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Hello everyone,

I have been in the hobby for some time, but I was forced to tear my last tank since I was out of the country. Now, I am back home and I decided that a home without a reef can't be a proper home( at least for me). So, I opened Sketch Up and drew some ideas. In the end, I decided that 18 gallons would be a perfect choice. I have some equipment from my old tank- the lights and the stand. So, this is my idea probably and I am going to order it at the end of the month. So far, I chose Red Starfish SQ-70 for a skimmer, I have some LED lights made by my LFS and decided to go bare bottom. The livestock is going to be mostly LPS, maybe some SPS, mushrooms, and zoas, maybe a shrimp. I don't think that I can fit some fish in this space. 

I am looking forward to ideas on livestock, aquascape, and anything you can imagine. How many gallons per hour return pump would be sufficient for flow? 

back view.jpg

fron view.jpg

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Welcome to the community @TheBlackKraken!


I love DIY all in ones, this is a nice size. Will the display tank be made of glass or acrylic?


I think if it were mine, I'd consider moving the return outlet closer to the water surface. I wonder if there would also be a benefit in Y splitting the return outlet into two outlets, to increase circulation in the display. Balancing out the return flow against your slotted surface skimmer drain is an important consideration as well, you want wide teeth, but not so wide that livestock inadvertently passes through. Sometimes can be tough to get the overflow and return balance just right on custom designs, you might consider building a little notch at the backside of the overflow to hold an acrylic plate to help you adjust the depth of the teeth to your liking later on (and control the water level in the display tank).

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Thank you for the warm welcome !@Christopher Marks

Right now, I am 50/50 if I want to glue it myself or order it custom made. If I order it custom made they are definitely making this notch and make the overflow in the right height since they did a perfect job the last time. The tank is going to be glass since nobody is working with acrylic in my country. I am searching for Y-shaped outflow I hope I find one soon. It's not a big deal if I start the tank without and add one later since a have 1-2 wavemakers laying around. Do you have any ideas about what to cover the bare bottom with? I want to make some kind of coral carpet, but I don't want GSP or Xenia. 

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