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Water change and turbostart question

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How long should I wait before doing my first water change after using Fritz Turbostart? I added two one ounce bottles to my 20g IM Nuvo on this past Sunday. Should I do the first water change this upcoming Sunday (a week later) or should I wait? There’s currently a clownfish in the tank. 

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hey adam, I would test the water and see how your amonia, nitrate and nitrite levles are.


generally speaking the cycle takes about a month to establish with clean rock and most do a 50% water change after about 2 weeks.

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Are you cycling the tank?


As advised by @Friendly testing ammonia and nitrate is absolutely necessary during cycling and cycling with a fish, you will need to use something to detoxify ammonia which is very harmful to fish.


Using products like Prime (detoxifer) prevents accurate ammonia test results within 48hrs of dosing so a seachem ammonia badge is advised while using Prime


If you don't use a Product like Prime, then you have to do frequent waterchanges to reduce ammonia, that could be daily.


Fishless cycling a waterchange is done once the cycle is finished 

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