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Humble 5 Gallon Pico Tank

Poison Dart Frog

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Poison Dart Frog

I got a jbj 10 gallon nano tank for Christmas which will be replacing this ancient 7 gallon plastic bowfront tank which is kind of falling apart (it has a couple cracks near the top). I'll just be transfering everything over and using some of the old tank water and all of the live rock. I'm going to use all new sand though. I will also be using the same light which is really good for growing corals especially ones which require high PAR (it's an Aquatop Nano LED). So here's a last look at the tank before I replace it. 


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Poison Dart Frog

20210708_153020.thumb.jpg.33d4df3b87306d699af96b3b2a819baa.jpgI figured I would update this thread since I haven't done it in ages. I replaced my plastic 7 gallon bowfront with this 10 gallon AIO I got for Xmas. I used new sand and just transferred the live rock and coral banded shrimp. My flame cardinal was moved to my 40 gallon reef. I added a couple black and gold chromis which are tiny. My aquatop nano light fit perfectly. It's just a basic soft coral tank in my office and I like it much better than the aging cracked tank it replaced. 



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Poison Dart Frog

This photo taken about an hour after lights out shows the large toadstool coral looking like a starfish. 


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