damselfish. 

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I remembered seeing this https://www.reefcleaners.org/store/out-of-season/pink-galaxy-detail on ReefCleaners, and this looks similar in concept. I'm guessing that's a Galaxaura species up there, mostly from that odd shape to the tips. 


I also found this listing, https://tropicalfishplus.com/products/tubular-thicket-galaxaura-sp where someone has presumably pulled a photo from the Internet, as they've put what appears to be a birdsnest coral in place of a macroalgae photo. 

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