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2 year old full tank shot

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9 hours ago, Christopher Marks said:

I've always liked your aquascape @coralreef20g, it's filling in nicely! Is that a rainbow scoly in the middle?!



Thank you 👍🏼

I wish that was a rainbow scoly! It’s a Rainbow Montipora colony that originally died completely when my tank had a calcium swing. That’s why the middle is just rock/skeleton. I thought I lost is but after about 3 months of stability it came back

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8 hours ago, Friendly said:

can you share what your keeping in there?

Why not


Cherub Pygmy Angel

Orchid Dottyback

6 Line Wrasse

yellow Watchman Goby



WWC Grafted Monti Cap

Neon Duncan

Jack-O-Lantern Leptoseris

purple/red Favia

brown Acropora with green polyps

irdescent/purple Acropora

neon green Acropora

orange Montipora Digitata

purple Stylophora

rainbow Montipora

gold Mushroom

green with purple tip Frogspawn

neon green Trumpet coral “candy cane”

purple/green Micromussa Lord “Acan”

Sunny D Zoanthid

Rasta Zoanthid

blue Zoanthid

Bam Bam Zoanthid

yellow Zoanthid

assorted zoanthid

yellow Zoanthid w/ red disc

radioactive Zoanthid

dark green Zoanthid w/ blue disc


Inverts (I always try to keep the following:

2-4 Trochus

2 hermits

2-3 Nassarius

5-10 dwarf cerith

Pistol shrimp (gobys bff)


I never realized how many corals I have😂

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