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  1. This thread was a great read. I love the detail you put into your posts, and the dedication you show towards the hobby. I feel like all of the research you do will pay big dividends down the road. Beautiful BTA too! And also your Husky cart absolutely blew my mind. Genius!
  2. Thank you so much! It's nice to know that people still like it, even without any beautiful corals or other hard-to-keep livestock. I will do my best to keep it going. Tonight I got a shot of my big Discosoma neglecta snacking on a piece of krill. Fried green tomatoes!
  3. Seems like a great plan to me! I think it's really wonderful that you've gone through all the effort of planning everything out, and I'm sure your tank will look amazing when everything comes together. The aquascape has a great variety of nooks, peaks, shelves and crannies to give you a ton of different positioning options, which is awesome. As for your plans to move, well... if softies can survive 3-day shipping by priority mail (which many of them do with no problems), I think they can certainly handle a measly 8 hour drive without trouble 😄 Those NanoRox are definitely pretty sweet too. I think they are a great innovation for space-limited nanos in particular. The only thing I'd be concerned about is xenia/GSP growing straight off of them and onto the glass, but that can be a great look too if you're into it!
  4. Looking great so far! With all the work you've put into it already it's pretty clear that you're very dedicated, so I think it will only be a matter of time before this system turns into a vibrant reef. I look forward to seeing it grow ^^ Love those clowns. Picassos are so pretty.
  5. Sooo... what kind of corals are you thinking of getting in the future? 😄
  6. Well that is kind of you... but I still want to know! I will kick it over to your thread and ask there 😉 Yesterday I stuck a powerhead (Koralia Nano 240) back into my tank to try and get some more water movement on my cyanobacteria. I must have gotten exactly the right angle with it, because everything in the tank was just loving the flow. Gorgs were looking beyond extended... and my giant mushroom was nearly 4" across! I think I had better just leave that powerhead right where it is for now 😄
  7. billygoat

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    Wow this aquarium is amazing! Super cool layout.
  8. Oh yeah, I guess that pretty much matches the description perfectly! It's funny; I read the same article on ReefCleaners but just glossed over that entry. I guess the pink color threw me off, but in the text it says it is more commonly red. So it's a pest then! I rather like it though, so I think I might keep it around for now.
  9. I've been reading reviews for a number of them and the Polyp Lab lens set definitely seems to be well-liked. I'll have to do some more research before settling on one though! What kind of corals are you hoping to get in the future? I actually tried an RFA some months ago and ended up killing it thanks to some improper handling. 😞 I inadvertently damaged its pedal disc, after which it couldn't attach to anything and quickly disintegrated. An amateurish mistake to be sure, but it was an important lesson! I think you're definitely right though; rock flowers are one of the most iconic Caribbean species and my biotope doesn't seem complete without at least one of them. Maybe I could replace the Bryothamnion algae that I am planning to get rid of with an RFA instead of another gorgonian? I will have to do some more reading about them though, as I am not sure what sort of light conditions and water motion they prefer.
  10. Any ideas about this one? About a month ago it began spontaneously growing on my sandbed in a spot with moderate light and fairly strong water motion, and now forms a clump about 2" across. It has very soft, fine, feathery branches that easily trap detritus and a loose "holdfast" of substrate attached to its base.
  11. A few photos from this morning. Trying out a different phone camera, seems slightly better. I think I might pick up one of those clip-on lens filters. Seems like they make a pretty big difference.
  12. The temptation is definitely real, that's for sure 😉 But I think two fish is just about perfect for a 10g. Unless of course you want to add a skimmer... but be careful going down the equipment rabbit hole! You never know where you might end up. Thank you so much! That's very encouraging. It is indeed my first tank, but I did quite a lot of research before getting started, and I've had a whole lot of help and guidance along the way - especially from experienced reefers like yourself, right here on N-R!
  13. Very cool tank you've got over here! Those Zoas look gorgeous. I love your aquascape too; your shrimp seems to love it under that arch! A perfectly natural environment for it to hang out in. Following along!
  14. Love those ricordea, especially the ones in the back middle. Gorgeous colors!
  15. @TatorTaco and @Firefish15, Thank you both for checking out my system, and I'm glad that you like it! I do indeed have sea stars and snails, which is one of the reasons I was a bit confused as to why I was having problems with shrimp and crabs. If contamination with heavy metals is indeed the problem I'd expect my sea stars to be vulnerable as well, but so far they seem perfectly healthy. I've purchased peppermints from two different retailers and in each case have followed their acclimation instructions: one suggested I do a slow drip acclimation, and the other directed me to simply float to match temperature and then add the shrimp directly to the tank. The drip-acclimated shrimp died within 48 hours, whereas the floated-then-directly-added shrimp lasted about a week. Both died in a similar manner, flitting around violently in the tank and appearing to "seizure" before losing equilibrium and falling over dead. I also thought it might be a matter of too-rapid pH or salinity changes, but my pH seems to stay steady throughout the day and night (at 8.2) and my salinity is held at a constant 35 (1.025sg) by my ATO. Maybe cyanobacterial poisoning could play some role? Red slime has been growing steadily in my tank for the past month or so, and quite a bit of it gets kicked up into the water when I manually remove it. I've never heard of that affecting shrimp though, much less hermit crabs, and everything else in the tank seems unaffected by my cleanings. It's a real mystery 😕 My most immediate goal is to get rid of my Bryothamnion macro because it is a horrible hair-algae magnet, and probably replace it with a new gorgonian. Hopefully that will happen next week! Beating cyanobacteria once and for all is another top priority, and eventually keeping shrimp alive would certainly be great as well. I think I'll try a new round of peppermints once I've had the system on carbon for awhile. As for long-term goals, I just want to try to keep this tank healthy and stable for as long as I can. I'm not planning on adding much more livestock, as I think it's important not to go too wild with stocking when you have no skimmer or other equipment to help balance things out. And I'd like to get a real camera so I can produce some actual photographs of my tank!
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